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Miko- Female monk

Shinjenkyo Gedai-Warring states era-Feudal Japan

Kagome had just emptied the contents of her backpack onto the ground and sighed. Last time the medicines and rations had lasted longer. She figured there would be another weeks worth of supplies, but with InuYasha in this depression, his fighting wasn't at it's best. She figured eventually he'd get over the loss of her, but since the jewel was nearly complete, they both knew she'd have to return to her own time perminantly. Shippo was hiding his thoughts, they all knew that, but he held a strong face for her. Kagome knew he felt as if he were about to lose his second mother. Sango was in a confusion. Naraku was dead, and Kohaku decided to join the group about six shards ago. Sango was so relieved at her brothers safe return, but the loss of Kagome would be nearly as hard as the original loss. Miroku was nearly as bad as InuYasha, He nearly ever spoke, and after it was decided to leave the shards in Kohaku and Kouga, he almost completely stopped eating. He knew his journey was nearing it's end, and once it was, the group would split. In about two weeks the jewel would be as complete as it would become, and that would be it. No more Kagome's smiling face. No more Sango. That's the one that really killed him. Everyone knew they were in love, but they wouldn't admit it, even to themselves.

Kikyou knew the end was nearing, and reminded InuYasha not to get his hopes up for a relationship with her reincarnation, She would have to return to her own time, and as much as he could follow, he'd never feel like he belonged in her time. This was what caused the pit of despair he'd fallen into. He knew if the jewel was nearly complete, he could wish to be human, to live with her, but what would he do there? He couldn't start kindergarten. "You mean with or without the time jump? Without I'm about 700." Therefore he'd be living off of her, and let's face it, her SAT scores weren't that good. He wanted her to have a good life, and he felt he couldn't offer her that. He also knew she wouldn't be able to stay there, as much as she loved everyone there, she had her own life to return to. One without Hanyou, Youkai or sacred shards.

He knew this was what she wanted.

She knew he'd eventually get tired of having her around. Of havening to take care of her. She may be a Miko, but she knew little of things in Shinjenkyo Gedai. She'd only learned what she could along the past two years, and was not the kind to be taken to wife in this time period. She knew she'd hurt him less if she went back.

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