Chapter 3: Blood of the Enemy

Hours passed and the two hadn't said much of anything to each other. Just because the two were helping each other get to their common goal, didn't mean they were friends. As they jumped from branch to branch Naruto broke the silence, "It's going to rain."

"What do you know?" Gaara grunted and brushed his 'partners' comment off when one lonely wet drop landed on his hand before the one drop turned into an outright downpour. He scowled looking over to a smiling Naruto.

"What did I tell ya." Naruto couldn't help but laugh as Gaara slipped on a wet branch and fell a short distance to the puddle of mud below the tree.

"You think this is funny?" Gaara said with a smirk. Naruto stopped laughing momentarily as he was caught unaware by one of Gaaras 'sand tricks' as he called them and ended up right next to Gaara in the mud.

Naruto sat in the mud stupidly for a few moments, processing what happened (he may be grown up but he's still our slow Naruto-) before he got up and started brushing the mud off himself before he started laughing. He preformed a quick jutsu, which cleaned him and Gaara off. (It doesn't really exist but we're all going to pretend that it doeswink)

"Lets get moving. We still have a long way before we leave Konoha." Strait faces returned as both ninjas sobered up and once again went back into the swift pace they had been going moments before. Although the air about them seemed much lighter and relaxed then it had before. "You made me slip on that tree on purpose didn't you." Gaara said after a while.

Naruto just gave Gaara his goofy grin and a peace sign. "JAN!"

Gaara shook his head, 'what a loser' and despite the thought, he still smiled. (Gaara...smiling! Hey it had to happen sometime (kinda creepy though no?))

Both were brought back from their comfortable state and became tense once again. All their senses alert to what was happening around them. It was almost morning they would be coming soon. "Keep your guard up." Naruto warned

"When is it ever down. I should be telling you blondy."

Naruto scowled at Gaaras comment before he turned his senses outward, probing the forest for any of the leaf nins that might be coming after them. It was nearly morning and the rain still poured down on them relentlessly forcing them to slow down their quickened pace.

Naruto's eyes widened as he sensed it just a second before Gaara, "They're coming."

Hinata looked out her fogged window and sighed heavily. It had rained all night, the lightning being the only source of light during the storm. The rain fell in sheets pounding down heavily on anyone who ventured out. The streets were virtually empty as the ninja academy was closed today due to flooding. She herself still had a job to do. She was one of the few who still had a mission, A rank too. She was told it was a retrieval mission with Kaiba and Sakura as her partners. She sighed one last time as she began getting prepared for her mission. Something about it gave her an unsettling feeling in her stomach. She didn't like it. Then again, she had had many unsettling feelings in her stomach lately; this had just been one of the few that didn't make her spew her guts. Her attention turned toward the door where moments later there was a knock and her sister entered.

"Hinata, you got a letter from daddy in the valley of hidden mist. Brother Neji told me to give it to you."

"Thanks Hanabi." Hinata took the letter and read it over. And over. And over.

Hanabi saw her sister pale a bit and asked her what the matter was.

"Its nothing, just a regular letter about the clan. Nothing big." She said with a smile.

"That's good, I was worried there for a while." Hanabi watched as Hinata stuffed the letter into her pocket and left out the door for her mission.

Hinata stood at the front door of her home just staring out at the rain dreading going out in the storm. "You just going to stand here all day or are you actually gonna go out there?"

"Shut up Neji."

"What did Hiashi say?"

"Nothing really, just clan stuff. Says I should 'prepare myself'." Neji looked at her with sympathy before she took a deep breath and went out into the rain towards the front Konoha gate.

As Hinata went through the deserted streets of Konoha passing by Naruto's favorite ramen cart, she smiled as she thought of Naruto's reaction to the closed ramen stand. She remembered a fight she watched Sakura and Naruto have one time when Naruto was ditching training early to go out for ramen (because he was 'really really hungry') and she asked him that if ramen and the person he loved most were about to be killed (or eliminated off the face of the earth in the case of the ramen), which would he save. He had pouted and said that was an unfair question but added that he would always protect the one he loved most first no matter what the cost. That thought gave her warmth as she proceeded towards the gate where she saw her companions waiting for her under a shield jutsu...completely dry. Hinata sighed in exasperation at her own stupidity for not thinking of that herself as she ran into the shield and attempted to dry herself off.

Akamaru ran to her happily and almost succeeded in knocking her over. Hinata gently pushed him off her and looked at Sakura and Kaibas faces. "Whats wrong? I know it sucks to have a mission in this weather the way, who are we tracking down any way? Isn't this more of and ANBU type mission?"

Both Kaiba and Sakura looked at each other and made a silent agreement. It would be better if Hinata stayed behind. Sakura stepped forward and placed a hand on Hinata's shoulder.

"Hinata. I think it would be better if you stayed behind on this one. We already sent for Shino to come replace you."

"What! Why!"

"Hinata, the person we're going after, is about to be classified a missing-nin."

"So, what does that have to do with me having to stay behind?"

Sakura looked over at Kaiba, "She disserves to know. Hinata, we're going after Naruto."

"WHY! What did he do!"

"You didn't hear about the incident near area 44? Hinata, Naruto was fighting that retard enemy that even the Hokage doesn't know who it is and he well...lost control of the Kyuubi inside him. Naruto, or rather the Kyuubi inside Naruto killed...lets just say a lot of people. Leaf nins as well as the enemy. He's on the run Hinata and we have orders to bring him back. Im sure there are other reasons we have to bring him back as well but the Hokage wouldn't say."

Hinata's breathing had become rapid as she sunk to he knees not believing what she just heard. "I-It's not... I-It can't" Her whole body was shaking rapidly and both Kaiba and Sakura rushed to her side, Akamaru whimpering not to far off.

Shino arrived not long after and Sakura ordered him and Kaiba to leave while she took care of Hinata. "I'll catch up." The two nodded and disappeared.

"Come on, lets get you inside to a doctor, I think your catching a cold from being out in this rain so long."

"They're coming."

"I know"

"We can't kill them."

"I know." Gaara groaned. "But you know if we don't kill them eventually they're never going to leave us alone."

"I'm not going to kill people from my own village."

"The Kyuubi obviously doesn't have a problem with that."

Naruto's anger boiled and was about to lash out at the red head before he let it go looking downcast. 'Gaara's right'

Both became silent as they stopped in a small clearing extended their senses as far as they could, probing for the enemy. Naruto's hands rested by his shuriken and kunai holsters as Gaara just kind of stood there coolly with his arms crossed, his cold gaze piercing the forest.

"Bug Boys here" Gaara commented as his sand shield rose preventing one of Shino's bugs from land on him and Naruto.

"Yeah, Kaiba too. I know that dog smell anywhere."

Gaaras attention was suddenly drawn to not the enemy from the leaf but the enemy that was suddenly approaching from the west. "More are coming. I smell blood on them." Gaara grinned mischievously, "This is going to be fun."


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