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Scroll 16
Nobody Told Me

It took a moment for Inuyasha's brain to process the recent information he had just received, but he was starting to understand everything now.

The Kikyou standing in front of him was the Kikyou Tomonori had been babbling about all along, right? But he had never met this Kikyou before. So the Kikyou he knew wasn't here? But wait. The girl he was dancing with a few minutes ago said her name way Ayumi, yet as she was being dragged away, she was being referred to as Kikyou.

'Then…was Ayumi the Kikyou I've been looking for all along!'

He stood very still, letting all the information sink in, and he vaguely heard the commotion the other Kikyou was making. "I was…I…she…we…" he mumbled incoherently to himself. "It can't be…" he continued. 'I mean…would she really pretty herself up to enter a beauty contest and have a tryst with a rich guy!' he mentally screamed at himself, as if the mere idea was too ludicrous to utter out loud.

"HELLO? Have you forgotten about me!" screamed a shorter Kikyou, waving her hands in front of who she thought was her fiancé. "And who the hell are you talking about?" She tugged on Inuyasha's raven mane once more, which painfully brought him back to Earth.

"Damn you, girl!" he cursed, taking his hair out of her grasps. "Can't you even tell that I'm not your fiancé?" he growled, making "Kikyou" take a step back at his brutish behavior. "Are you sure you want to marry a guy you obviously don't know that well?" he continued, making her feel vulnerable as he towered over her petite figure and barked out his comments. "Now…I suggest you get out of my way before I make you get out of my way…"

Kikyou looked back at his strangely colored eyes, and although she was taking mild steps back from him, she didn't completely let him intimidate her. Inuyasha stared back at her hard, wanting to make sure Kikyou understood he really meant what he said.

"Well if you're not Tomonori, then who are you and what have you done to him?" she demanded, deliberately standing in front of him so he wouldn't escape.

Inuyasha didn't feel obligated to tell this wench who he was or where Tomonori had run off to (because he didn't know either, but she didn't have to know that), so instead he said, "I didn't do anything to that idiot! This was his idea!"

"You mean…" Kikyou suddenly looked very scary. "You mean he made me look like an idiot on purpose!"

The crowd around them gasped as if they were watching a dramatic play unfolding spectacularly before their eyes. The orchestra continued playing their melodramatic background music, though no one was paying any attention to them any longer. The only thing that seemed to genuinely interest them was the loud Kikyou and her "Prince Tomonori."

Inuyasha cringed back from the most frightening woman he had ever met. He could swear at this very moment there were flames roaring in the brown of her eyes.

"WHERE IS HE!" she roared with a voice he was sure was too great to be hers.

"I-I don't know!" he screamed back, trying in vain to match the rage in her voice.

She suddenly turned around, her eyes darting fiercely from one face to another, and Inuyasha guessed she was looking for Tomonori. The crowd started to dissipate (perhaps in fear of being caught in the line of fire), and this gave Inuyasha just enough time to escape the wrath of the angry Kikyou. He dashed to the closest hallway he spotted, quickly yanked off all the robes he was wearing and ran off deeper into the dark hallway (mind you, he is wearing his original underneath all those robes, so he's not running around naked…sorry girls Oo). "Damn it…if that Ayumi is Kikyou, then…then…"

Then what? He couldn't demand an explanation…or he could but…would she give one? It wasn't as if it was his business either but…damn it! He already knew she wasn't getting married to that loser Tomonori, so he was a lot calmer now but…why in the seven hells did she accept to be with Tomonori? He knew about the beauty contest but…damn it!

Damn it, damn it, dammit!

He didn't understand anything at all!

He had to know!

It was vital to his sanity and sleep!

He cursed mentally and slammed a fist through the wall closest to him, regretting it when it started to hurt. He wasn't sure where to find her! Was she still in the castle or back in her hut? "I'm here already, so I might as well look…" he grunted to himself, and he sped off to find the priestess.


After what seemed like hours of running, Kikyou finally got the chance to breath in steady amounts of air when the maid practically shoved her into a dark and musty room. The maid lit many candles around the room and Kikyou observed that she was in a small bedroom with only a futon, a blanket and four small tables in each corner of the room where the candles sat. And it still looked cramped.

