First Fan Fic, How well do we really know what our hearts desire? What happens when we get the chance to really find out? What if it's not what we expected?

Disclaimer: I am only doing this for fun and in no way own the rights to Harry Potter or any of the characters created therein.

Chapter 1: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

Bored! Bored, Bored, Bored! "I'm so Bored" Ron Sighed to himself.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning a few weeks after the start of his sixth year and Ron was very annoyed at having to spend it patrolling between the Hufflepuff and Gryfindor common rooms.

This is so pointless, everyone's either still asleep or out having fun! Well, except Hermione.

Ron's mind drifted back to the morning, when he met Hermione to begin their duties. The only thing that made this tolerable was that most of the time he got to spend it with her, just them. His mind brought up the image of her when they met, her beautiful brown curly hair framing her bright intelligent face, her smile and it's constant ability to cheer him up and how much he wanted to lean forward and kiss her....

Whoa! Where'd that come from. Focus Ron, no need to make this worse by dwelling on what won't be. She's your friend and she doesn't like you in that way!

I can't believe she enjoys this! Ron thought grumpily.

Slowly wandering down the corridor, Ron glanced at his watch. At least I can finish in half an hour, just in time for lunch! With this though cheering him up slightly Ron picked up his pace, thinking that if he was fast he may be able to finish early and meet Harry before he left the common room. Suddenly something caught his attention.

That's odd, why is that room open Ron thought excitedly Hopefully this means I can finally get some excitement and issue some punishment! Slowly Ron tiptoed down the deserted corridor till he reached the door in question. Preparing himself, Ron suddenly sprung through the open door,

"Aha!" he shouted.

But there was no one there. Closing the door behind him, Ron swept into the room, making sure to look in every hiding place he could think of. Finally, after admitting defeat he looked around the room he was in.

Kinda dusty he thought looks like no one's been in here for years.

Suddenly his eyes fell upon something upon the wall next to the door he entered by.

No way! It can't be. "The mirror of Erised" he stated to the empty room around him.

As he glanced at the mirror in front of him he couldn't help remembering his first year, when Harry had shown him the mirror. I wonder if my heart still desires the same thing he thought I mean now I'm on the Quidditch team I've got a good chance at the captaincy, and I'm a prefect so head boy isn't too far off... Maybe it wouldn't hurt just to make sure.

Even as he was thinking this it seemed like Ron's legs had made up his mind for him, carrying him to just out of the range of the mirror's powers. I deserve this, considering how boring my day's been! Right, I'm gonna do it!

Slowly Ron closed his eyes and took the final steps closer to the mirror. I hope this is like it was so many years ago he thought. With a smile on his face Ron opened his eyes and stared right into the centre of the mirror.

As quick as the smile appeared on his face it disappeared, only to give way to a look of confusion and apprehension, with more than a hint of excitement. His eyes widened with shock.

"OH MY GOD!!!" he practically shouted.

As if he was afraid he might betray his true feelings Ron Weasley covered his mouth with both his hands and ran out of the room, not bothering to close the door behind him or worry about people seeing him. He just ran as fast as he could away from what he saw.

Then, as if from no where, Prof. Dumbledore walked calmly up to the door and returned it to how it was when Ron had found it, partially open, and walked away with a slight twinkle of mischief is his eyes.