A Moment's Peace

Part Five

Chi-Chi was the first up the next morning while Goku continued to sleep. She could get started on breakfast but she wanted to stay in bed with her husband. She wondered what he was dreaming about since he was smiling. A wicked gleamed appeared on Chi-Chi's face as she thought about being playful with her husband this morning. She leaned forward and kissed him, slowly. He moaned softly in his sleep as he received the kiss. He was slowly coming around. She kissed along his jaw line, up one side of his face until she was nibbling on his ear and tugged it slightly. Goku sucked in a breath now fully awakened.

Goku was in another world, dreaming of his wife and son. Gohan was much younger around four and he was sitting on his Daddy's shoulders, happy to be so high off the ground. Chi-Chi was happily walking alongside with them. Suddenly, Goku felt himself being pulled further from the depths dreamland to the verge of it and reality when he felt lips on his own that caused a moan to escape his lips, especially the way his lips were being nibbled. The dream with his family started to fade and all he could feel was the person in reality pulling him from sleep. He felt soft lips on his face moving up to his ear nibbling gently. Goku smiled, knowing his wife's touch and was now awakened by it.

It didn't take Goku long to realize that his wife wanted to fool around before the day started. Goku didn't mind losing some sleep for this at all. It was very rare they did this in the morning, especially since having a child and with the training and fighting Goku was in for the past three years.

Chi-Chi wasn't sure how long she laid in a euphoric daze after being intimate with her husband. She was aware sometime afterwards her husband had shifted them to lie on their sides with her body spooned against Goku's and one of his arms around her waist, while his other arm cushioned her head. Gradually her eyes focused on the nightstand she was facing and the alarm clock. Chi-Chi nearly scoffed seeing the time. She wasn't getting up anytime soon. The feel of being with her husband now in the warm bed was far too tempting to leave. The rest of her senses came around again and Chi-Chi could hear the even breathing of her husband with his warm breath against her dark hair and his big muscled leg over her thigh.

"We should do this more often," Goku finally spoke.

"Mmm," Chi-Chi agreed wholeheartedly. "It's such a nice way to wakeup and start the day."

"Yeah," Goku murmured as sleep was ready to claim him again. "We should do this more before the baby comes," Goku said obviously too relaxed since he forgot that was a secret. "After that, we won't get a chance to do this for a while."

"Baby?" Chi-Chi raised her head slightly in Goku's direction. "Goku, what are you talking about?"

Red alarms went off in Goku's head, waking him up. He accidentally blabbed about the baby and he couldn't lie to Chi-Chi about it. When Goku didn't respond, Chi-Chi rolled over so she was facing him. "I'm not pregnant, Goku."

'That's what you think,' Goku thought but he couldn't say it. He just laid there, facing his wife, eyes wide like a deer in the headlights. His mind worked frantically trying to come up with something. The only thing his mind could think of was tell Chi-Chi she was pregnant, but he couldn't. Not yet.

When Goku saw Chi-Chi staring at him as if she was trying to read what was going on in his mind, he got a horrible feeling in his stomach as it twisted in knots. As close as they were in their marriage, the two were able to read each other's minds sometimes. Goku was always pleased to have that connection with his wife but not now! It didn't help that Chi-Chi's face had lit up suddenly. It was the smile Chi-Chi had when she was extremely happy, just as she was when she learned she was pregnant with Gohan. The knots twisted even tighter in his stomach. What if she guessed? It was too early for her to know and that smile wouldn't leave her face. "Goku, are you thinking about being a father again? You want another baby?"

The knots unraveled and Goku relaxed. She didn't know. 'Whoo! That was close.' "Uh, yeah. Do you want one?" he asked cheerfully.

Chi-Chi hugged her husband, giving him her answer. "Of course I want another child, Goku. I've been thinking about it for so long."

Goku eyed his wife surprised. "Really? How long?"

"During those three years while you were training. I was lonely and often thought a child could keep me company, but then I just wanted another child because I missed having a baby around. It was so much fun raising Gohan."

"Yeah, it was," Goku agreed as a happy image with his son filled his mind.

"We could try again tonight or maybe after the games until I'm pregnant again," Chi-Chi suggested.

"Yeah, we could," Goku said. 'There's no need but Chi-Chi doesn't have to know that,' Goku thought wickedly.

"Making babies is always fun to do," Chi-Chi said stroking Goku's chest. "But will you have enough strength after your fight with Cell to be with me tomorrow night?" she asked teasingly and Goku blushed. Chi-Chi laughed, proud she could do what no one else could. "A fight with Cell will be exhausting to you but if you come home to a night with me," her voice grew huskier and if Goku didn't know any better a bit wicked, "it may kill you."

