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3 months later, Ron and Hermione were married in the yard at the Burrow. In attendance were their families, closest friends and of course the gnomes who lived in the garden. With the sun shining, making his tomato colored hair shine like copper, Ron walked up the aisle tall and proud in midnight blue dress robes. Harry followed close behind in robes of the same color. They reached the end of the aisle and stood next to the arbor where he and Hermione would exchange their vows. As he stood there waiting for her, Ron couldn't believe how his life had changed for the better so quickly. He had gone from just existing to living a joy filled, multi-colored life. Every time he looked at Hermione he had to pinch himself to make sure it wasn't a dream that he would wake up from. He still couldn't believe she had always loved him and even more shocking, wanted to marry him. They spoke at length about what had happened and Hermione apologized again and again and swore that she would never, ever make such a rash decision without discussing it with Ron. She had also asked if he would ever be able to trust her. Ron smiled when he thought of how he answered her, "Well Hermione I have to be honest, it will take some time." "Oh," she had said and he could see how her face fell. "I figured it would. I'll just have to wait until you're ready." He grinned at her. "Alright, it's been enough time. I trust you." Actually he knew deep in his soul that she had never meant to hurt him and that she would never hurt him like that again. He didn't know why he knew...he just did.

A blast of music announced the bride's processional. Ron and Harry turned to watch and Harry's mouth dropped open. "Oh my..." Harry said. "...God." finished Ron. Walking down the aisle was the most wonderful sight Harry had ever seen. Ginny Weasley Potter grinned from ear to ear as she walked up the aisle in a bridesmaid dress of light blue that seemed to make her glow. It flattered her figure, especially around her middle where their child was growing inside her. She gazed steadily at her husband as she came towards him and gave a smile that told him just how much she loved him. "You look beautiful Ginny. I love you." Harry whispered.

"Thank you Harry. I love you too." she answered as she stopped and stood across from Ron who was staring at her.

"Gin you look amazing." Ron said and he meant it.

"Ron, my dear brother," she whispered with a laugh, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Ron turned and the sight that greeted him would be imprinted in his memory for the next 60 years. Coming towards him on the arms of her parents was the woman whom he had dreamed about since he was 12 years old. He stared as Hermione made her way up the aisle in a wedding gown that almost defied description. The dress combined both her muggle and wizard backgrounds. It was a creamy off white that glowed when the sun hit it. It sat on her shoulders and had thin short sleeves with small off white satin flowers going around them and the sweetheart neckline showed off her shape to its best advantage. The wide skirt reached the floor and was bordered with satin ribbon all around. There was no train, instead as an honor to her wizarding background; a satin cape was attached to the dress by diamond clips. It flowed behind her as she walked. She wore no veil; She had her hair pulled back off her face and anchored with a small floral tiara. It fell in curls down her back. Ron couldn't react. He wasn't even sure he was still breathing and he was unaware of the tears coming from his eyes. All of his thoughts were centered on the beautiful woman coming towards him.

Hermione couldn't believe how handsome Ron looked as he watched her. He looked so tall and strong and proud standing there waiting for her. His dress robes brought out the color of his eyes and she could see them sparkling from the other side of the yard. She was so happy her smile could have lit up the entire backyard. She couldn't believe that after everything that had happened, Ron still wanted to marry her. She never thought her life would end up like this. She had learned that she needed Ron just as much as he needed her. She couldn't wait to become his wife.

As they neared the end of the aisle, Hermione and her parents stopped and waited. Ron walked towards them and came to a stop in front of them. "I am giving you our most precious gift Ron." said Dr. Granger. "Will you promise to take care of her as best as you can?" asked Hermione's mother, also Dr. Granger. Ron looked at Hermione's parents and answered in a gruff voice, "I will protect her and love her with my own life." "Thank you Ron." Dr. Granger took his daughter's hand from his arm and put it into Ron's open palm.

Hermione turned towards Ron and together they walked up the aisle to where Dumbledore stood under the arbor. They reached him and Hermione turned to give her flowers to Ginny. Dumbledore began to speak "Family and friends, I welcome you to this most joyous of occasions. A marriage between these two young people has been years in the making. Most of us knew it way before they did." There was laughter from both the wedding party and the guests. "We are so glad they were able to find each other again after they traveled such a long and hard road. Do you both enter into this union without reservation?" Ron and Hermione both answered with a resounding "YES."

"Good. Then please turn and face each other and repeat after me..." They turned to face each other and Hermione reached up and tenderly wiped the tears from Ron's cheeks.

"I, Ronald Weasley take you Hermione Granger to be my wife"

"I, Hermione Granger take you Ronald Weasley to be my husband."

"I promise to love you with all that I am and all that I have."

"I will honor and cherish you in sickness and in health."

"I promise to love you all the days of my life."

Ron turned to Harry who handed him 2 rings. Ron placed a narrow platinum band on Hermione's ring finger and in return she placed a wider one on his finger.

"As Ronald and Hermione have exchanged vows and rings I can now pronounce them husband and wife. Ron you may kiss your bride."

Ron put his hands on Hermione's cheeks smiled tenderly down at her and wiped the tears that were there with his fingers. "I love you 'mione Weasley. Every single day."

She smiled at the sound of her new name. "I love you Ronald Weasley. Every single day." As the guests erupted in cheers and applause, Ron bent his head and kissed Hermione softly on the lips.

Really the end!