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Chp. 20 – Wild Rush partII.

"Yamato!" Sora screamed with tears starting to well up.

"Sora!" Yamato started running towards her as he looked over his shoulder to find Hikari tending to his brother.

'At least I didn't leave him alone. I hope he forgives me.'

Hearing tire screeches, Yamato brought his attention back to Sora and her captors driving away and shooting at him at the same time.

"Help Takeru! Don't worry I'll be fine for now!" Sora yelled out of the open window.

"For now, she says" thought Yamato.

"I'll save you! I promise!" Yamato yelled back as he stopped running.

Sora's captors roughly tied her wrists and her ankles. She saw that her parents were knocked out and looked out the window to see Yamato's figure getting smaller and smaller as she tried to struggle out her bonds. Once Yamato was completely out of sight, the tears started to flow. She wished she could be back in Kyoto. If she stayed there, there would be no gang war. And her family would be safe. Yamato would be safe. Well safer, any ways.

"LET ME GO! Please! Please!" Sora sobbed.

"Sorry girl. We need you as bait." Said a man in the front passenger seat as he reached out with a handkerchief and put it over her nose.

Sora struggled once more, but she felt her eyes close and her body shut down as she was knocked out by the alcohol soaked cloth.

The rival gang had surprisingly and suddenly retreated, leaving their dead and leaving them wounded. Everyone gathered around Takeru and all had bruises, cuts, and small scrapes, but Ken had a large, nasty looking gash in his side and blood was streaming from his temple, down his face. Daisuke limped a bit from a sprained ankle. And Mimi suffered a long laceration down her left forearm.

"Takeru? Takeru wake up!" Hikari screamed.

He wouldn't open his eyes. Hikari gently shook him and begged for him to wake up. Taichi, seeing his sister in distress ran to her side to comfort her.

Yamato turned around and ran back to his brother and crouched by the younger man's side and examined his body. He was still breathing, which was a good thing, but it seemed that he had been shot twice around the abdomen area and once in the chest.

"Takeru…" Yamato whispered.

Taichi quickly moved out of the way as Jou kneeled down to check on Takeru.

"Is there anything you could do for him Jou?"

"No. This is much to severe for me to treat. We have to get him to a hospital as fast as possible." he stated.

"Takeru!" sobbed Hikari as Jou called an ambulance.

With an angered look Yamato stormed away.

"Taichi! Follow me!"

Taichi and the others looked at one another then to Yamato's storming figure.

"Keep each other safe and take care of Takeru. I'll call you guys later." Stated Taichi as he ran off to catch up to his best friend.

"Hold up buddy! Where are we going!"

"We're gonna follow Sora and save her."

"Huh? Bu-"

"Just shut up and follow me."

Yamato lead Taichi into the ally where they had first gathered and got onto their bikes and followed in the direction of where the car that contained the captured family went.

"Do you even know where we are going!" Taichi spoke into the microphone that was contained in his helmet


"Then how do you know which direction to go in?"


Taichi gave him a strange look.

"And before I left, Sora hugged me, so I had the opportunity to drop a homing device into her pocket. You know…..Just incase something like this happens!" Yamato cleared up Taichi's confusion.


The enemy car was fast, but their motorcycles were faster. Within ten minutes, Yamato and Taichi saw the car speeding in the distance.

The followed the car the rest of the way.

"They're turning." Yamato said." We should keep far away so the won't see us."

"Whatever you say, but we at least have to see where they're going and catch up a bit." Taichi said.

"Sure." They both kept their eye on the car. After awhile, they saw the car stop at a storage warehouse.

"Stop…" Yamato muttered as he and Taichi stopped at the corner of the warehouse.

"I hope Sora's ok." Wondered Taichi.

"Other than being kidnapped, she should be ok. They won't harm her. They need her to get to me." Stated Yamato.

"Come on….Let's get regroup with the others. We can't just rush in there without a plan."

"You're right but I don't like the idea of leaving Sora." Yamato said with a sigh.

"I know, but she knows that you're going to save her." Taichi said with a grin.

"You bet!" Yamato returned the grin. "Let's go. Faster we form a plan, the faster we can save Sora.

Taichi nodded. He knew Yamato was anxious and extremely worried about Sora, but they had to wait. He knew that they would think of a plan to save her.

End of Chp. 20