Goku laughed loudly at the thought of it. He loved when that side of Chi-Chi came out and he loved it even more when only he saw it. Most people saw the strong, intimidating Chi-Chi and Gohan saw more. He saw the caring and loving mother, but Goku saw all her sides, including the sides only he could bring. It worked both ways. She had that affect on him as well. That was something else he loved about Chi-Chi--how she brought out a side of him he never knew he had.

"Ah," Goku sighed at the thought of Chi-Chi wearing him out like that. "Now that's the way to go."

Laughter erupted from both Goku and Chi-Chi at their free and careless behavior. It may be considered odd to be laughing on the day before the fate of the world was decided but it was just the way Goku wanted to start his last day before battle with Cell.

With it being her and Goku in the house, the housework was very surprising light and easy. There was one thing she could do and that was iron Goku's fighting uniform, but whenever Chi-Chi touched it, she would get a horrible shiver down her spine and always put it off until later. Chi-Chi would have to face her worries later and iron it. There was no way Goku was going to fight in a wrinkled uniform. It shouldn't matter since the battle was important and not her husband's attire, but Chi-Chi wanted her Goku looking his best as well as being at his strongest when he fought. With nothing else to do, Chi-Chi stepped outside and watched Goku stretching his body from his waist, his arms and legs. Right now Goku was hanging upside down on one hand lifting his body up and down. Chi-Chi was just amazed at what her husband. She was confident with Goku's skills and ability that no one could stop him. He always did one amazing thing after another and always came out on top. Tomorrow should be no different.


Chi-Chi shook her head, willing away the tiny shred of doubt in her mind, chastising herself mentally for having doubt in her husband. She put on a cheerful smile and stepped out of the room.

"You're certainly balanced."

Goku flipped on his feet, smiling at his wife. "That's what training does."

"You're so amazing," Chi-Chi said in awe. Just the littlest things he did would get her heart pounding in amazement of what Goku could do.

"Ah, it's nothing. I'm sure you can do it. Do you remember how to do a handstand?"

Chi-Chi gave Goku a look. "I'm a former martial artist. I can do a simple handstand." She balanced her body on both her hands. "See?"

Goku smirked at her. "Do it with one hand."

"Smart mouth," Chi-Chi said and pulled her left arm from the ground and balanced it as Goku did before she interrupted him. "Happy now?"

"Now flip back on your feet."


"Do it," Goku challenged her. "Let's see if you lost any of your martial arts skills."

"I haven't lost anything," Chi-Chi said confidently.

"You lost in your fight to me," Goku said teasingly as he reminisced in all the things Chi-Chi lost. "You lost your balance when were in the fire-eater bird's cave. On our wedding night, you lost your--"

"Goku!" Chi-Chi scolded and laughed with him. "You're making me lose my concentration!"

"A true martial artist never loses his concentration," Goku reminded his wife. He lowered his body until he could see Chi-Chi's face and he was smirking at her wickedly. "Besides, I was just reminding you of all the things you lost."

"Just for that--no dinner tonight!"

Goku's teasing lost all merit when Chi-Chi said that. He stared at his wife in terror. "No…you wouldn't do that, would you? I was just kidding, Chi-Chi! Honest!"

Chi-Chi almost lost her balanced as she laughed at the reaction on Goku's face. "I couldn't hold dinner from you. You're too cute." Chi-Chi flipped on her feet as graceful as a cat. "Happy?"

Goku stood upright, taking in the view of his wife all the way. "Very. Have you ever thought about continuing your training, Chi-Chi?"

Chi-Chi thought Goku was joking again but the look in his eyes told her he was serious. "You're not kidding. Why would I need to continue my training?"

"Just for the fun of it. Yesterday you talked about creating a Kamehameha Wave and how amazing it looked."

"Goku, I wouldn't have time with it. I have to take care of you, Gohan and if we have another baby, I'll be busy with that. You be the fighter in the family and I'll be the homemaker."

"It doesn't have to be anything strenuous. We can go at it easily and do it sometime after the baby is born. Let's find out how much you remember. Come on. Let's spar."

"Why do I have the feeling it'll be a reminder of the last fight we were in?"

"It'll be fun," Goku said getting in a stance.

Chi-Chi crossed her arms over her chest. "You expect me to fight you as a Super Saiyan?"

"I'll go easy on you."

"You hit me and I'll never cook for you again." This time she was serious.

Oddly, Goku didn't seem to notice. "I didn't hit you last time."

Chi-Chi sighed. She trusted her husband. "Here goes." Chi-Chi attacked and swung her leg to kick Goku but he ducked. Goku jumped again avoiding another kick. She tried to hit him but he blocked it with his hand. She made an attempt to kneed him and Goku blocked it. As they sparred or more correctly Chi-Chi attacked while Goku played defense, Goku noticed Chi-Chi was still in good shape. She was still very limber; her legs and arms flexible. He didn't think she knew but he was aware of Chi-Chi still training. A few times when he came home just to surprise Chi-Chi while training with Piccolo and Gohan, he spot Chi-Chi outside.

