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Harry woke up with a groan and stared at the corridor ceiling. He brought his head upright propping himself on his elbows. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain through his head and lay back down. He was still so tired and his body felt like lead. Harry closed his eyes again and rested his head once more hoping he would feel better soon. It was not to be, as a vision took over his mind.


Deep green water around him was cool to his flesh. His eyesight darted from the sandy bottom to the water particles that were in focus infront of his eyes. A swish of his tale and he jetted down 13 feet. He turned his attention to a small grove at the side of a dark cave in the murky water. Harry began to swim over towards it; his green eyes darted down to a silver pool in the midst of it all. Quicksilver, the substance is solid yet when it is prodded it separates. Water had no effect on the substance as it held its form without being diluted in the water. The motionless pool was quite intriguing to Harry and he wondered why he was there in the first place. Suddenly the water temperature began to change the chill settled in his scaly body the drop in temperature was at least 60 degrees colder. The scales that had adorned his lean arms now changed back into the flesh of his normal body he looked down to see the same happening where flippers and fins were now his rather small feet again appeared. The depth of the water was drowning him slowly s suffocating him from lack of air. His lungs constricted a last time as his gills disappeared. Harry struggled to move but an unknown power held him down in the murky water depths. Harry could feel his legs start to cramp and his lungs finally gave out. Looking up, the lights of the afternoon sun glistening on the waters surface slowly dimming into the blackness of unconsciousness.

End Vison

For the second time that day he drifted back to consciousness. Harry sat up gasping for breath as his lungs refilled with air. He stood up this time without any pains and slumped back down to the dungeons .He needed to talk to someone and the only Professor on his mind was of course Snape. Glancing at the familiar hallway he cautiously approached Snape's office door and knocked three times. He waited for a moment then heard a faint "Enter" as the handle appeared before him, Harry walked forward into the office to see Snape sitting behind his desk grading papers. Snape straighten up as Harry entered the room. Putting on his usual scowl he nodded to the chair and said none to nicely a simple yet harsh" Sit". Harry did as he was told and sat with a "poof" as the air from the seated cushion escaped.

"Professor I need to talk to you about something that's happened... Recently. " He added as a after thought. Snape looked up from his work. Sighing he put the papers down and looked towards Harry arching one elegant eyebrow. After a few moments of silence Snape spoke. "Well? Talk!"

"Oh, ok well this morning I was attacked by two of your slytherin students. During that attack something strange happened. As you know my animagus form is, was a phoenix but it left me during the attack because I was too weak to hold it to me. There were a bunch of lights or balls that floated around after than. 6 of them, 3 shot right into me and another 3 took off somewhere else. What I was hoping was that maybe you might know what happened to me or what those lights were?"
"I do not know what the lights were but one as you explained came in here and went into me also." Snape thought about what the young wizard had said then added, "What do you mean the phoenix was your animagus. You can't just loose the form once you've received it."

"I watched it leave sir, its not in me anymore, so this isn't something normal that a wizard goes through?"

"No it is not, I have a spell that I can use to see if you are still an animagus? At Harry's nod Snape cast a dark spell to show the person's animagus form, this spell was classified dark because it's magic was invasive and could harm a wizard or witches magical core if held for too long within the spell. He was shocked when all that came out of his wand tip was three very indistinct wisps of silver smoke no definition or form what so ever.

"Se...Sir, is there something wrong?" Harry asked as he looked at the frown of confusion that came over Snape's face.

"What, you may be correct in your assumption of the missing animagus form, but from the spell I just performed it shows 3 different forms. I did not get a clear view of them so I can not tell you if they are actual forms or something else. The spell did not work the way it should have. Perhaps your magic was blocking the spell for protection." Snape still had a furrowed brow but turned to look at the young wizard. Seeing that he needed medical attention he spoke again.

"I think you should go see Madame Pomfrey after what you said happened earlier."