"Home, sweet home!" she said with false enthusiasm. "I'd offer you a seat but as you can see, I have none!"

Kikyou looked back at the maid, the purple flower on her short, brown hair had already fallen. "…Kaori, what have you gotten me into?"

Kaori tangled and untangled her fingers repeatedly. "Um…hold that thought, Lady Kikyou," she finally said. She pulled back the blanket from the futon and there appeared Kikyou's priestess clothes. She gathered them quickly and handed them to Kikyou. "I think you should change back into this."

Kikyou, now very curious and very angry, took her clothes into her arms. "Thanks…" she managed to say through mildly clenched teeth.

"Don't worry, I won't look!" Kaori squealed and turned her back towards the priestess and covered her eyes with her hands for extra security.

Kikyou frowned and coldly glared at Kaori's back. She saw Kaori shiver. "Okay, okay, I'll tell you…" she said, her small shoulders slumping, though she didn't turn to face Kikyou.

Kikyou started to undress while she waited for Kaori to start her explanations.

"Well…see Lady Kikyou…" she started. "I…oh gosh, this is always so awkward…"

Kaori started to wiggle around in place, and it looked like she was about to begin stomping her foot.


"I'm fine! It's just that…look, I'll just say it!" she announced, throwing her hands up in the air in defeat. "Lady Kikyou, I, Kaori, am a seer!"

There was a strange pause after Kaori's outburst. Kikyou stared hard at her back again. "Kaori, I asked you seriously. Stop fooling around."

"See! See why I didn't want to tell you? I knew you wouldn't believe me!" she whined, and this time she really did stomp her foot. "I foresaw it!"

"Are…are you telling me you can see into the future?" Kikyou had seen many strange and mystical things, but even she didn't believe in fortune tellers. She was sure there used to be a few real ones long ago, but their popularity had spread so much it sprouted many imposters looking for easy money.

"Well, the big world-changing things come to me as visions…" she whispered, her shoulders slumping again. "But for the smaller, more personal ones…I read the minds…"

'Do you really expect me to believe this?'

"Please believe me, Lady Kikyou! I swear on my life I'm not lying!" she cried with her squeaky voice.

'I really didn't take you for the lying type, Kaori.'

"No! No, Lady Kikyou! I swear I'm not a liar!" she pleaded, turning to look at the priestess in the eye so she would believe her.

Kikyou looked off guard for a split second. Then she smirked. "I didn't say anything."

This stumped Kaori for a second, before smiling broadly at the priestess. "See! SEE! I read your mind! I read your mind!"

Kikyou was already dressed and was tying back her long, ebony hair with her familiar white ribbon. She sighed. "All right, Kaori. Continue."

Kaori clapped her hands in excitement and sat on the floor. Kikyou sat in front of her. For some reason, Kaori averted Kikyou's eyes. Kaori cleared her throat dramatically. "It all started when I went to your village to warn a woman that if she married the rich guy instead of the poor guy, her future children would all die," she chattered casually. "I was on my way back to the castle when…

A little raccoon demon scurried by carrying two fish in its tiny paws. Not far behind came another demon, a much larger one, chasing the smaller one.

"Give me back my fish, you little punk!" he screamed angrily at the little raccoon demon.

"Gimme bak mai fishhhh!" mimicked the little raccoon demon, looking back at his aggressor. He yelped when the larger demon caught him.

"Did you really think you could outsmart me by playing that stupid multiplication trick on me?" he growled. "All I had to do was sniff out the real thief!" he gloated, holding his victim by the tail.

"You're right, you're right!" cried the little demon, handing over the fish to his bully. "I should have known better!"

"You got that right!" smirked the other demon, his stomach growling when he got back his fish. "You little shrimp, I'm gonna eat this so go away and don't try anything stupid again, or I'll really kill you!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" pleaded the little demon. The big one finally let go of the little one and decided to stay awhile to tower over the little raccoon some more. In a flash, the little raccoon's head sprouted a huge red bump. "OW! Why'd you do that for!"

