The Heart of Fire Pokemon: Undying Flame

Notes: Welcome to the sequel to the Heart of Fire Pokemon! If you haven't read that one, then here's a quick recap of our current story:

Crystal Rayburn was a Pallat Town Pokemon trainer who began her journey in the Johto region (at the same time Ash had begun his Johto Journey). She and her first Pokemon (Vulpix) overcame many challenges along their way and made it all the way to the Mahagony Town gym in Johto. Our heroine caught:

An Ekans in the forests of Pallat Town.

A Zubat in the caves after an attack from a Tauros.

A Houndour after two battles with him in the Pallat Forests.

A Charmander in a field after a harrowing rainstorm.

A Raichu after helping it as a Pichu and meeting up with it later. To repay Crystal for her kindness, and to get chances to prove himself to be the best, he agreed to voluntarily join the team.

A Flareon after trading a Pigeot that Raichu defeated for an Eevee and evolving it with a Fire Stone.

Crystal has in her posession a Fire Stone that had been passed down for generations by her family. She also has six Johto gym badges. She has met Rocky Elm, professor Elm's rebellious son and rock Pokemon trainer, Risty, a shy Pokemon trainer with a wimpy Eevee who is trailing far behind the others in the Johto league, Tilae, an Egyptian trainer who named her Pokemon after the Egyptian gods, Alexa, a Pokemon raiser with a hard-to-handle Quillava, Emerald (who is my friend Alan's creation) and his hybrid Pokemon, Peter, and of course, Ash, Misty, Brock, and all their Pokemon. Crystal left her Ekans back at Fire Fortress, an abonded Fire Pokemon gym that had belonged to a legendary Fire Master. After braving a snowstorm, she and Vulpix were rescued by an Arcanine who had once belonged to this master. After their encounter, the Arcanine left, leaving the the budding Pokemon trainer and her Vulpix alone in the snowy woods to Mahagony Town.

Please note that while I am glad if you read the story do NOT pick this piece apart. I myself hate Mary Sue characters and therefore strive NOT to create any. Crystal has developed in the previous story and will continue to develop in this one. Unlike Ash on the show she is NOT invincible and has a lot of flaws, just like any Pokemon Trainer out there. She won't be winning every battle or always making the right decisions.

If you object to any of the follow, you probably shouldn't read this story. If, however, you're fine with all of the above, by all means, read and enjoy. And don't forget to review.
Chapter One: Nostalgia

"Come on, not much further now!" Crystal huffed, heaving her bookbag over her shoulders as the pink-furred Vulpix tromped after her, her paws sinking in the heavy snow that had fallen the night before. "We should be in Mahagony Town to battle in no time at all!"

Vulpix yawned. Battling was the last thing on her mind at the moment.

"True, I only have five of my Pokemon with me," Crystal muttered, counting them off on her fingers as the chilly wind blew her brown hair back and out of her face. "But there's no time to call mom and dad and ask for Zubat back. We're probably already behind schedule because of all the time we spent at Fire Fortress."

Vulpix narrowed her eyes as a small town loomed up ahead.

"Vulpix!" she cried, darting under Crystal's legs and bounding up to the city.

Crystal blinked, running after her.

"Finally! Civilization again!" she cried happily, her blue eyes sparkling. "About time..."

Narrowing her eyes, Crystal turned around again to face the snow-covered valley they'd just come from. The impressions of their footprints were the only marks in the otherwise fresh snow coating the ground like the icing on a chocolate birthday cake. It was only the night before that the Arcanine had been there, helping them off that ice chunk in the lake...

"It seems almost like it was some kind of dream," Crystal murmured, Vulpix trotting over and sitting down at her heels. "And to think...that Pokemon was the legendray Pokemon the fire master owned."

"Vul pix!" Vulpix agreed with a diligent nod as she shook snow out of her coat.

Crystal sighed, sitting down in the snow, the bottom of her pants getting wet and cold as she sunk down into it.

"I wonder where he is now..." she murmured, looking up at the sky, feeling a bit nostolgic. "And come to think of it, I wonder where all the others are. I haven't seen Ash since we battled a while back and Rocky since we were at the gym...and I have no idea where Risty could be."

Vulpix snuffed, wiggling her nose which was covered with snow.

