AN: In "Dende's Dragon", Dende resurrected Shenron. Goku went to get the dragon balls, but before he left, Goku told Gohan to stay on the Lookout and hang out with Dende until the games began. Gohan was surprised and asked Goku if he was sure and Goku said he was positive. From the episodes that followed, it took Goku two days to get all seven dragon balls and since it was seven days left when he started his search, that meant Goku had five days alone with Chi-Chi until the games began. So this story is about what may have happened during that time with some surprising revelations.

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A Moment's Peace

Part One

Goku smiled as he flew up to the Lookout with a confident look on his face. Tucked under his arm wrapped in his orange/black jacket were the seven dragon balls he collected over the past two days. Now if anyone dies because of Cell, they will be revived. As this thought of the newly revived dragon crossed his mind, Goku wondered with the dragon now being able to grant two wishes, what would the second wish be? Goku shrugged it off. They will come to that when it happens.

Goku landed on the Lookout at Kami's castle where Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan and Dende were. Piccolo was meditating, Trunks was training by himself and Gohan and Dende were doing their homework.

"Hey guys!" Goku said cheerfully. "Look! I got all the Dragonballs!"

Dende approached Goku and took the balls from Goku when he handed them to the young Namek. "Thank you, Goku. We'll keep them here until after the games." He promptly left to give it to Mr. Popo to keep them in a safe place.

Goku watched the new Kami walk off and smiled down at Gohan. "So, have you been having fun with Dende, Gohan?"

"Yeah, Dad. We've been doing our homework together."

"Really?" Goku was surprised. "I didn't know Nameks had homework. Keep having fun with him and I'll see you at the games, son." Goku patted Gohan's head and prepared to use the Instant Transmission to leave.

"Uh, Dad?" Gohan said cautiously, stopping his father. "Um, are you sure it's okay I stay here and not train?"

Goku laughed cheerfully. "Of course. How many times do I have to say that? Everything's going to be just fine."

Goku looked to the others and smiled as he prepared to do his famous Instant Transmission. "I'll see you in five days." Goku closed his eyes in concentration focusing on Chi-Chi's ki. When he found it, he disappeared.

Gohan, Piccolo and Trunks stood there in silence for a few moments after Goku vanished. "I still don't see how Goku can be so calm," Trunks said. "He said he's not strong enough to beat Cell but he's so cheerful."

"I think Goku's in denial," Piccolo said before he returned to his meditation.

Gohan looked worried as he saw Piccolo begin his meditation and Trunks resumed his training. 'I hope Dad knows what he's doing,' Gohan thought.

Chi-Chi removed the last of her clothes and stepped in the shower. The hot, clean water was so refreshing and comforting to her body. As she cleaned herself, Chi-Chi thought how it was now going into the second day Goku was gone. She didn't know where exactly who it was Krillin and Gohan were going to meet when Goku arrived suddenly at Master Roshi's place until Krillin returned yesterday and explained Dende was on the Lookout and he agreed to be the New Guardian and Goku went to look for the dragon balls. Chi-Chi recalled Dende when Gohan introduced her to him. He was a nice Namek boy and well mannered. She thought he would be a good friend and good influence on Gohan, so she didn't mind that Gohan wanted to spend time with Dende before he returned to his new world.

As she rinse off, Chi-Chi returned her thoughts to her husband and wondered when he was going to come back. 'How long does it take to collect seven balls anyway?' Chi-Chi thought irritably. There was no point in getting mad now, Chi-Chi reasoned. Goku would return on his own accord as usual. Chi-Chi decided to hum a song to herself to calm down as she finished her shower.

It was at that moment, Goku arrived in the bathroom. He looked around confused that he was in a bathroom. He didn't think he'd find Chi-Chi here, but it was morning. He could hear her humming in the shower, too. Yep, she was here.

Goku pulled back the shower curtain and smiled. "Hi, Chi-Chi!"

