Pokemon Love Triangle

By: Misty W.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. I do, however own the characters named Kono, Kutian, and Crystal (They are my own creations). Tucker belongs to my friend. All other characters belong to the owners of Pokemon (Satoshi Tajiri, etc.).



Gary- 15












Chapter 3 May's Obsession

A month had passed. Tucker had been going out with May all that month. May had, at least in everyone's opinion, become obsessed with him. During that month, four 'miracles' had happened. Kono only played video games once, Gary didn't once even consider being annoying or mean to Ash, May no longer liked Ash, and Brock met a girl who he had stayed with the whole month and was still with at the end of the month (a/n: wow. She didn't break up with him after two days.)

"Hi, Ash!" May said, Tucker in tow.

"Hi, May, hi, Tucker. How are you?" Ash said.

"Fine," May said.


"Hi, Kamaro, hi, Kristen, Sara," Ash said, as twins Kristen and Kamaro, and their older sister Sara walked up. Kristen, Kamaro, and Sara, like Tucker and his little brother, are Ash's cousins. Ash has at least 8 cousins. They are 15 year old Sara, 12 year old triplets Kono, Kutian, and Crystal, 12 year old Tucker, 10 year old twins Kamaro and Kristen, and Tucker's baby brother, now 2 years old.

Meanwhile, in pewter city, Jamie, Sara's best friend, tried to figure out how to win Brock's heart. He kept saying she was too young for him, but she would never believe it. She shopped for more girly clothes at the New Pewter mall, she bought perfume, all kinds of stuff to make him like her.