"I don't think I can make it on my own and it would be hard to explain what happened to her, do you think you could take me up there?"

"I suppose, but you will have to wait for a while. I have a few more papers to grade that are for my next class. I have some potions that Poppy has asked for I shall bring them along to the infirmary when we go."

Harry nodded and pulled a chair up beside the professor and began to read while the other wizard marked the papers. As the young wizard watched the careful elegant stroke of the quill graze across the pages, his eyes went into a trance as they followed the movements and sounds. Before he knew it Harry Potter fell asleep sitting beside his professor.

After an hour of grading Snape was growing weary, his arms felt like lead or so he thought. Looking to his left he found the cause of the deadened weight on his arm. Harry had fallen asleep and was leaning against his arm as a pillow. He stared at the young Gryffindor for a few minutes before he shook him lightly to wake him from his slumber.

"Mr. Potter, it is time to go."

Rubbing his eyes as he sat up Harry looked around and realized he had fallen asleep waiting, he looked up at his teacher and blushed, saying a small "Sorry." As he got up to follow Snape out of the office. In the infirmary Madame Pomfrey bristled around him checking him over for any and all hidden injuries. Finding a few bumps and bruise she gave him a potion and let him go. Outside the door he met up with Snape again.

"Since you missed most of the daily meals, I have asked the elves to bring dinner for two to my quarters. Or would you rather go back to your dorm and wait for breakfast."

"Thank you, I am starving." Snape nodded and turned briskly in the direction of the dungeons, Harry followed behind not saying a word.

The late dinner was filling the two wizards conversed lightly about any topic that did not directly relate to the strange relationship that was forming between them. Keeping close to topics that had to do with school, adding a bit about the attack along with the animagus issues. When the looked at the time they were shocked to find it was 10 o'clock and it was well past curfew.

"I believe it is time for you to return to your dorm, I have to begin brewing the Wolfsbane potion and I will need to order some quicksilver as I am almost out."

"I know where you can get some." Harry spoke up not wanting the evening to end when they were getting along so well.

"Where would you fine quicksilver, it is a very rare and hard to acquire item. Also very expensive I might add." Snape told the young wizard.

"It's in the lake, come on I will show you." Harry told his professor as he grabbed his hand and began to lead him out of the door, his excitement brimming at the thought of showing Snape the strange supply and where it was.

Without thinking of the weather or that it would be too bloody cold to go into the lake. Harry pulled Snape down to the waters edge where he stopped and pointed as he looked back at Snape. Breathlessly he said, "It's down there." Again without thinking Harry turned back to the water and dove in.

Snape stood stock-still shocked that his student had dove headfirst into the frigid cold water of the lake. I might have been magically warded against freezing over solid but it was still below the normal temperatures for swimming. Thinking that Harry and quite literally gone over the edge of sanity and had now attempted suicide. Severus Snape had no other option than to go in after the insufferable brat.

Once Harry was fully submerged beneath the icy depths his animagus form took hold. His hands and feet began to grow webs, the sides of his neck rippled and expanded to produce gills for breathing, he thought this was just great. It was just like when he had the gilly weed in the Triz Wiz tournament. This was better though as his body temperature lowered to the level of the water, I am a merman. He smiled and looked at his new body parts amazed at how easy it was to move about under the water's surface. When he looked up he could see perfectly clear and in his vision was the picture of Snape diving in after him. Harry swam up close and took hold of the potion master's hand, without a second thought he began a rapid descent down to the darkened depths of the lake.