Chi-Chi screamed so loud that everyone in Roshi's house heard her.

"Don't scare me like that, Goku!" Chi-Chi screamed. "I thought you were that pervert, Roshi. I have to keep my guard up with him around."

"Sorry," Goku apologized.

"You got all the dragon balls?" Chi-Chi guessed.

"Yep," Goku said and noticed that she was naked. He smiled at her appreciatively.

"No," Chi-Chi said reading Goku's mind and closing the shower curtain on him.

Krillin looked up from his coffee to the bathroom right across from him in his seat in Master Roshi's living room. "That's Chi-Chi screaming."

"Yeah," Yamcha agreed. "You think we should check on her?"

"I don't know. Isn't she taking a shower now?" Krillin asked. "I don't want to walk in on her."

"Krillin!" Roshi scolded his pupil. "A woman's life is in danger and you don't want to check on her because she's hot, wet and naked from her shower?!" He bopped Krillin on the head with his stick. "Haven't I taught you anything?! I'm going for it!" Master Roshi said and headed for the bathroom. He opened the door and instead of seeing a naked Chi-Chi, he saw a fully clothed Goku in the bathroom. "Goku?"

Goku was leaning on the wall. He smiled seeing Roshi. "Hi, Roshi!"

"Goku, tell that pervert to leave now!!" Chi-Chi screamed behind the shower curtain.

Roshi closed the door and turned back to see Krillin and Yamcha looking at him puzzled. "Was Goku in there?" Krillin asked.

"Yep and so ends my fun," Roshi grumbled taking a seat.

The three watched the morning news while they waited for Goku and Chi-Chi to emerge from the bathroom. They shook their heads at Hercule's ridiculous attempts to impress the public with his strength. Krillin had enough of it and turned the channel to some cartoons. Goku stepped out of the bathroom five minutes after Roshi left the bathroom.

"Hey, guys!" Goku said cheerfully.

"Goku," Krillin spoke. "You got the dragon balls already?"


"So, what are you gonna do now?" Yamcha asked.

"I'm taking Chi-Chi home and we're going to relax until the Cell Games," Goku said.

"Uh, Goku," Master Roshi called out nervous. "You said you weren't stronger than Cell. Then how do you expect to beat him in the games. Shouldn't you be training?"

Goku waved a hand as if dismissing the matter. "Don't worry. We'll be fine. Cell will be defeated." Goku said cheerfully and went into the kitchen. He gathered the picnic boxes that carried the dishes his family and Krillin used when they went on a picnic two days ago. "I better take these to the car," Goku cheerfully said as he went outside.

Master Roshi looked out the window and saw Goku loading the boxes in the back seat of the family car. Something felt wrong to the Turtle Hermit. He could feel it. "Even though Goku seems cheerful about it, why do I have a bad feeling about this fight with Cell?" Roshi asked to no one in particular.

"Goku has always act strange and cheerful even when we're in dire situations. Why should this one be different?" Yamcha questioned.

"You got a point there," Krillin said and began thinking back to Gohan's party three days ago. 'But this time. I don't know.'

Three days ago, Chi-Chi decided to have a little birthday party for Gohan. It wasn't his birthday but Chi-Chi thought it should be celebrated since Gohan spent nearly a year in the Time Chamber. The day started off pretty well until Goku and Gohan started breaking the dishes and tables in the house because of their Super Saiyan strength. Chi-Chi didn't want them breaking anything else before she had the party set up so she sent Goku out to bring a fish home and Gohan to his room to study.

Krillin kept Goku company by joining him on his fishing. The two shared a few laughs and afterwards Goku cleaned up and relaxed by the river with his friend.

"You must be pretty darn sure we can beat Cell if we're not going to do anything to prepare for the tournament," Krillin said as he tossed a rock in the river.