"Don't mess with me again, little shrimp!" yelled the object of the little raccoon's pain. "Maybe next time I'll be hungry enough to eat you!" he said as a way of intimidating him.

"No! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" the little raccoon panted, forgetting about the red bump on his head. "I…I want to give you this to show you how sorry I am!" he said, pulling out a little statue from the inside of his shirt.

The little raccoon didn't give his enemy enough time to answer, and simply shoved the statue into his hand. With a loud POP, the little statue morphed into a huge replica of its tiny self, crushing the big demon's hand onto the ground.

The demon glared at the raccoon. "Why you little…!"

The little raccoon quickly snatched the fish the big demon had dropped to the ground and poked his tongue out at the big demon. "You're no match for me!" he said triumphantly. He scurried away and turned around briefly to yell one final thing to his bully. "I hope you stay there forever, half-breed!"

"It turns out that that 'half-breed' is called Inuyasha," Kaori said silently staring at the floor, sensing the sudden change of humor in the priestess. "From the outside, he looked angry at being called a half-breed, but I could feel the pain he was feeling on the inside."

"He doesn't like being called that," added Kikyou in a whisper. "I think it reminds him of things he'd rather forget."

"I was compelled to help him when I felt that raw emotion coming from him. When I looked into his eyes, I saw everything…his past, his present, his future. It was pretty clouded though," she said, smiling slightly. "When a person starts losing faith, it makes it harder for me to read their minds. That guy has some serious inner demons…

"But there was always one thing, one light in all three stages of time that allowed me to briefly see his life. In his past, the light was his mother, in the present and the future, it was you."

Kikyou's eyes widened. "…Me?"

"You," assured Kaori, meeting the priestess' gaze.

Kikyou's heart fluttered. Did that mean what she thought it meant? "In the present…and the future?"

"Bear with me, Lady Kikyou," said Kaori, turning more serious and looking back at the floor. "There are some points in his life where I can't see a thing, which means something really bad happens to him, so extreme that he completely loses faith. There was a blank when he was little and I'm assuming it was when his mother died. The other…" Kaori hesitated and looked at her hands, which were on her lap. "The other has yet to come…"

Kikyou's face hardened. "I'm involved, aren't I?"

Kaori slowly nodded her inclined head. "I'm not really sure what happens, because it's so clouded over. It's an even darker moment than when his mother dies…" Kaori met Kikyou's eyes once again. "I'm sorry, Lady Kikyou! I wish my gift was more developed…maybe then I'd be able to blow over those clouds."

"It's alright, Kaori…" calmly said Kikyou, "Thanks for the warning, I guess…"

"Wait, there's more…" said Kaori sheepishly. She wrung her hands together, looking at them nervously. "When I said you're also his light in the future…it's you, but it's not you."

Kikyou blinked. "What?"

"It looks like you, but it doesn't feel like you."

Kikyou arched an eyebrow. "…Huh?"

"I'm sorry, I don't really know either, but I guess you can tell me if we meet again in the future whether I was right or wrong," she said, smiling sadly. Kaori took a deep breath and took Kikyou's hands in her own. "Lady Kikyou, I'm sorry, so sorry, but your future if filled with darkness and there are shadows everywhere, I really don't want to know any more! I can't even look straight at you without seeing…unimaginable previews of your life!"

This last outburst from Kaori scared Kikyou so much she started to tremble. Kikyou grabbed Kaori's shoulders. "Kaori…Kaori what are you saying!" she yelled, shaking her. "Whatever it is, say it! Say it! Say something, Kaori!"

Kikyou's sudden wrath caught Kaori off guard. "TRAGIC!" screamed Kaori. "That's your life in one word! Tragic!"

Kikyou let go of the younger girl as if contact with her stung. She collapsed onto the floor, not caring that it felt cold and hard. She stared at the ceiling; it looked just as cold and hard. Like her life, maybe? "Tragic, huh?"

"I'm sorry, Lady Kikyou…I didn't mean to say it like that, but you kind of scared me."

Kikyou continued staring at the ceiling. There was a cold silence in the room, very different from the warm atmosphere in the castle.