Sometimes she was outside sparring a tree or makeshift dummy, doing flips, jumping in the air fighting by herself, perfecting the skills her father taught her. She was already a master of Master Roshi style of fighting, except for his Kamehameha Wave and could go higher if she wanted.

Goku put his hand up to tell Chi-Chi to stop. "You're still good. I think you need work on channeling your ki before we can work on a Kamehameha Wave."

Chi-Chi looked hopeful. "You really mean it? I could make a Kamehameha Wave."

"Of course. You mastered Roshi's style. You can be taught the wave and I could teach you to fly."

Chi-Chi was getting excited. Her fly? Oh, she always wanted to, especially when Goku or Gohan flew from her. The thought of her floating in the air on her own was too tempting to resist, but something was up. Chi-Chi was sure of it. Why now was Goku talking about training her? "This isn't your way of getting out of working when the games are over, is it?"

"No," Goku said honestly. "Since I won't be fighting as much anymore, I figured I should do something with what I know and it'll be fun if everyone in the family could fly."

Chi-Chi thought about what Goku said. It did make some sense. "All right," Chi-Chi agreed. "But we'll do it when Gohan's studying. I don't want to seem hypocritical to him, training with his father when I forbid him. Plus, I don't want to distract Gohan from his studies."


"Good," Chi-Chi said and suddenly grabbed Goku's right arm and tossed him over her shoulders.

Goku blinked and found himself on his back looking up at the clear sky. A body hovered over him and the next thing he knew Chi-Chi was straddling him. He couldn't believe she did that to him! Then again, he didn't expect it. His guard was always down with Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi laughed above him. "I don't believe it. I threw a Super Saiyan." She laughed loudly at her victory. "Maybe I should train you instead."

Goku had to admit his pride was a bit shaken by that. His wife did throw him--the man who defeated Frieza, the once strongest man in the universe-- on his back. "You're the only person I let do this to me," Goku told her.

Chi-Chi smirked at him. "I better be or you're real in trouble tomorrow."

Goku stepped inside the house that evening after taking a bath in the large barrel. It was relaxing to sit in the barrel as the hot water soothed his body, listened to the quiet night sky and to just let his mind wander. He invited Chi-Chi to join him but she declined saying she had to iron his uniform for tomorrow, having put it off for so long. After soaking for half an hour, Goku stepped out of the barrel and cleaned up. He entered his home and tightened the sash of his robe around his waist. He was about to turn off the lights and go upstairs to bed when he heard footsteps coming his way.

"Goku? Goku, are you down here?" Chi-Chi called out as she stepped down the stairs.

"Yeah," Goku said. "I was just soaking outside in the barrel."

Chi-Chi crossed her arms over her chest as she reached the bottom of the stairs. "Why do you soak in that thing? We have a perfectly working bath upstairs."

"I know, but I like looking at the sky and being outside. It's relaxing. So, why were you calling for me?"

Chi-Chi loosened her arms from her chest and rubbed her hands nervously. "I need you to do something for me, Goku."

"Sure. What?"

Chi-Chi pleading eyes met Goku's calm ones and her hands closed together as if she was going to beg for something. "I know you will argue against this, but I need you to do this for me." Chi-Chi took a deep breath before making her request. "Take me with you."

"Take you where?" Goku asked, lost.

"To the Cell Games."

"The Cell Games?" Goku nearly yelled. "Chi-Chi, you know I'm not taking you. You can't be there. It's too dangerous for you."

"It's too dangerous for you, too!" Chi-Chi yelled on the verge of tears. "For you and Gohan!" Chi-Chi grabbed the top of his robe suddenly, looking up at her husband with pleading eyes. "Please don't go. Don't fight Cell."

"Chi-Chi, I have to. We had this talk when Gohan and I came from the Time Chamber and the other day." Goku knew Chi-Chi's reaction right now was a sign something was troubling her. "What's bothering you?"

"I was upstairs ironing your uniform and my hands…." Chi-Chi looked at her hands that were still gripping the soft cotton of his robe. "My hands started shaking and I got this terrible feeling that I won't see you again when you go to fight Cell."