Goku was standing beside his best friend as he wiped his face dry with a towel. "Not at all," Goku said as he laid on the ground with his hands behind his head. A serious demeanor had taken over Goku as he thought about the upcoming battle. "To tell you the truth, I'm not sure we have what it takes to beat Cell. I have no idea. Only time will tell. But I don't want Gohan and Chi-Chi to worry. I want them to enjoy themselves."

Then his voice changed in a gentle, yet serious tone; something Krillin had never heard in his best friend before. "These are special times, Krillin. Being together is everything. That's all that really matters to me right now."

Krillin looked down at his best friend and smiled. "Yeah." He was right. For someone who was suppose to be a dolt, Goku really was wise. Krillin looked ahead at the waters and thought about what he said. If the end comes, material possessions such as money, cars, and jewels didn't matter, but family and being together with them and having the memories of all their time together were what was important.

Speaking of family, Krillin couldn't help but ask. "So, Chi-Chi doesn't know you're not strong enough to beat Cell?"

"No," he said seriously and then chuckled. "When we came home and I told Chi-Chi about Gohan and me in the Cell Games, she argued that she didn't want any of us fighting."

"She didn't say that Cell had to follow the rules of the tournament and no killing will happen so there was no need for you and Gohan to compete, did she?" Krillin guessed.

Goku looked back at Krillin puzzled. "How'd you know that?"

"Chi-Chi said that when Trunks mentioned the Cell Games."

Goku burst out laughing. "And everyone says I'M naïve. That's Chi-Chi," he said proudly.

Krillin noticed Goku's face was different than he ever seen him. Krillin had seen his best friend happy, sad, angry, and hungry but he had never seen this look on Goku's face. Goku looked so happy, so at peace and his eyes were full of pride and love. Krillin never thought he'd see his best friend in love. Krillin knew Goku loved Chi-Chi. They have been together for ten years and they have a child, but Krillin have never seen the love Goku and Chi-Chi shared since he never spent much time with them.

In fact, this was the first time he and Goku really spent any time together. After the 23rd tournament, Goku grabbed Chi-Chi and took off to marry her. Krillin missed Goku's wedding, his best friend's wedding. It would've been funny to see Goku kiss Chi-Chi for the first time, never knowing what it all was. He remembered seeing Chi-Chi kiss Goku on his cheek and how clueless Goku looked. Krillin couldn't believed it. It was so unfair to Krillin that Goku got kissed by a pretty girl. Krillin envied Goku. He really did. This pretty girl name Chi-Chi was going to be his wife and Goku didn't have to take her on dates, buy her things and woo her. He just met her once as kids and won her heart right then and there. Goku knew nothing about girls so Krillin couldn't help but wonder what he did.

Five years passed before Krillin saw Goku again and he had a child. Krillin couldn't believe it. He thought Goku was babysitting but that cute, innocent boy in his arms was Goku's son. Things went from happy to tragic when Gohan was kidnapped by his own uncle whom was later killed with Goku. Krillin cried as he held Goku's hand and watch him die. Goku was invincible to him and to see Goku lying on the ground with a huge hole in his stomach, it was shocking so surreal to see his best friend not as invincible as he thought Goku was.

Krillin met Goku briefly when he came back to battle the Saiyans and then in the hospital before taking off for Namek with Bulma and Gohan where he met in several battles and then died by Frieza. He met Goku for only an hour when he came back from Yardrat but didn't see him for the next three years since he was training for the Androids.

Now with the Cell Games approaching, it was as if they all were having a moment's peace to take in everything and all that has happened. Life was passing so fast and in an ironic twist, they were given a gift from Cell to relax, reconnect and renew long friendships, memories and create new ones. Krillin was going to appreciate these precious days because he wasn't sure if he could again. Lately, it seemed whenever they got together, it was for a battle. Krillin wanted to change that. He wanted to hang out like they used to when they weren't training on Master Roshi's island. Of course Krillin knew he and Goku couldn't do everything they did as kids. Goku had a family now and would want to spend most of his time with them.

