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The Heart of A Wolf

By AzNw1f

Chp. 1 - Warnings, Gangs, and Invites

Ruby eyes shot open immediately at the loud beeping of the alarm clock. The girl reacted instantly, reaching a hand over to the clock on her nightstand to suspend the noise. The moment the loud obnoxious noise stopped, silence took over and she rolled out of the bed and rashly untangled herself from the blanket and sheets. Once she made her bed, 18 year old Sora Takenouchi sat on the corner bed of her new bedroom. She'd been staying with her mother, in Odaiba for a few days now. Her father had sent her there from Kyoto to stay for short time. For Sora's father, "a short time" has always meant a long time. She almost hated him for it. She also hated the thought of going to a private school. But at least she was staying with her mother. Her mother was the best. Sora could talk to her about anything. Her mother would talk to her about days when she was young. The stories slightly scared Sora, but she enjoyed them. Her mother was the only thing keeping her sane, in the busy city of Odaiba.

She went into the bathroom, and only minutes later, was she already dressed in her school uniform and brushing her shoulder length auburn hair with a brush.

The girls uniform she wore to high school were a plain white short sleeved white dressed shirt with a crimson tie, a matching skirt that went about a four inches above her knees, and a black sweater. The boys wore similar garments, which consisted of a white short sleeved dress shirt, a crimson tie, a pair of black dress pants, and a black suit jacket.

Once she was done she walked through her house. Grabbing the nearest breakfast tart that lay on the kitchen counter and ran out of the house holding onto her book bag.

At School

Sora entered the school grounds with a few minutes to spare slowly walking to her classroom. She had made a few friends during the past few days at her school. She couldn't even really call them her friends, more like acquaintances and just people she ate with during lunch. They acted all snobby and told her about everyone and all the different groups in the school, particularly the gang that practically ran the entire school. Even the teachers were afraid of them. They told Sora to stay away from them because they were sluts or hoes and the only reason that they're in the gang is so sleep with the guys.

She climbed the stairs to the fourth floor where her classroom, 1B was. She slowly slid open the door to reveal a boy sitting in the desk next to hers. She walked over and sat in her desk as she glanced curiously at the boy. She had not seen him there before on the previous school days. What she saw took her breath away. He was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen. He had golden blond hair which some strands fell upon his crystal clear azure eyes. And he had taken of his jacket and rolled up the sleeves showing his well-toned muscles. Upon noticing her gaze he turned and gave her a grin. Sora turned abruptly away with a slight blush upon her face. Yes, the guy sitting beside her was handsome, but what did that matter. It wasn't all about looks. It was something beyond the outer beauty. Suddenly the ringing of the school bell broke her thoughts as dozens of students rushed in followed by the teacher.

Yamato watched Sora turn away with a blush, which made his grin turn into a smirk. As doing so, what he saw took his breath away. Her beauty, shoulder length auburn hair, ruby eyes, and slender figure would've had that effect on any male.

"Mr. Ishida! Miss. Takenouchi! Please pay attention. Since it is still the first week of school, I will let you two off with a warning!" The Teacher strictly said

Both teens quickly snapped out of their thoughts and began to take notice of their teacher beginning a lecture.

With his notebook and pencil out, he glanced back at Sora who was still rummaging through her book bag looking for something to write with. Taking out an extra pencil he set it in front of her waiting to see her expression. She was a bit surprised at first, but she soon relaxed, setting her bag down.

"Thank you," she whispered softly with a small smile

"No problem. You can keep it if you like. I don't mind," He whispered back with a smile

"Again I thank you."

"No. No. Its ok...So are you new around here?"

"Yes, I just moved here last week"

"Oh, that's cool. So what's your name?"

"It's So-"she started, but was interrupted


"Sorry, it won't happen again." Both students said in unison and went back to listening to the lecture.


Sora had just finished her 4th period class as she entered the cafeteria. Being the new girl wasn't easy for her. She felt empty. Out of place. As she looked for her "friends" or rather her acquaintance, the boy with the blond hair who had helped her in class caught her attention from where he was in a secluded part of the cafeteria. He was with a group of other students who seemed to follow his every move. Once she spotted her "friends" at a near table, she slowly walked over to them. They were all gossiping or flirting with the football players.