She was crying now. Soft tears spilled from her eyes falling down her cheeks. The sight was breaking Goku inside him, especially his heart. He hated making Chi-Chi cry. Goku grabbed Chi-Chi's hands, gently prying them from his robe. It felt so soft and smooth just like her body when she's pressed against him when they slept at night. "Chi-Chi, please don't cry. I have to protect you and Gohan no matter what the cost--"

"Goku, please don't--"

"Chi-Chi," Goku's voice was intense, laced with emotion threatening to break through his tough exterior. Chi-Chi knew that tone and often hated it because it was his way of letting her know that no amount of pleading would stop him and he was putting his foot down on the matter. She remained quiet as she let him speak. "There's no one else to fight Cell, Chi-Chi. If I fail and Cell kills you and Gohan… " He closed his eyes trying to will away the awful image of Cell killing the two people he cared for most in the world. When he opened them, Chi-Chi saw a man scared of seeing his worst nightmare come to light. She gasped at the visage staring back at her. "I'll never forgive myself."

This was a rare opportunity for Chi-Chi--to see the real emotions lying behind Goku's cheerful façade. Very few times, Chi-Chi was let in and she saw his fear and pain in his eyes, even the doubts the cheerful warrior had that no one knew about. This was another thing that only Chi-Chi knew about Goku. Whenever he let her in, they were always alone such as the time Goku was in the hospital when he confessed to Chi-Chi about being the monster who killed his grandpa and all the feelings of guilt he had for killing someone he loved. Chi-Chi was his rock, comforting him and telling him it wasn't his fault and how he would never willingly kill someone he loved.

Now as Goku revealed his worst fear to his wife, the tears flowed even heavier from Chi-Chi's beautiful dark eyes. She knew that wasn't a good sign. "Oh, Goku," Chi-Chi cried as she embraced Goku. "Don't talk like this. I couldn't take it if you died, not again."

Goku held Chi-Chi firmly in his arms, rubbing her back soothingly. He could feel her warm tears spilling on his robe and chest. "Shh. It's okay, Chi-Chi. I don't plan on dying."

"Just because you don't plan it, doesn't mean it can't happen," Chi-Chi said her voice thick in tears.

"I know, but I'm planning on coming back to you."

"You are?" Chi-Chi asked hopeful.

"Don't act silly, Chi-Chi. Of course I'm coming back to you."

Chi-Chi buried her head in his chest, inhaling his freshly clean skin mixed with her salty tears. "I love you so much. You're my hero," Chi-Chi whispered.

"Chi-Chi," Goku said softly. Hearing those words touched him than she ever knew.

Chi-Chi lifted her head to look into Goku's warm, dark eyes. Her tears were coming in slower now but her eyes were still sad. "I want you to know that I am proud of you," Chi-Chi declared softly. "You are an inspiration to me, Goku. You're so noble, honest. You help anyone even your enemies. You saved so many lives, worlds and you ask for nothing in return. You have the purest, gentlest heart I have ever known." She blinked her eyes trying to stop her crying and get control of her emotional state but she couldn't help herself. "I know I yell at you a lot but it's only for your own good, and I'm so proud to be your wife."

A soft smile appeared on Goku's face and it took all his strength to keep himself intact. Her words flowed through him and his heart swelled at the deep love he had for his wife. "Oh, Chi-Chi."

For the first time tonight, happy tears streamed down her pretty face and now rosy cheeks. Her body tingled warmly at the way Goku called her name just now. How did he do that she asked herself. She loved how soft his voice would get when he said her name that way and the way he was looking at her almost caused her knees to buckle. She never could figure out how he made her so weak by doing that. She never had to doubt his love for her.

"I just wish you didn't always have to be the hero. Just once, couldn't you be at home with me as we watch the world get saved by someone else?" She asked but already knew the answer. "But I know there's no sense arguing with the unavoidable. You're always going to be the hero, Goku. You're always going to save us and I always have to stay home and cry in worry for your safety." There was no other way about it she told herself and she was finally ready to accept that.

"Does that mean you're going to stay here during the Cell Games?" Goku asked. "I won't have to worry about you showing up in our car with Lunch's guns?"

Chi-Chi laughed for the first time since their heavy conversation started. She nodded agreeing. "I'll stay at home."

"Good," Goku said. He cupped her face with his strong hands and gave his wife a quick kiss. He used the pads of his thumbs to brush away the last of the tears from Chi-Chi's eyes, which were turning red from the heavy tears she poured out earlier. His heart ached for her. He felt guilty for making those tears come from Chi-Chi. All he wanted to do now was make her feel better.

Goku tilted Chi-Chi's head upward and kissed her once more. He meant for it to be a gentle kiss to calm Chi-Chi but right now Chi-Chi didn't want that. Chi-Chi kissed back roughly, tugging on the sash of his robe, opening it so she could get closer to his body. Goku was enchanted by the spell Chi-Chi entranced over him as well. The two fought for control over their mouths as they discarded their clothing and eagerly claimed what they both wanted right now.