Krillin was sad about that realization. Goku was his best friend. He thought they would always be together, but as people grow older, they mature and walk their own different paths of life. Goku's path was a path Krillin knew he couldn't follow. He'd have to make his own. Though sad, Krillin was happy for Goku. Happy for the path he chosen for not only did Goku marry a beautiful girl who turned into a faithful and loving wife and mother, but he also had a smart son who was as honest and pure as his father, and not to mention a strong fighter like his Dad. Goku was truly lucky.

Krillin held back a laugh seeing that look of love on Goku's face. Still thinking about Chi-Chi he was. "You really love her, don't you?"

Goku turned his head to Krillin. "Chi-Chi? Of course."

"You don't get scared of her sometimes?"

Goku laughed. "Chi-Chi's all bark but no bite and she really means well." Goku got that daze loving look on his face again as he smiled like a happy man in love. "She's amazing." He sat up suddenly feeling a ki approaching and looked back to see Gohan running to them. Goku's demeanor became serious as he looked at Krillin. "Promise me you won't mention me not being stronger and not having a real plan to defeat Cell to Chi-Chi or Gohan?"

"But you do have some kind of plan?" Krillin questioned.

Goku looked hesitant to speak what was on his mind. "Yes…but I rather not say."

"Okay then. I promise, Goku," Krillin assured his best friend. "I just hope whatever you have in mind will work."

Goku looked doubtful for a moment but gave a thumb up to Krillin. "I promise it will." 'It has to. It's our only hope.'

"Thanks, Goku."

Goku's demeanor became cheerful again as Gohan approached them. Gohan ran up to his father and Krillin smiling. "I thought Chi-Chi had you studying, Gohan."

"She did, Dad, but then Mom changed her mind and said I could play with you!" he said cheerfully.

Goku smiled with that prideful look he had when he thought of Chi-Chi and rubbed his son's head affectionately. Krillin smiled at the two and but deeply wondered if Goku was going to keep his promise to him.

Krillin watch his best friend return to the house and by this time Chi-Chi was stepping out of the bathroom dressed. Goku was always sure of battle and sure of a victory, but this time he wasn't and yet he could go back and train in the Time Chamber another day to assure he couldn't lose but he won't. 'Why won't he?'

"Ready to go, Chi-Chi?" Goku asked his wife.

"Almost. Did you really tell Gohan that he can stay on the Lookout until the Cell games?" Chi-Chi asked. "I heard it from Krillin." When Goku didn't answer, Chi-Chi knew it was true and this infuriated her. "How could you?! He should be home studying instead of playing!"

Krillin winced getting Goku in trouble and decided to step in to help his best friend. "Gohan has his homework and books with him, Chi-Chi. He said he's planning to study until the games. He said so. No harm done, right?"

That seem to comfort Chi-Chi but she was still angry. "I don't want him to stay there until the games. I rather for us to be all together, Goku."

"Don't worry, Chi-Chi. You'll see him after the games," Goku said confident. "Now, let's go home." He looked back at the others. "I'll see you at the tournament." He smiled cheerfully and walked out the door with his wife.

Master Roshi watched Goku and Chi-Chi get in the car and flew to their home. He got a nagging feeling that something wasn't right. 'What are you hiding, Goku?' "Hey, Krillin, do you think you should talk to Goku and find out what's going on in his mind?"

"Nah," Krillin said watching Goku and Chi-Chi fly away in their car. "I think I've been spending enough time there. Goku should have this time with his wife, and Goku isn't going to tell us his secret until he's good and ready."

When they returned home, Chi-Chi put up the dishes they used for the picnic with her family and Krillin two days ago. Chi-Chi sighed heavily. She didn't mind Krillin's company. She tolerated him more than any of Goku's friends but she really wanted to spend the picnic with her husband and son. She hoped Krillin wouldn't stop by now because she wanted to spend some alone time with her husband.