Kikyou couldn't believe it. It just…it just couldn't be true! How was it that both she and Inuyasha were destined to lives full of strife and sorrow? What had they done to deserve this? Why them? Why? What was it about them that attracted bad luck? What had they done? What?

'Life's just…not fair…'

"You're right, Lady Kikyou…" Kaori murmured. "Life isn't fair…to anyone. Don't think for one minute you or Inuyasha are the only ones who suffer in this world…in this life…because you're not." She wrapped her arms around her knees. "We all experience pleasure and pain, smiles and tears, life…and death."

"So somehow…we're all connected," whispered Kikyou, still entranced by the ceiling.

Kaori smiled. "That's right…"

"Like a spider's web."

"Yeah." Kaori shifted. "Speaking of spiders…"

"Wait. So why did you make me come here anyway?" said Kikyou, finally sitting up. She was desperate to get her mind off of the predictions of Kaori's. Damn it, this is now and she would live it. Later, she would make sure things didn't turn outthe wayKaori said they would.

"Oh, that's right. I haven't told you that!" squealed Kaori happily, sitting up straight. "Well, since I saw all this…drama in his future, I decided to make life fun for him in the present!" she said, smiling happily. "And for you too," she added quickly when she heard a thought the priestess was thinking.

"Oh," was Kikyou's response. "How was tonight fun, again?"

"Well, for starters, how are your feet?"

"What?" Kikyou asked, honestly confused by the random questioning of Kaori.

"Your feet. They got stepped on once or twice didn't they?" she asked, giggling. "That Prince Tomonori and his feet-stepping."

"Are you reading my mind or did you foresee this?"

"I knew you were going to dance with him, but I can't see every single detail. I'm reading your mind," she admitted. "And how'd you feel when he asked you for 'Kikyou'?"

Kikyou shuddered at the thought. "I thought I'd been caught! And then he said I was engaged to him!"

At this, Kaori let out a real laugh, and she clutched her sides from the pain of laughing so hard.

Kikyou silently watched. "It wasn't funny."

"Did-did you at least enjoy the dance?"

"Yeah…when he didn't step or yell at me."

At this remark, Kaori let out a burst of giggles, and soon she was looking for a bathroom. Kikyou didn't know why her pain was so amusing. She stared at Kaori without a single trace of amusement in her eyes.

"Aw…c'mon Lady Kikyou…why can't you see the up side of down? At least he was good eye candy, right?"

"…" Kikyou didn't respond and took a sudden interest in the wall.

Kikyou's withdrawn behavior only encouraged Kaori to keep prying deeper.

"I think he's cute," she started. "What do you think?"

Kikyou gave a quick nod of her head.

"Say it, Lady Kikyou! It only us in here, and I won't tell. Promise!"

Kikyou felt flustered. "You can read my mind so you already know," she said quickly.

"C'mon…" whined Kaori.

"Look, Kaori. Supposedly, you did this so I could have fun…and Inuyasha too, right?" asked Kikyou, eager to change the subject.

Kaori nodded.

"What kind of torture did you make Inuyasha go through then?"

Kaori laughed what Kikyou later would recall as the laugh of an evil child.

"I'll just say this…Prince Tomonori already knows you're not 'Ayumi'."

Kikyou could feel herself get pale. "……..What?"

"And another thing. Prince Tomonori wasn't Prince Tomonori," she smirked. "Didn't he remind you of…someone else?"

While Kikyou sat shocked and flabbergasted, Kaori smiled gently. "Lady Kikyou, I'm going far away with those foreigners from the party. I don't think I can do more than I've already done around here…I foresaw it!" Kaori stood up and dusted herself. "Well, I've gotta go back to work before my boss notices I'm missing!"

Kikyou heard her, but she was still digesting the information she received earlier. …someone else…? "Inu…Inuyasha!"

"Take care, Lady Kikyou," she heard Kaori say.

"Inuyasha…was human!" but Kikyou wasn't really listening.

Kikyou heard a sliding door open and close and assumed that Kaori had left, but she didn't hear the last thing Kaori said:

"Watch out for spiders...at least now you can't say nobody told you..."

End of Scroll 16

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