Goku lied on the sofa wondering what had happened. There was something about the way he and Chi-Chi made love just now made it more different than the many times before. Maybe it was the tears in Chi-Chi's eyes, the fear of her thinking he wasn't coming back that caused him to be with her that way, caused her to be that way. They were so eager and desperate for each other, they couldn't make it upstairs. As quick as Goku is, that shouldn't have happen.

She was lying on him now, still recovering. Goku stroke her dark hair back from her forehead and caressed her still damp skin. Chi-Chi trembled in the after-math and silently wept, and he kissed the tears on her cheeks, feeling she cried for them both. They talked a little, softly about nothing in particular and just lied there in silence when they felt no need to speak. A light breeze came in from the opened window in the living room and Chi-Chi shivered.

"Cold?" Goku asked.

"A little."

"Let's go to bed," Goku said standing up and drawing her after him. Silently, they dressed and Goku led his wife to their bedroom. There he wordlessly undressed Chi-Chi again and slipped beside her between the sheets. Then he drew her into his arms and kissed her gently, feeling his heart pulse with an emotion so unfamiliarly tender he might have wept himself.

He never knew that was going to be the last time he'd make love to his wife.

Goku woke up alone in the bed the following morning. He yawned and stretched his muscled body luxuriously on the soft bed. He blinked and read the time--6:35 am on the alarm clock before rolling over.

He saw his wife sitting on the windowsill looking out the window of her home. The sun was just rising over the mountains in the horizon declaring the day of the Cell Games has begun. Goku slid out from under the sheet, walked over to Chi-Chi and placed a hand on her right shoulder. Chi-Chi leaned her head against his hand.

"Morning," Chi-Chi said quietly.

"What're looking at?"

"The sun rising."

Goku sat on the windowsill. He wrapped one arm around Chi-Chi and drew her in his lap. His legs tangled with hers as he propped them up on the windowsill. He held her close, feeling the soft feel of Chi-Chi's satin robe against his naked skin.


"Just thought I see something pretty before this horrible day got started." Chi-Chi gently got out of Goku's embrace and kissed Goku good morning. "Get some more sleep. You'll need all the energy you can muster for your big fight today. I'll get started on breakfast and call you when it's ready."

Once Chi-Chi took her shower and dressed, Chi-Chi was out the room getting started on breakfast for Goku. She wanted him to have a good meal before his fight. Goku remained on the windowsill looking outside as the day slowly began. He didn't feel like sleeping. He slowly thought back over the last nine days leading up to this morning. He smiled remembering his talk with Krillin, Gohan's party, the picnic his family went on, his adventure getting the dragon balls, and his time alone with Chi-Chi for the past five days. The memory of riding horseback with Chi-Chi came to mind and their conversation. She was right. Whatever enemy he unknowingly made always came after him for revenge and as a result, the lives of his family, friends and sometimes the planet itself were put in jeopardy.

'Funny. Seems no matter how much I try to protect the Earth, I end up causing more trouble to the planet.'

Goku stared at his orange uniform hanging outside the closet door and beside it, his heavy blue shirt folded neatly in the chair, wrist bands on the dresser and weighted boots on the floor. He smiled to himself. It was going to be a rough fight and his clothes will be frayed when it was over and his body beaten. Goku wouldn't have it any other way. It wouldn't be a good fight unless his clothes were torn and his body gotten beaten pretty bad. He stood and stretched his body again before taking his shower and joining Chi-Chi downstairs for breakfast in his robe and boxers.

Goku ate his meal with content as he always enjoyed it. Chi-Chi sat across him and ate her meal and talking to him about anything but the fight with Cell. Once she ate her breakfast, she got started on the dishes. During this time, Ox King showed up at the house.

"Hi, Goku," Ox King said taking a seat at the table. "Getting a good meal before the games?"

"Yep," Goku said as he finished on plate and reached for another.

"Would you like anything, Dad?" Chi-Chi asked.

"No, dear. I ate before I came."

Goku sighed happily as he rubbed his full stomach. Nothing like a good meal to start off a huge fight. "That was a good meal. Thanks, Chi-Chi." Goku sat at the table for a few minutes chatting with Ox King before he headed upstairs to dress for battle.

Everything shut off for Chi-Chi when she heard Goku leaving the room. He was getting dressed and it wasn't going to be long before he left. A strong pain of stabbed into Chi-Chi's heart and it was growing by each passing second. She put up the rest of her dishes and headed upstairs. Chi-Chi could feel her father heavy footsteps behind her but she didn't care about that. Something in her, told her to see Goku right now.

Chi-Chi entered the bedroom just in time to see Goku tossed his light shirt over his shoulders. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She wanted to tell him to be safe, to come home but her voice was lost. All she could do was stand there numb with her hands clasped together watching him finish his dressing. Ox King entered the room and remained silent. Like his daughter, he was worried for his son-in-law as well. Ox King knew Goku had been in many battles before but this battle was so much different. Goku tightened the blue sash around his waist and sat down on the bed. He put on his wrist bands and lastly his heavy boots. He tied the strings around his boots and stood, proud and ready for battle.