He forgot that his poor professor was not a merman and was now lacking much needed air from being pulled so far down in the water. His lungs were out of air and they wanted to collapse from the weights of the deep. Harry could feel the man trying to free up his hand from the strong hold he had on it to no avail. About to succumb to the blackness that was beginning to cloud his vision Snape slumped in Harry's grip. Harry turned fast when he felt the change in his teachers movements and regretted being so impulsive, as to just pull a man down into the water where he couldn't get air. Thinking fast even if it might have been another stupid idea, Harry bit into the slack neck of Snape. His mermidian impulses knew that this would work. Removing his now slightly elongated fangs from the neck he watched as gills began to form where his teeth had penetrated, shifting his head to the other side he bit again into the pale neck. Then with one last effort he put his hands on both sides of Severus' face taking his mouth to lock with his own. Harry blew in the needed breath the man had been lacking. Sufficiently bringing the almost comatose man back to his normal self and when he did his eyes locked with they young wizard who's lips were pressed to his own.

Realizing that somehow he was saved from a cold death, Snape looked into the emerald eyes of his student. The feel of the life giving breath replacing the saline muddy waters of this magical lake. As the young man pulled away he smiled and took up his hand again, leading them on to where ever it was that he had been planing to go.

Harry tugged on Snape's hand as they both enjoyed the gilled swim and the freedom to go so far below the water's surface without aid. Harry pulled his teacher close and stopped before a large mass of what looked like silver liquid floating right before them.

After Harry had pointed out the mass of floating liquid Snape knew it was the rare quicksilver that he'd be in need of soon. The liquid seemed to be contained in this section of water and if he estimated it right, if they attempted to extract a small portion of it the rest of the mass would dissipate within the water killing every fish and life that resided in the lake. He watched as Harry pulled his wand out and was about to attempt the fatal flaw, before he could say the spell Snape pulled the young man away and up towards the surface of the water. The shock some how managed to shock Harry into reverting from his animagus form back to the human one and he began to gasp for air. Filling his lungs full of water in his attempts. It was Snape's turn to help the struggling wizard, he placed his lips over his mouth and began to force air back into the lungs and continued this until they broke the surface of the water. Snape used the strength in his powerful legs with the added help of fins to propel them close to the shore's edge. His body slowly reverted back to his own human form. Holding the weak student in his arms as he carried him out of the water. Needing to get Harry and himself dry and out of the cold Snape kept hold of the shaking wizard as he carried him off to a nearby cave that he knew of, it was hidden well beneath a layer of foliage and brambles. It would be a good place to get warm and dry.

Setting Harry down on the cave floor he took his and Harry's outer robes off and spelled the rest of their clothes dry. He then turned to start a fire with a few odd pieces of wood that was in the dark cave. He spell dried the cloaks laid one down on the floor and place Harry on top of it. Using his he covered him up hoping to bring his body temperature up normally so he wouldn't have to resort to a nasty heating spell that would cause much discomfort.

Shaking off the cold Harry smiled as he watched Severus busy himself with making the younger wizard comfortable before taking up a spot beside him by the now warm and cozy fire. He turned to look at his professor and said, "Thank you."

"What kind of idiotic stunt did you think you were pulling, of all the things you could have done that was clearly insane Harry. You or I could have been killed, why is it that you do not use that thing that is sitting atop your shoulders?"

"I'm sorry, I was just excited and I wanted to show you. I wasn't thinking about the consequences."

"Indeed you do not think of things that could cost you or others their lives. How do you expect to survive the dark lord when you act so impulsive?"

"I don't think I can, survive him that is. I need training and I know Dumbledore won't help me learn how kill Voldemort."

Snape sat there staring at the flames going over what Harry said, yes he was impulsive but he was strong too. Perhaps if he taught him how to defend himself better he might also learn a bit of restraint that he needed to learn. Sighing he turned to look into those green eyes and said. "Fine if you insist on putting yourself and my life at risk then you should know how to protect it as best you can. I will train you."

Harry could not believe his luck, the one person that should have been the DADA teacher all along was going to teach him what he needed to know to hopefully either kill Voldemort or and survive the attempts. Harry smiled brightly back at his teacher and said, "Thank you Professor Snape, I think you of all people would be able to train me to the best of my ability. I hope I can live up to your expectations."

Snape nodded and then turned back to the fire, mentally he was giving the young man his comment; 'Just live Harry, just live.'