"Screw up"


'Why do they call me that? Why do they run away?' 'YOU KILLED THEM ALL! DEMON! LEAVE!' 'I deserve to be alone.'

Naruto looked upon the quiet village of Konoha from his rooftop beneath the star-studded sky above him. It had been five years since the 3rds death and peace was slowly returning to Konoha as its people were picking up the pieces of their lives once again. Naruto exhaled deeply closing his eyes and stared at his hands for a while before turning back to the village. He stood picking up the small bundle next to him and turned his back on the village he had grown up in. As he prepared to leave he felt a presence behind him and reached for the kunai at his side.

"And where do you think your going Naruto?"

Naruto smirked and returned his weapon to its place and turned to face Kakashi. "You shouldn't sneak around like that. You'll get yourself killed."

"I'll take my chances. And you still haven't answered my question."

"I don't think that's any of your business Kakashi. You're not my teacher anymore. You haven't been for some time now."

Kakashi sighed and looked upon his former student. When had the fun loving hyperactive brat turn into a callused cold shonobi? "I didn't come for me. I came for someone who couldn't. And you may not owe it to me to say goodbye, but you do owe her something."

"SHUT UP! You know I can't stay! You think that now that they know...they really know Im the nine tails fox demon that they're just going to let it go? This isn't peace Kakashi; there is no such word, as long as there is someone who is different, fighting, is inevitable. This isn't peace, and you know it, you know they mean to kill me, to kill the demon fox within me. I have to leave."

"So you're running away."

"NO! I'm protecting them! You weren't here when it happened, when I lost control and the demon fox took over." A shiver went down Naruto's spine as he remembered the great slaughter. "It doesn't have allies Kakashi, it doesn't have friends. It kills everyone...and everything. It completely took over my body. I couldn't do anything. I had no control. It was me who they saw kill all those people. The demon fox threw me. If I die, so does the fox. And I can't stay in Konoha knowing that at any moment the demon inside me could break free and turn Konoha into a memory."

Kakashi watched as the emotions played across Naruto's face. He saw the fear streak his face at the Foxes power and bloodlust, he saw anger burn in his eyes at knowing that he wasn't strong enough to contain the demon within him, but most of all he saw the true devotion and loyalty he had to Konoha. Even though they wanted him dead, he wasn't leaving for his life, he was leaving for theirs. "They'll send anbu after you."

"I know. Just promise me...you'll keep her safe. Don't let them do anything to her."

"You're not going to say good-bye"

"If I do, she'd want to come with me and I cant have her do that." Naruto didn't wait for Kakashi's response; he was late as it was. He jumped from tree to tree in the dense forest that surrounded Konoha and headed towards the meeting place.

It was a small clearing bathed in moonlight and the silhouette of a single figure lingered in the ruffling grass. The figure turned and the pail green eyes bore into him and Naruto smiled weakly. The moonlit face frowned, "Your late."

"Sorry about that...Gaara."

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