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Chapter 16

The night had gone well, and Kagome sat in the garden, the children surrounding their feet. Sesshomaru had looked around a hundred times but never seemed to move. She'd asked if all was well, and he smiled at her reasurringly. Eventually it was too much for her and she stood, looking around with Miroku and Sango at her sides. It was a second before Kagome felt them closing in, and she turned to tell Sesshomaru. His eyes bled at the corners and this seemed familiar.


Kagome reeled back, the memories flooding into her head. She'd kicked, punched and screamed. "InuYasha! Have you gone mad! Why!" He bit into her shoulder, ripping out the brand Sesshoumaru had left. "You have always been mine! He cannot claim you!"

Kagome snapped back to to see Sesshomaru stairing northeast, the white fully taken over by the red. There was a puff of smoke that swirreled to the heavens and Sesshomaru stood in demon form. "InuYasha!" Kagome stared in disbelief as he came through the trees attacking full force. Kagome saw the rips in the haori and reeled back, screaming. Sango threw Haraikotsu, which missed InuYasha's head by an inch as Rin retreated the now woken children into the house, save Souta.

"InuYasha! You were my brother! Why are you doing this!" InuYasha responded by leaping away from Sesshomaru at him. Kagome saw this and screamed at the top of her lungs.


InuYasha was ground halfway to hell, and Souta had ran. Kagome screamed down the hole at him, "I hope you rot down there! He'd loved you like family! You attacked Souta!" She retrieved her holster and began shooting arrows into the abyss. Kagome and Sesshomaru turned at the same time to see who'd come up behind them.

Jaken held out the crystal before InuYasha grabbed it, jumping from the very earth.

He swallowed the crystal. Kagome ran up to him. "Wish to take back what you did to me! Leave us in peace and live out your days with Kikyou!" InuYasha turned to her and was about to swing when Sesshomaru's tail caught him and sent him into the poisoned fangs. InuYasha deflected, sending himself to the floor, howling in agony for a second before Kagome noticed something odd. The sheen dissapeared from his hair and eventually dulled to black. His muscular frame dropped an inch or two and his ears were replaced by human ears. InuYasha looked up, fully human. Miroku stood directly before him, Sango behind him, and Sesshoumaru stood above them all. Kagome felt utterly useless watching, but she was completely lost now.

He'd made his wish. He'd wished what she'd always wished he would, only now it made her frightened. She was so afraid! "Kagome, come to me!" She stepped back till she felt another presence aproach. Kikyou stood behind her in seconds, her souleaters whisking her there. "InuYasha!" She shot at him. The arrow phased through him and Kagome realised the wish wasn't to be human, but to look human. He dove at her, Sesshoumaru grabbing him in his teeth and threw him into a tree before shifting back to his usual form. "Leave us be, brother! You're so insane you don't even realise who you are anymore, do you?" He dove at InuYasha, who went transparent and sent Sesshomaru crashing to the floor. Miroku swung his cane to find it phased halfway through his chest. InuYasha broke it off before swinging it at Sango, hitting her in the head with the top. Kagome turned away, seeing as InuYasha moved as quick as lightning, she didn't have the time to run. InuYasha had her pinned to the floor in seconds by her throat. "I LOVED YOU! I MADE A MISTAKE AND YOU RAN TO MY BROTHER! BITCH!" He squeezed and Kagome felt her vocal cords clench under the tremendous weight. Kagome whited out for just a second before finding herself sitting before him, poisoned claw through his chest. InuYasha looked down, blood dripping into his eyes.

"It's done, InuYasha. We have no right to bother the living. You've lost your soul to the insanity." Kikyou walked up to him, tears streaming down her cheeks. She held him close and kissed him gently as the earth beneath them dissapeared and they lowered into it, never to be seen again.

Kagome ran to Sesshoumaru. "It's over! It's gone!" Her emotioned bouyed, but right now, at that second she felt jubilation and peace. She held onto Sesshomaru for a few seconds before the origional group all began to cry.

InuYasha was dead. Kagome thought back to the fun they'd had, the moments they had shared. The day she found a beautiful dog-eared boy stuck to a tree...

Kagome cried for hours, only comforted by a severely uncomfortable Sesshomaru.

She awoke after noon the next day. Sesshomaru had stayed awake all night long to make sure she was alright every second. "Good morning." He practically whispered. "Kagome, I don't know how you feel right now about us, but I need to get something off of me. Last night all I could think about was you in the woods, fighting and screaming for me and I've realized something I need to say. Something I need to do." He sat up, looking her in the eye. "Kagome, I love you. I'll never regret anything as much as I regret not telling you that before the woods." He kissed her gently, and Kagome noticed fear rushing through him. She began to panic. "Sesshomaru, what's going on?"

"Kagome, My second regret is not asking you before I took you. I cannot change this, but I can ask now." He pulled a ring of silver and crystal from his pinky. "Kagome, will you take me, willingly, as your husband?" Kagome didn't even need to think over this. She threw her arms around his neck and cried. "Of course!"

She realized this was the end of the story. She was never going to be who she had been again.

But now they both would begin a new story, together, as one family.


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