It was almost weird to be in the house with just her and Goku. The last time that happened…well it was before the Saiyans, before her world was turned upside down.

"Was it hard finding the Dragonballs?" Chi-Chi asked as she put the last of the dishes up. "It took you two days. I thought with all that speed and strength of yours, you would find it much sooner."

"Nah, it was easy," Goku said as he took off his jacket and tossed it on the back of a chair. "I even met Mercenary Tao again."

Chi-Chi looked as if she was trying to remember that name. It seem so faint. "Mercenary Tao? Wasn't he the man that fought Tien at the last tournament and whom you fought as a child because he killed one of your friends, um Upa?"

"Yep. That's him. He had one of the last dragon balls and promised it to me if I figured out some funny looking puzzles and I did," he explained.

"Funny looking puzzles?" Chi-Chi questioned. She sighed. "You seem to find fun in the most unlikeliest places, Goku." She closed the cabinets and walked over to Goku who was lying on the long, purple sofa with his hands behind his back. Chi-Chi lied on him and Goku put an arm around her. They enjoyed the quietness of their company before Chi-Chi spoke a minute later. "Goku, did you ever wanted to go on an adventure with me again?"

"What adventure?"

"You know, just us. The last time we had an adventure was when we looked for the Bansho Fan to get married." She sighed happily. "We've became closer on that adventure."

"We had our first kiss on Nimbus," Goku mused.

Chi-Chi giggled. "Yeah. You weren't comfortable on how close I was on you."

Goku thought back and laughed at his behavior. "I wasn't used to anyone being so close to me, especially touching me the way you were," Goku said placing a finger on Chi-Chi's chin, pulling her lips to his.

Chi-Chi readily opened her mouth under Goku's gentle persuasion. She moaned softly and her fingers moved into his hair and massage the scalp of his blonde hair. Goku's hands ran up and down Chi-Chi's back. One of his hands moved lower to Chi-Chi's backside and massaged it gently. Chi-Chi moaned into his mouth.

Goku moved his hand back up to Chi-Chi's waist and tickled her. Chi-Chi squirmed and laughed in his mouth as she pulled away. Chi-Chi slapped a hand on his chest playfully. "You did that on purpose."

Goku only smiled as he took Chi-Chi's hand and pulled her back on him so she could rest her head on his rising chest.

"I'd like to go on another adventure, Goku. Maybe the next time you go hunting for dragon balls, I can go with you," Chi-Chi suggested. "I never hunted for dragon balls before."

Goku remained quiet in thought. The thought of them doing something together does sound nice and it was something they haven't done in a long time.

"Goku, do you realize we never have anytime alone together other than going to bed or early in the morning before Gohan wakes up?" Chi-Chi asked her husband quietly. "The last time you and I were alone like this in our house was when my Dad wanted Gohan to spend the weekend at his kingdom and Gohan was only four at the time."

"And you didn't want Gohan to go then. You were so worried about him. I told you he would be all right."

"He was, but Goku, that's my baby. I'll always worry about him. I am his mother."

"Chi-Chi, you have to see that Gohan isn't a kid anymore. He's a lot stronger and tougher than you give him credit for. He's way farther than I was when I was his age."

"I don't care!" Chi-Chi argued. "He's still just a child! He shouldn't be out fighting! A child shouldn't be out there with that monster!" Chi-Chi cried as she looked at her husband pleadingly. "Please, Goku. Don't let him fight. He can't be out there. He's only a child."

"Chi-Chi, I was just a child when I fought the Red Ribbon Army and King Piccolo."

"You've been fighting all your life. Gohan hasn't," Chi-Chi argued.

"Because you wouldn't let him," Goku countered. "You had him studying at a young age."

"And you think that's a bad thing?!" Chi-Chi questioned angrily.

"No, I don't," Goku said calmly. "I understand why you want Gohan to study but when the world is in danger, you have to understand my reasons for taking him away from it."