"All right. I guess I better go."

Chi-Chi and Ox King stood in silence unable to say anything. Ox King looked at his daughter and figured she needed a moment alone with her husband so he quietly left the room. As soon as their door closed, Goku stared at Chi-Chi and saw the worry on her face. He stepped two paces and embraced Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi clung onto Goku tightly, not wanting to let go.

"It's gonna be all right," Chi-Chi heard Goku say above her. He planted a kiss on her head and pulled back before giving her a loving gaze. Chi-Chi couldn't understand why he was smiling at her on a day like this. She felt his hand slid up to the back of her neck, drawing her towards him. His head bent over hers and his mouth brushed over her lips, lightly, teasingly, causing Chi-Chi to gasp, wanting more.

Goku laughed in mock triumph before descending his mouth over hers fully, claiming what he would always considered his. Unconsciously, Chi-Chi lifted her hand to cling to the front of his shirt as she opened her mouth fully to receive the sweet plundering of her husband's lips. A part of Chi-Chi wondered why Goku was kissing her this way, right before battle, but she didn't care. She needed this, this assurance from him that everything would be all right. Still, in some dark corner of her mind, the kiss didn't assure her as it always have before, but at the moment as Goku's masculine scent teased her nostrils, his powerful kiss making her body ache for him with a fierce hunger she didn't know how to control, she didn't want it to end.

But it did. She wasn't sure how long she was in that passionate embrace, but she was aware of Goku's body parting from her own. She stared up at him, chest heaving as heavy as his although he had more control over breathing. Her eyes were wide, cheeks flushed and lips partly bruised. Goku smiled at her with that goofy grin that always made her laughed and filled her heart with love.

"Love you."

Chi-Chi stood there and watched Goku leave and descended down the steps. It was then it snapped in her head that Goku was leaving. She forgot to tell him she loved him, too, and to be careful. She ran out the room and down the stairs. She ran past her father who was watching Goku leave from the kitchen. She ran out the house, stopping a foot out of the door and saw Goku was already in the middle of the yard still walking away.

"Be careful, Goku!" She warned and a heavy feeling of doubt spilled in her heart as she hoped Goku doesn't do what she had in mind if things got worst. "Don't go dying," she said worriedly. 'Please don't die.'

Goku stopped and looked back at his wife with a positive look on his face. "Yeah, I know." 'I don't want to die either. I got a baby on the way.'

Now that he assured her he wouldn't die, Chi-Chi needed Goku to promise her one more thing. She clasped her hands together as if she was praying. "Gohan's not fighting, right?"

Uh-oh. He was so close to getting away without telling Chi-Chi that Gohan was fighting and she had to get him at the last minute. He felt beads sweat popping on his forehead. "U--um," was all he could say. He couldn't lie to Chi-Chi but he couldn't tell her the truth either. Not right now.

Chi-Chi noticed Goku's composure. The horrible feeling filled her heart, but not for Goku this time. For Gohan. No. She didn't want her son fighting. She didn't want him hurt. She couldn't take it if her son came home seriously injured like his father. "Promise me you won't let Gohan fight." If she could get Goku to promise her that, she could relax.

But Goku couldn't promise her that. Gohan fighting was their only chance at victory. Goku stared at his wife unsure what to say. So, instead of answering, he put on a big smile and ran away. "Well, I'm off!"

"Now look here!" Chi-Chi called out to Goku as he ran away from her. With Instant Transmission, he was gone in a flash. Chi-Chi fell silent. He couldn't even promise her about Gohan. Goku could promise Chi-Chi anything and now that he didn't, Chi-Chi got a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her worse fears were coming to light. "H-he might be fightin'… Gohan." She stood outside in silence for a few minutes before going into the house. "He's going to make Gohan fight. How could he? Gohan may be strong but he's just a child." Chi-Chi murmured.

Ox King put a hand on his daughter's shoulders. "Come on, sweetie. Let's wait and watch the games. I'm sure Gohan is going to be just fine."

Goku watched as Cell laughed manically at his supposed victory. Gohan had tried and failed after his father fought Cell, and in a minute, the world would be destroyed unless someone did something about it and Goku knew it was up to him once more.

There was a serious frown on Goku's face as the situation filled his mind, working frantically at a solution. 'Cell's going to blow up the world. If I try attacking him, I'll only speed up his explosion. I have to take him away from Earth. The only safe place I can go to is King Kai's planet… but I won't be able get them and make it back home in time.' He smiled wistfully. 'It's the only way. I'm sorry, Chi-Chi. I'm going to miss being a father again. I'm going to miss this place and everyone.'

