Deceptions Revealed

Written by: Kelsey
Edited by: Audrie
Illustrated By: Randi & Samantha

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of J.K. Rowling's characters and make no
profit by this it is only for my twisted pleasure.)


Hogwarts, 7th year


3,644 years ago to the day a sorceress prophesized that one day when a darkness plagued what seemed to be an all to perfect wizarding world, the phsycocleptic clan of 8 consisting of three serpents, two ravens, and three lions, who were pulled together by nothing more that a cruel destiny itself in order to, one day discern and destroy the demonic forces that attempt to engulf the world and all its inhabitants magic and muggle alike. It will be
up to this touched clan of friends to rely on each other and save

Chapter 1:
Summer School

Hermione was starring at his perfect body. Why she thought, Why is he such a god and why do we have a dorm to ourselves, and um... why was he the enemy again?

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy were chosen for head girl and boy. They had to spend their summer together at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to be sure they could get along and work together. Neither of them were happy with the arrangement.

They were seated in the common room of their dorm. Draco was a tall, slim, pale teen with platinum blonde hair and silver blue eyes. He was an arrogant pureblood. Hermione, on the other hand, was 5'4", a muggle-born, honey brown eyes, silky, straight brown hair, and olive tan skin. She was very bookish and humble.

Draco was looking and a magazine on tattoos and piercings, but he could not concentrate. His thoughts were on the girl across from him.

{God, does she have to be so beautiful, so smart?} He could not stop thinking about her. {So what if she was a mudblood? That does not matter to me, only father, fuck him.}

Little did anyone know but during the summers Hermione was gothic. She had several piercings: 8 in each ear, her tongue and an iridescent stone in her nose. Her parents did not know, but she also had both nipples pierced. She kept all her piercings hidden with a simple spell while she was at school, and they did not get to wear their normal clothing that often so she was rarely seen in her System of a Down tanks and extremely baggy black pants with blue seams.
She missed wearing her silver chains and bracelets. Just as she was thinking about how much she missed herself when Draco interrupted her,

"What? