Is there a reason 'Why' Fawkes likes Harry? And why is Harry having a hard time getting his animagus form to work, when he is the 3rd best student in class. And why does he find him self, liking the Potions Master's voice or the Potions Master himself. Will get better eventually the first chapter is not so rated R but it will be.

'Thoughts' dreams I use Italics for flashbacks and dreams and thoughts, along with ''.

'Crap I'm going to be late!' Harry Potter thought as he sped through the castle towards his next class. He was always good at transfiguration but he still hated to miss a class. Harry skidded to a halt in front of the classroom door and slowly crept in hopefully without notice. While Professor McGonagall had her back tuned he silently slid into his seat right next to his best red headed friend Ron Weasley.

"What took you so long mate?" Ron asked his voice barely a whisper.

"Slept in. Luckily for me that freaking Crookshanks got in our dorms and scratched my arms till I got up!"

"You see Crookshanks is just trying to be helpful, he's not so evil now is he?" Hermione's voice came in from the other side of Harry. "Guess not but still he's a f-."

"So good of you to join us Mr. Potter, please refrain from being late to my class again. I will not be as lenient should it happen another time." Professor McGonagall's voice rang clearly from the front of the class. "As I was saying; Animagus are registered with the Ministry and are noted for their distinguishing markings, this allows the Ministry keep track of your form. We will begin today; to see how far along you can get by the end of this class. This takes a lot of concentration, so I don't expect even my best students-" Professor McGonagall looked towards Hermione. "To grasp the concept or even to master this branch of Magic, so hurry along now lets practice."

The rest of the lesson was spent practicing; Hermione was the first to get it in their class group. She turned out to be a snowy owl like Hedwig. Ron's animagus form only appeared for a split second, those who were close by him found out what his form was. Harry and Hermione were shocked Ron's form turned out to be a spider, no one knew why either. Harry was having the hardest time imaginable, he concentrated with all his might but still there was no progress. At the end of class they were given books to do research and told to study hard for the next class. Harry left the class disappointed he was in a foul mood and it got even worse come dinnertime.

The first part of dinner was the same as always, students chattering with their housemates and everyone occasionally reaching for more ham. Everything turned to havoc as Draco Malfoy sauntered to the Gryffindor table and sat right across from Harry.

"Potter, I hope you know why I am here." The icy voice drawled.

"Malfoy you great prick, I don't know why you're here and I'm sure Harry doesn't either. So just go back to the fucking hell hole where you came from." Ron stood up to defend his best friend. "Ron don't do anything stupid," Hermione warned. Unfortunately her warning went unnoticed.

"At least I came from a pit hole and not a pig farm," Draco said coolly. Every one new he had pushed Ron's buttons to far. Ron still standing and grabbed his wand and shot a few amazing hexes at Malfoy, including Ginny's famous Bat-Bogey Hex. Malfoy ended up all the way across the Great Hall food in his hair, and knocked out cold. Ron was about to through one more hex at him, when a deep rumbling voice came from behind the golden trio.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you Mr. Weasley," Professor Snape's silky baritone voice stated. "You wouldn't do a lot of things to your precious Slytherins," Ron mumbled quietly. Harry found himself liking the silky voice of his Potions Master; he shuddered at the thought. Did he really just think that? "What was that Mr. Weasley? I didn't quite catch that. Not going to tell me? Fine detention tonight at eight." With that he dramatically turned round levitating Malfoy and stormed off to the Infirmary. Ron sat down picked up his fork then dropped it loudly on the golden china. He grumbled and pushed back from the table, stood and stalked off to Gryffindor tower.

All that night Harry stayed awake reading in the common room as he waited for Ron, finally at 1:30 am he heard footsteps from outside the portrait. A few seconds later Ron came threw the door and walked past Harry and fell face first on to the burgundy couch.

"Why is it always me?" Ron said when he finally sat up.

"What did he make you do mate?" Harry questioned knowing he wasn't bracing himself for the shock of what came when Snape assigned detentions.

"Clean the Owlery. Did you hear me? Clean.The.Fucking.Owlery. NO MAGIC!" he bellowed. Ron fell asleep on the common room couch and Harry left for the boy's dormitories. Harry groaned great he had Potions tomorrow.