Goku turned back to look at his friends one more time with a thoughtful smile plastered on his dirty face. His body was beaten, exhausted and ached in several places but his heart was light and pure, his will was strong and his eyes satisfied with all that he has done, seen and accomplished in this life. He heard Krillin asked him if he had a plan and his smile grew even brighter. He admired all the people he was watching right now; Piccolo--the man who trained his son and sacrificed his own life for Gohan, Yamcha--his first rival turned friend who brought him to the safety of his home after he was struck down with the virus and comfort Chi-Chi when she was crying over him begging him to get well, Tien--another rival turned friend who gave him his best fight yet in the 22nd tournament, Krillin--his best friend who looked after his son on Namek and who's death, triggered his most powerful transformation yet and Trunks--the young man who had given him another chance at life, who bought him enough time to train Gohan to be as strong as he was now and allowed him the time to leave his wife with child. Without him and that antidote to the virus, Goku wouldn't be here right now and he was forever grateful for that. It was a pleasure to fight with them but now it was time to go.

"Listen…there's not much time left and I can only think of one way to save the Earth now."

Piccolo was baffled. What way? There was no way to save the Earth. It was all over. "What are you talking about?"

Trunks knew. He somehow knew what Goku was going to do. "No, don't!" he pleaded. "I think I know what you have planned, Goku! You don't have to this!"

Goku raised two fingers to his forehead as his eyes never left his friends. This was forever. He raised his left hand, giving his friends a small wave. "Goodbye…friends."

"Goku, wait! Don't leave us!" Krillin cried out to his best friend.

Even Vegeta looked back at Goku in shock. What was he doing?! Before Vegeta could ask, Goku vanished. He never heard Krillin's cry for him.

Goku appeared again in front of his son. Gohan was on his knees, ashamed of what he had done, ashamed he never listened to his father's words of finishing Cell off now. He got too arrogant. He thought he could convince Cell to give up, but he was wrong. Cell was going to blow up and he was going to take everyone on planet Earth with him.

Goku had a hand on Cell's enormous body while the other to his forehead as he prepared for his final Instant Transmission. Gohan looked up feeling the close presence of his father. He thought he would see hate and anger in his father's eyes. After all, the Earth was depending on him and he blew it, but instead he never saw a kinder look of a father looking at his son so proud.

"Hey, you put up a good fight, Gohan. I'm proud of you," Goku spoke with pride and confident in his son.

Gohan was confused. Why was his father here? Why was he touching Cell and looking as if he was going to transport somewhere. "What? Daddy?"

Before he left, Goku had to make one request to his son. Then he can go and die in peace. "Take care of you mother for me. She needs you. Tell her I had to do this, Gohan."

Gohan's mind went blank. Why would he have to take care of Mom? Unfortunately, Gohan wouldn't understand that until much later. But where was Dad going? Gohan couldn't even muster up a word to escape his mouth. He tried but his brain wasn't working.

That brave smile never left his face as Goku stared and spoke to his son one last time. "Goodbye, my son." His eyes became less cheerful and more serious as he focused on his final destination--King Kai's planet.

Gohan stared at his father and in a blink of an eye, he was gone. It was then Gohan knew what his father was going to do. "NO! COME BACK!!" Gohan screamed but his father never heard him.

King Kai panicked seeing Goku had brought Cell to him. He couldn't believe of all the places Goku traveled to--it had to be his planet! Why couldn't it been Yardrat King Kai asked himself. Unfortunately with less than a minute to go until Cell blew up, King Kai could only take cover and prepare for the end. He was going to lose everything! His home, his pet, his classic car!!

'I'm going to get you for this, Goku,' King Kai swore.

As Cell's body came closer to destruction, the ground beneath everyone began cracking up, King Kai's home broke apart in crumbles, King Kai and his pets were screaming wildly, in fear of their imminent deaths and Goku only had a brave, confident look on his face. He was a warrior unafraid of dying. He proudly faced it. As Cell's body exploded and Goku's body was ripped apart quickly in a painless death, Goku's last thoughts were of his wife and children.

Cell had the last laugh. He returned to Earth and threatened to finish off the planet for good. With the aid of the spirit of his father, Gohan was able to finish off Cell for good. Now it was finally over. Cell was gone and the Earth was at peace once more.

"With the dragon, it seems you will be wished back," King Kai said, still miffed at Goku for having him killed. "I bet you're glad you won't be dead for long."

"Actually, I think it's best that I stay here."


"Whatever threat that comes to Earth, it's always after me. The Saiyans came because of me, Frieza came because of me and now the Androids and Cell existed because of me. I've always done whatever I can to protect the Earth--my home, but in a way I've done nothing but caused harmed to it. It's almost as if I've been carrying out my mission to destroy the Earth as my Saiyan ancestors wanted."