"Oh well," Crystal declared brightly, her tone changing suddenly as she stood up, chunks of slightly melted snow falling off of her pants and onto the ground once more. "No use stewing about all this. Let's go win another badge!"

Vulpix nodded.

"Vul!" she agreed brightly.

A few hours later, Crystal had checked into the Pokemon Center and had all her Pokemon cleaned up from their experiences during the previous evening and ready for battle.

"Some of them are a little tired, but I think they'll be all right for battle," Nurse Joy explained with a smile, handing the four balls and Vulpix back to Crystal.

Crystal gave the pink-haired woman a smile.

"Thanks," she said cheerfully, sauntering out into the snowy streets, shivering slightly. "Boy it's cold here..."

"Tell me about it," Came a smooth voice from behind her, and Crystal whirled around to see a familiar face.

"Emerald!" she cried, grinning, Vulpix glaring at the boy who had defeated her trainer in a battle back at the Pokemon Fair. "I haven't seen you in a while!"

Emerald grinned, flipping a strand of his dark hair out of his eyes, his goggles still resting just above his eyebrows, glinting in the sun.

"Yeah, I know," he replied, leaning against the wall of the Pokemon Center. "I'm guessing you've gotten more badges to have wound up here?"

Crystal smiled and nodded. There was no point in holding a grudge against him for winning in a Pokemon battle. It was just a battle, after all.

"Yeah, I've got six now," she said proudly. "How about you?"

"Seven," Emerald grinned. "Beat Price a few days ago, but I wanted to see if I could find any cool ice Pokemon to capture with Peter."

Crystal's eyes trailed down to the ground where the half yellow half red Pokemon was sitting, looking pleased to see some old faces. Emerald's top Pokemon was a hybrid, a cross between a Pikachu and a Charmander. It was also the Pokemon that defeated Crystal in a tournament a while back.

"Pikachar," It said conversationally to Vulpix, who sniffed it suspiciously.

"Vul..." Vulpix murmured, narrowing her eyes.

Crystal waved her hand down at Vulpix.

"Come on, you remember them!" she laughed nervously, feeling slightly embarrassed for some reason.

Perhaps it was because she had lost before, and felt somehow weaker than Emerald.

"Crystal!" Came a voice from behind Crystal suddenly, and the brown-haired girl turned to see yet another familiar face running toward her. "Hey!"

Crystal smiled again.

"Hey Rocky!" she called to the brown-haired boy who ran up to her, his brown vest sides flapping in the wind. "It's been a long time since I've seen YOU too! Had any luck with your rock Pokemon?" she asked, grinning.

Rocky smirked.

"You know, been battling a lot, winning badges..." he murmured, trailing off as something caught his eye.

Rocky blinked, narrowing his eyes at Emerald as he caught sight of the boy, leaning casually against the Pokemon Center walls.

"Who are you?" Rocky demanded imediatly, a blush creeping up his neck as he stomped over, ignoring Crystal now.

Crystal blinked, tilting her head to the side. Emerald smirked, opening his eyes and looking over at Rocky.

"I'm a friend of Crystal's," he replied calmly. "And who are you? A newbee?"

Rocky gritted his teeth.

"I'm Rocky Elm, rock Pokemon master-in-training," he declared, wondering why in the world Crystal would be hanging out with THIS kind of guy.

Graveler, who had been tagging along out of his Pokemon ball beside Rocky, glared down at Peter, who was talking to Vulpix now.

"Graveler!" he roared, stomping in the snow in between the two.

Vulpix backed up, looking strangely at the two. iGraveler never acted like this before!

"Vulpix!" Vulpix yapped, looking irritated. Did Graveler think he was protecting her or something?! As if she needed it, and from him at that!

Crystal looked down at her fire Pokemon and grinned nervously, sweatdropping. Was there something going on here that she wasn't seeing? But she didn't have time to think about it at the minute as the thought of the gym battle awaiting her re-entered her mind.

"The battle!" she cried, Rocky, Emerald, Graveler, and Peter all looking up at her in surprise. "Sorry guys, but I have to go!" she cried, turning and sprinting in the other direction. "Talk to you later! Nice to see you!" she called back as Vulpix smiled, bounding after her, leaving the two trainers and their Pokemon in the snow.
End of Chapter One

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