"Sora! Sit over here!" waved Hotaru, the closest girl Sora called a friend.

"Coming," Sora said quietly as she sat down next to Hotaru

"Ugh...look at that slut over there making out with the kid with the fishing hat. Its disgusting," as Hotaru eyed a girl at the secluded part of the cafeteria where the guy who had helped was. The girl who had short neatly clipped brown hair had just kissed a boy with short blond hair that was hidden underneath a fishing hat on the cheek. The girl and her "companion" looked like they were a few years younger than she was.

"But she just kissed him on the cheek. What's so bad about that? And who's that blond guy leading that group over there?" Sora asked

"You got to be kidding right! You don't know who they are!?" exclaimed Hotaru

"No, sorry. I am still knew and I don't know who everybody is yet" Sora said quietly

"They are the Wolves. The gang who the girls and I have warned you about. And the blond haired guy is Yamato, their leader. He may be good looking, but don't let looks get to you. Actually all of the members in his gang are good looking, but don't hang out with them. It'll give you trouble. They're bad stuff. Especially Yamato. He's cold as ice. He is a wolf who won't let any girl other than the ones in his pack get close to him." Explained Hotaru

"So who are all the girls in the gang then?" asked Sora

"Oh. They're just his friends." Said Hotaru

"O, I see," said Sora

"Hey Sora?"


"What are you doing tonight?" she whispered.

"Nothing. Why? Are you doing anything tonight?" Sora answered.

"As a matter of fact, I am, and I want you to come with me."

"Uh...where are you going?"

"Don't tell anyone but, I'm going to a club tonight with a few people and I want you to go with me."

"To a club?! What kind of club?"

"Duh....a dance club! God, it has the best music and the hottest guys. Say that you'll go with me! Please?"

"I don't know...when I get home, I'll ask my mom, then I'll call you."

Satisfied with her half answer, Hotaru nodded happily.

Sora's House

When Sora arrived home, she was exhausted. Her mom was on the phone in the kitchen, going on about unfiled papers. Sora went up to her room and fell back on her bed. She wasn't even going to bother asking her mom about going to the club. Her mom doesn't care what she does. Deep inside Sora wanted her mom to forbid her from going. Her mother would probably say something like," OH! GO AHEAD. BE MY GUEST. Or DON'T FORGET TO USE PROTECTION"

Sora went downstairs into the kitchen. Her mother finally hung up the phone and looked at turned her attention to her daughter. Her mother was a rather thin woman with strait pitch-black hair and had deep brown eyes.

"What are you doing tonight, Sora? You don't plan to stay here again, do you? Hope not, cuz I got a date tonight!", her mother said.

"A date? Interesting. Actually, I am suppose to go to a club with a couple of friends tonight. I was hoping that you would forbid me to go, so I would stay here. No point to that now, since you have a date and all.", Sora said calmly.

"That's good. Don't forget to use protection! Who knows, you might see a hot guy tonight."

Sora mentally laughed.

"So who's the date?", Sora asked.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." she began as Sora raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I guess we both should be getting ready, huh? Well I guess I'll see you later on tonight...who knows...maybe tommorrow. "

"I guess. We live in the same house and I barely see you."

"Well you have a busy mother. How old are you now, 17, 18? Any ways I'm sure you can live without me breathing down you neck, well I have to get ready! Have fun!"

With that, her aunt went to her room to get ready. Sora rolled her eyes and went back upstairs to call Hotaru. And she was overjoyed to hear that Sora could go. Hotaru said that she'd be at Sora's house in a few minutes.

When Hotaru arrived, she brought clothes with her. Clothes that Sora would never be caught dead wearing. The outfits showed more skin than anything.

"These outfits are to much!", Sora exclaimed.

"Not at all! They're perfect. I think you'll wear this black mini skirt and this red tube top." Hotaru argued.

Sora could tell by the way the outfit looked that she wasn't going to have a normal night.

End Chp. 1