"Hmm, yeah," King Kai realized. "I see your point, but, Goku, you've always been able to save the world despite all that."

"I have, but without my existence, there is no need to save the world since it would forever be in peace from me and the threat I caused to it." Goku seemed determined to stay where he was.

"But, Goku!" King Kai panicked. He tried to think of something to get Goku to reconsider. "Think about the consequences of your actions. If you stay dead, you will be apart from your wife and son, your friends! You won't see them again until they are dead and they crossover here! Do you really want to make that kind of sacrifice? Think about this a little more before you decide to stay here permanently."

Goku appreciated King Kai's concern but his decision was already made. "If my sacrifice ensures Gohan and Chi-Chi's safety forever, then it's the only decision I'd want to make."

King Kai sighed, knowing there was no way he was going to get through Goku. What he was doing was very noble. It was admirable at what Goku was doing and what he was giving up just to protect his family and friends. "I never had a family of my own, but I'm sure your own family will miss you."

"I know. I'll miss them, too, but it's the only way. They will understand," Goku said confidently.

"They're trying to come up with a way to bring you back now that Shenron can't do it. I think we better stop them now," King Kai.

Gohan sat on a tall mountainside. After he left his friends on the Lookout, he went to find solace of the quiet, countryside where his home was close by. He pulled his knees to his chest wondering how he was going to tell his mother that Dad wasn't coming back.

"She was expecting both of us back. Not just me. Why couldn't it be me who died, Dad so you would be with Mom?"

"Because both your mother and I would be miserable over your death."

Gohan looked up and saw his father's image before him. The only difference about him was a gold halo over his head and his image wasn't human but more of a spirit. He wiped the tears in his eyes and stared in wonder. Was his father really standing there? "Dad?"

"Gohan, you're just a child. You haven't lived yet. There's so much waiting for you when you go back home."

"It's just Mom, Dad. It'll only be the two of us," Gohan said.

"No," Goku shook his head slightly with a smile on his face. "They'll be three of you."

"Three?" Gohan repeated. "Oh, you mean Grandpa."

Goku smile brightened as if he knew something that no one else didn't. "You'll see what I mean very soon, but for now, go home. Your mother needs you now."

Chi-Chi paced back and forth nervously. It's been hours since Cell's defeat. Why weren't Goku and Gohan back yet?

Ox King watched his daughter paced back and forth over the floor nervously. If she kept at it, she'd wear a hole into the ground. "Chi-Chi, stop pacing. They'll be home soon. They could be celebrating. Goku could be brining home a fish for dinner."

"Something's not right, Dad. I just know it. Goku and Gohan would've been back by now and I have this strange feeling about Goku that I just can't shake."

"Maybe Goku's taking his time to come back because he knew you would be upset with him for making Gohan fight," Ox King guessed.

"I don't care about that. I just want them home." She looked at the clock. It was already pass six and the sun was going to set soon. Why weren't they home yet?

Then the sound of the door opened and Chi-Chi whirled around. She saw Gohan in the doorway but there was something apparently different about him. Gone was the innocence in his eyes but a child shredded from his innocence, a child who had been to war and back and will carry scars that would follow him forever.

"Gohan!" Chi-Chi cried and ran to embrace her son. She clung to him tightly. "Oh, my baby you're back! You're back!"

Before Gohan could say anything, Chi-Chi pulled back and looked around. "Where's Goku? Where's your father?" Chi-Chi stepped out the door. "Goku? Goku!"

Gohan took in a deep breath. This wasn't going to be easy. "Mom… there's something I have to tell you."

Chi-Chi turned around, a worried look on her face. She had a hand on her mouth and she got the horrible feeling something was seriously wrong. 'Please don't tell me Goku's dead.'

Chi-Chi stepped inside the house and looked down at her son. "What is it, Gohan?" Chi-Chi asked in a shaky voice.

Gohan explained what had happened after the TV blanked out. He explained up to the point where Cell decided to blow himself up, but left out his part on not finishing Cell off when his father wanted him to. His mother was already emotionally distraught as it is. When Gohan mentioned about Goku leaving to blow up with Cell, Chi-Chi collapsed to her knees with tears ready to spring from her eyes. When Gohan explained about his Dad staying in Other World, the rest of Chi-Chi's body fell to the floor and Chi-Chi cried her heart out. Gohan and Ox King explained to Chi-Chi that this was best and to not be sad. For their sake, she stopped crying but she knew later on tonight when she goes to her bed alone forever, she would lose it.

As the world celebrated the peace and safety of the world and a spineless person who didn't deserved to be called a man claim he was the Earth's savior, one woman mourned the death of her husband.

The End

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