Pokemon Love Triangle

By: Misty W. Ketchum


Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. I do, however own the characters named Kono, Kutian, and Crystal (They are my own creations). Tucker belongs to my friend. All other characters belong to the owners of Pokemon (Satoshi Tajiri, etc.).










Chapter 1 Triangle of love

Ash and Misty were at Ash's house in Pallet Town, playing video games. May had just arrived in Pallet, and was headed to Ash's house. Brock was at the store running errands for Mrs. Ketchum. Kono, Kutian, and Crystal, Ash's triplet cousins, were at home. And Tucker, Ash's other cousin, was wandering around town, planning on heading to Ash's house later.

"Ha! I win! Not bad, though, Mist. You're pretty good at this game," Ash said.

"So, what now?" Misty said.

"Dunno. Thought I heard something. I'll be right back," Ash said. He went to the front door, looked out a nearby window, and opened it.

"Hi, Ash," the young girl at the door said. Her name: May.

"May?! What're you doing here?" Ash said, quite shocked.

"What, no hello?" May replied. "I'm traveling to a contest in Kanto. I thought I'd stop to say hi to my friends."

"Ash, who's this?" Misty asked, walking up.

"Her name's May. I traveled with her in Hoenn. She's a… umm… what's the word I'm looking for?" Ash replied.

"Pokemon coordinator?" May said.

"Uh, yeah. That," Ash said, embarrassed.