Chi-Chi turned her face away from Goku. "No, I don't--" She was silenced when Goku turned her face to his again. His eyes were serious as he stared at her. Chi-Chi knew she could get away with that attitude when the others were around, but not when she and Goku were alone and not when Goku was looking at her this way.

"I just want my son to have an education, Goku," Chi-Chi spoke quietly. "I don't want him to get hurt. I don't want him …" she stopped herself on the verge of tears. "I hate this!" She yelled as tears sprang from her eyes. "I absolutely hate this! All this fighting that you do. I wish all this evilness would just leave here and never come back! Just when I think everything is right in the world something like this happens to mess things up. It's bad enough I have to worry about you. I have to worry about my son, too?"

Goku hugged Chi-Chi. "It's gonna be all right."

"When will this madness end?" Chi-Chi asked Goku pleadingly as if he had the power to stop it. "When will we have peace again?"

"After Cell. I promise. After Cell, there will be no more fighting."

"How can you be so sure?" Chi-Chi asked.

"I'm not, but I'm hoping for the best. That's all we can do."

"I guess so," Chi-Chi said and laid her head against Goku once more softly, crying on him thinking about the battle to come.

Later that evening, Goku lied in bed wide awake. Chi-Chi was sleeping beside him in a restful dream. Goku lied there thinking thought about what he said to Chi-Chi about no more fighting.

'Am I fooling myself? Cell is undoubtedly very strong. Do we stand a chance against him? I know we have the dragon balls, but if Gohan doesn't…' He cut himself off as he stared at Chi-Chi sleeping. 'No. We have to win.'

"Good night, Gohan," Chi-Chi said placing a kiss on Gohan's forehead.

"See ya, tomorrow," Goku rubbed Gohan's head.

"Good night," Gohan said to his parents and closed his eyes going to sleep.

The two walked out of the room and headed for their own. Tonight they had a birthday party for Gohan who missed his in the Time Chamber. Ox King left a little earlier but Krillin was staying the night in the guest room since he didn't feel like going back to Master Roshi's place. It was too crowded anyway with Yamcha, Oolong and Puar there as well. Chi-Chi suggested they go on a picnic tomorrow and Krillin asked if he could come along to which Goku said he could.

Chi-Chi took her hair down and ran her fingers through it. Goku took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes. He saw Chi-Chi combing her hair in the mirror; a nightly ritual for her. He crossed over and wrapped his arms around her waist. Gently pushing Chi-Chi long, dark locks back, Goku kissed the soft skin on the back of her neck and inhaled the sweet scent of her hair and body.

"Gohan's birthday was great. It was a good idea, Chi-Chi."

Chi-Chi leaned against her husband and closed her eyes. "Thank you."

"How come I don't get a birthday party?" Goku asked suddenly. "I was in the Time Chamber just as long as Gohan."

Chi-Chi placed her hands over his gently stroking it in slow circles. "I don't know. I didn't want to miss any important moments of our child's life. Do you want one, too, Goku? I can do that tomorrow."

"Nah, I'm okay with it." He released his hold around her waist but held onto her hand as they walked to the bed. He sat down and Chi-Chi automatically sat on his lap. Chi-Chi looked at her husband curious at what was going on in his mind.

They sat there looking in each other's eyes. Chi-Chi had a hand on the back of Goku's neck. Her fingers were softly stroking the nape of his neck and hair. It was strange looking at him as a blonde with teal eyes. Goku's teal eyes stared into Chi-Chi's sable eyes softly. He smiled at her. Chi-Chi stroked the side of his face before lowering her head to kiss Goku. His mouth opened up to hers and he cupped the side of her face to hold onto Chi-Chi as their kiss deepened. When he pulled back, Goku pushed some of Chi-Chi's hair behind her ear.

Chi-Chi saw a frown in her husband's eyes as if he was regretting something. "What are you thinking?" Chi-Chi asked as she ran her fingers through his hair.


