Music from the Heart

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Chapter 08: Beautiful Dreamer

I feel numb.

I cannot tell where I am, but I deduce it's the hospital. There's a faint beeping noise. The scent is clean—sterile—unfamiliar. The clothes I wear are not familiar either. It's thin, simple… different than what I wore earlier. But what bothers me the most…

…is that I cannot open my eyes.

I lift my right fingers and tenderly touch a cloth that's wrapped around my eyes. I know something cold is beneath it, touching my eyelids. Metal, maybe.

After the shock is gone, I notice something off.

My left hand is warm.

I lift it a bit, finding it rather heavy. I hear a sigh. My right hand traces the hand above my other and follows it until it hits something soft, like hair. I explore more until I contact flesh. It jerks back.

A familiar voice. "Hn."

My heart drops a bit when I feel his hand leave mine. "Sesshoumaru-sama."


"Where am I?" I try to keep my voice steady.

"The hospital," he replies. "You've been asleep three days."

Three days. 'Since when? The talent show…?'

I hear a chair scrap against the ground. "I'll get you something to drink." When his footsteps fade away, another one makes its way.

"I thought you wouldn't wake up," a female voices says in a tone of amusement and worry.

"Kagura-san?" I inquire.

"And Kanna is here too," she says.

I sit up on the bed and place my hands on my lap. "What brings you two here?"

"Your performance was inspiring," Kanna compliments in a soft voice. "We were worried when you blacked out on stage."

"I was surprised," Kagura cut in, "to find that you were blind this entire time."

"I didn't want to be bothersome."

"Yeah, okay," she says. I can tell she's rolling her eyes.

"I thought it was pretty obvious…" Kanna says off-handedly.

I feel a bit irritated but I shrug off the comment. "I have a feeling you guys have a reason of being here other than talking about my blindness."

"Down to business, I see," Kagura replies. "I came here for a simple question, but I doubt you'll answer."

I nod.

"What is Sesshoumaru to you?"

"Sesshoumaru…" my voice trails off. "What do you mean?"

"There's something between you two," Kanna states softly. "I can feel it."

"I can see it," Kagura cuts in with annoyance. "When you blacked out on stage, he rushed out to save you. I've injured myself more than once while dancing and never got that kind of a reaction from him."

I tilt my head. "Did he?" I feel my cheeks warm. "I didn't know."

"Since you aren't really going to answer the question… don't take his dream away," Kagura says in a dangerous tone. "That's all I have to say." Her footsteps fade away.

"Get well soon," Kanna says before I hear her footsteps leave as well.

'His dream?' I feel stupid. Anyone can tell that I have some feelings for him. I didn't quite realize it… or maybe I didn't want to accept it. How do I feel attracted to a guy I've never seen and barely talked to? Isn't it just his music? But then I wonder…

'What am I to Sesshoumaru-sama?'

A knock. "Didn't expect those two to pop in," I hear Sango's voice. "So you're awake, huh?"

I nod and smile. "How are you, Sango-chan?"

"I'm good, I brought some flowers…" I hear a rustle and then a clink sound next to me—probably the vase against the table.

"I'm here too," Kagome adds in happily. "How are you feeling?"

"A bit dizzy…" I admit. "But I really want to know what happened."

"You blacked out and--"

"I got that much," I blurt. "Sorry, I didn't mean to snap. What I meant was--"

"We didn't win," Inuyasha interrupts.

"Inuyasha," Kagome snaps.

And just like that, a single tear rolls down my cheek. 'So I'm going to be blind forever…? Is that why I'm here?'

"Sesshoumaru won," the boy continues. "Feh."

"Really?" a smile forms on my lips. "I'm happy for him, then!"

'So he can reach his dream? What is it, exactly?'

"Excuse me," a new voice arises. "I need to do a check up, so could you please leave us alone for a few minutes?"

"Aren't you a bit… young?" Sango asks. I know she means no harm… she is being protective.

"I know well what I'm doing, thank you," the woman replies, hiding a bit of annoyance.

Kagome says, "We'll be waiting outside then. See you, Rin!"

When I hear the door close, the lady speaks. "I'm Kikyo, your nurse. I'm just going to run a check up on you since you've woken up now."

I nod as she takes my wrist and checks my pulse. "How long was I asleep for?"

"About three days," she says. I hear a shuffle and then something placed in my ear. A thermometer, I guess.

"From one blackout?"

"You underwent surgery."

I feel the wraps around my head loosen. "I did?"

"Please keep your eyes closed."

I do as I'm told. My eyes feel lighter by the second. "What surgery?"

"To get your sight back," she answers, a bit surprised. "Do you really not know?"

I feel annoyed. "I don't understand. My mom and I can't afford the surgery."

"It's been done, Rin," Kikyo says calmly. "As to who financed it is out of my knowledge, but I imagine it was someone who loves you very much."

I bite the bottom of my lip. 'Is this for real…?'

"You've had sight before you became blind, yes?"

I nod.

"Okay. Please open your eyes slowly and tell me what color you see," she taps my hands and places something in them. "Look at the paper in your hands whenever you're ready. Take your time to adjust."

My heart thumps. 'Will I really be able to see?' My eyelids twitch a little, opening them slowly. I flinch at the light and close them again. I clench my fingers, wrinkling the paper a bit as I try again. Blurs. I shut my eyes again. I take a deep breath and open them again, slowly. I become used to the light and I wait patiently as my eyes adjust. I stare at the paper in my hands.