Chi-Chi laughed. "I know you better than that. Something is always going on in your mind. Come on, Goku. Tell me."

Goku knew Chi-Chi knew him all to well. "I was thinking about yesterday when I took Gohan fishing. He thanked me for taking him fishing. He said I promised him after my fight with Vegeta that we would go but with the trip to Namek, Frieza and then training for the Androids as well as doing other things, we never went fishing until yesterday. I was wondering if I promised you something and I forgot to do it. Have I?"

"You did say you would go to work," Chi-Chi chided gently with a smile on her face. "But we can think about that after your fight with Cell." She sighed as she buried her face in his neck. "I'll be glad when that battle is over. I'll be glad when it's over and I have you and Gohan in my arms again…safe."

He nuzzled her face gently with his own, taking in her warmth and scent. He missed this while in the Time Chamber with Gohan. It was nice spending time with his son, but he missed his wife dearly and now he was becoming aware of the intimacy he missed in nearly a year in the room. He tilted his head towards Chi-Chi's and kissed her once more. This time, the kiss held more passion than before, passion from Goku to Chi-Chi that he wanted to do more than just kiss.

Chi-Chi suddenly found herself on the soft mattress of their bed with Goku's arm on each side of her. She looked in Goku's eyes and saw his passion for her. She closed her eyes as Goku kissed her again. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Her fingers softly massaged his hair and scalp. Chi-Chi thought she and her husband were going to kiss but Goku obviously had other things in mind. Chi-Chi felt Goku's hand on the buttons of the top of her dress, unbuttoning it. When it opened, Chi-Chi broke the kiss to eye her husband curiously.

"What are you doing?" Chi-Chi asked.

Goku looked confused at his wife's words . He thought she would know what he was doing. "Trying to get your dress off."


Goku raised an eyebrow. She didn't get it? "Because I want to make love to you."

"As a Super Saiyan?" Chi-Chi nearly shrieked. "Oh, no!" Chi-Chi rolled over to crawl away but Goku easily caught her by the waist and turned Chi-Chi on her back again.

Goku hovered above her, eyes glazed with desire. "Why are you trying to get away from me, Chi-Chi?" he whispered huskily.

"Because you want to make love as a Super Saiyan."

Goku covered his mouth over Chi-Chi's in a fervent kiss. When he pulled back, he smiled seeing a heavy flush on his wife's cheeks. "So?" He resumed his affectionate loving by lightly kissing her neck.

Though his actions were arousing, Chi-Chi was apprehensive at the thought of making love to her husband in this state and he didn't seem to get that. "Um, Goku, you're very strong now in this state and I'm not sure my body can take it. Remember what you did to the kitchen table this morning? And glasses? And the dishes?"

Goku stopped his actions. Chi-Chi breathed a sigh of relief. Now he was understanding. He wasn't going to do it, but the look in his eyes was telling her otherwise. "I promise to be careful. I can control my power. I've gotten a lot better." He resumed his affectionate attention to her neck.

"You say that now but what about when we're really into it…" Chi-Chi sucked in a breath as Goku touched a tender spot on her neck. She lost her train of thought and searched her mind for her thoughts, something to talk Goku out of this but it was hard to focus when Goku seduced her this way. "Ah…when we're not thinking with our minds but our feelings." She moaned as heat spread through her body caused by her husband slowly stroking her body through her dress. "I know how you can get."

Goku pulled back and looked at his wife, laughing huskily. "I thought you enjoyed it."

Chi-Chi blushed at the thought. She definitely did enjoyed it. "Ah…Goku. I do."

"Come on, Chi-Chi it's been so long." He began nibbling on her neck once more as he removed the sash around her waist. When he had removed it from her body, he tossed it to the floor and opened up her dress.

Chi-Chi was finding herself getting in the mood even more as she pulled Goku's shirt free from his pants and rolling it up his back to remove it. She stared at the lovely expansion of muscles on Goku's chest. He looked bigger than the last time she saw him without his shirt on. It was enough to make her blush and aroused her even more. She loved his body and never found anything to complain about. Why would she? Goku had the most fit and beautiful body in the universe in her eyes. "Has it really? We were last together the day before the Androids and that was, um, ooh, 11, no 12 days ago." From the look in her eyes, Goku knew he wouldn't have to persuade Chi-Chi any longer.

He gave her a long passionate kiss and helped removed the top of Chi-Chi's clothing so she would be as bare as him. He looked at her appreciatively. "Too long," Goku said and kissed her once more. He then kissed her cheek and nibbled her ear, whispering, "Haven't you ever thought about it this way?"

Chi-Chi gasped and her whole body was reacting to the suggestion. Her cheeks stained a dark pink. She saw Goku pulled back to look at her, giving her a wicked look. Suddenly her body felt hotter than before under his mesmerizing gaze.

"Haven't you?" he repeated in a low, sexy voice.

Chi-Chi felt the blush rise. Has she ever thought about it? Well, yes, once or twice or maybe a dozen times. She always shoved the thought down thinking that Goku would never go for that idea and her health. When Goku showed her his power of a Super Saiyan, she was shocked and amaze and in complete awe of his power. Seeing his muscles expand in size in arms, chest and legs so suddenly startled her and deep down a part of her wondered where else it expanded. Just thinking about it made her blush again.

Goku stroke the side of her face. "You have." He could see it in her eyes.

"I might've," she whispered.

"Since you saw me transformed before you."

Chi-Chi gasped in embarrassment. "How did you know?"

"Saiyans are somewhat telepathic," he answered stroking her breasts.

Chi-Chi smirked at him. "Can you tell what I'm thinking now?"

Goku kissed her once more. "Yep," he said. "And I promise to be careful, but just in case."

Goku's ki flared around her. Chi-Chi gasped in surprised. What was he doing? Goku looked down at his wife and sensed her worry.

"Don't worry," he whispered.

Goku took one of Chi-Chi's hands and the flare surrounding him passed on to her. Chi-Chi gasped as she felt new found energy and power flowing in her. She could feel her natural strength triple.

"Just in case I don't control myself later, I'm giving you some of my power."

Chi-Chi felt the strength of Goku flow in her. It was nothing she had ever felt before. She felt the rising power in her. It was incredible to feel this power, this energy, this new strength. She knew her husband was strong but she never thought power like this ever existed.

"How much power is this?" Chi-Chi asked amazed.

"Just a quarter of my power."

"A quarter?! I feel like I can push a tree down with my pinky finger."

"You can do a lot more than that with that power," Goku whispered as he nibbled Chi-Chi's ear. "Now where were we?"

Chi-Chi pulled back to smile seductively at her husband. "You were about to show me what it's like to make love to a Super Saiyan."

Goku remembered that night. He was careful and Chi-Chi did enjoy it wishing they had tried it sooner. Now as she slept, Goku was feeling the results of that night. Goku placed a hand on Chi-Chi's lower abdomen feeling the strong ki of a growing child. 'We have to win.'

To Be Continued

AN: Before someone say that Goku got ChiChi pregnant the night before the Cell Games and that's how many of the stories are based on, which is fine but it was stated in the manga and anime that Goten was conceived in the days before the Cell Games. That could be any of those peaceful days before the games. Now thinking about it, having Goku leave Goten to ChiChi the night before makes it look as if Goku didn't think about ChiChi until the last minute which isn't the truth. As I watched the shows during Gohan's training with his father to the morning of the games in both EV and JV, I noticed something that I think we all kind of missed the first time the episodes were aired and I'm going to present it here. I would really appreciate the reviews being more than one liners and be more meaningful. It's not that much to ask. My stories are over twelve pages long for each chapter. I worked hard on this story so I'd like to know what you think.