"… Blue."

She chuckled lightly. "Correct. How about this one?" She places another paper above it.

I blink. "Orange."

"Red," I answer as she places another on it. "Black."

We go through most of the basic colors. "Please keep staring at the paper. I'm going to show you an object, please tell me what shape it is.

I nod, focusing on the black paper in front of me. A pale hand reveals itself, holding a wooden object. "A sphere."

"Good," she says. "And this?"

"A pyramid."

"Look at my face."

And when I turn, I see a beautiful woman. She was very well posed for someone so young. Maybe she is an intern…?

"Follow my fingers," she lifts her index finger and points right, moves left, up, down, and right again.

'I can really see…'

"Rin?" Kikyo says. "You're crying."

And she's right. I wipe the tears away with both hands but they keep coming. I'm at a loss for words.

"This is all for now..." she writes something in her notebook and then snaps it shut. "You will probably be kept under observation for a few days, just to be safe. I'll let your friends back in now."

I nod, "Thank you."

As I watch her open the door, I stare at my fingers. I have nail polish on that's beginning to peel on it's own. It reminds me of the talent show.

"Rin?" I look up to see a girl with a ponytail. She's dressed in semi-ripped jeans and a tight red shirt. "I'm Sango," she smiles and waves. Behind her is a girl with wavy hair that flows down her back. I assume it is Kagome. A boy is next to her, holding Kagome's hand. He has long ravenous hair that accentuates his golden eyes.

"I'm so glad to be able to see you guys," I smile.

"The others are busy, but they said they'll come by to visit you tomorrow," Kagome explains.

"Did you happen to see my no-good half-sibling here earlier?" Inuyasha cuts in. Kagome nudges him in the ribs. "OW!"

"He said he was getting me a drink…" I suddenly remember. "Is he okay? It was a while ago…"

Sango purses her lips. "Mm… I think he left when he saw us… Sorry, Rin."

"It's okay," I lie. 'I really want to meet him…'

"I bet you really wanted to thank him," Kagome says. I glance up and arch my brow. "Oh… the nurse didn't say?"

"Say what?" I ask in confusion.

"Sesshoumaru…" Kagome starts, "he used the money from the competition for your surgery."

I stare at my fingers, "I didn't know."

"Obviously," Inuyasha states offhandedly, receiving a more painful nudge in the ribs and a kick from Sango. He twitches.

That next evening I stand and stare out the window of my hospital room. My mom visited me in the morning while Ayame, Kouga, Miroku, and Shippo came in the afternoon. They explained everything to me.

'He wanted to study piano in Vienna,' I think sadly, crying even harder. 'He probably can't now… That's why he wanted the money in the first place. Is that why he didn't come back to see me? Does he actually hate me?' I feel like hitting myself. 'Too many things are on my mind. Too many things are occurring at once.' I push myself away from the window and head towards the door. A walk should help me. I sniffle again as I reach for the knob and turn it. To my surprise, I see a flash of white stumble before regaining posture. My eyes stare into deep pools of amber. He is beautiful. "Sesshoumaru-sama?" I choke through my tears.

He stares at me, as if thinking, strategizing what to do next. "Why are you crying?"

And I break down. "I t-took your d-dream a-away… V-Vienna… I know a-about… it…" I choke even more through my tears. "I'm so sorry, s-so sorry…"

He places his hand on my head. "It's okay."

"How can it be okay?" I snap. "Vienna would've been your future!"

"I got a scholarship," he says calmly. I see his lips, trying not to smirk. "I found out this morning."

I blink, not stopping my tears from flowing. "W-what?"

"Full scholarship," he says, as if explaining everything. "It worked out."

I don't know what came over me when I suddenly embrace him, crying even harder. It isn't tears of sadness anymore. They are tears of joy.

"T-thank you…" I say, feeling stupid. Nothing could show him my thanks. I feel him tense. I guess he isn't used to this stuff, so I back away. "S-sorry."

"Rin," he says, "Since you have your eyes back… I suggest you shouldn't use them on tears. That's a waste."

I giggle. "Yeah… you're right," I blush. "Sesshoumaru-sama, why are you here?"

"To say goodbye."

And my heart breaks.

"I have to leave for Vienna tomorrow…" he replies uneasily. "I felt that… I should say goodbye."

"How long?" I stare at the ground, suddenly finding its whiteness interesting.

"A year or so…"

"Ah." I get the feeling that I won't be seeing him longer than that.


"I wanted to see you before I left."

I swallow. "Thank you, Sesshoumaru."

"I'm not really good with words," he says in an irritable tone. I look at him and suddenly find his lips against mine.

When we part I see his cheeks have a faint color of red. I smile slightly and then I burst into giggles. He looks away, his blush deepening.

"Excuse me, sir," a voice interrupts. It's Kikyo. "Visiting hours is ending."

He nods and footsteps click away.

"I guess this is goodbye," I say softly. 'I can't take his dream away, right?'

Sesshoumaru stuffs his hands in his pockets. "Hn."

"I'll be looking for you," I say, "in the newspapers."

He smirks and closes his eyes. "I'll be listening for you." And then he walks away, leaving me behind alone in the hospital room.


Author's Note: Okay… well I think I might write an epilogue… if I have time. Not quite a happy ending, but… meh. I felt I should try writing a not-so-happy one. If I do write an epilogue, it'll probably be less sad. I hope you enjoyed it! (for the most part)… please review! Thank you for reading!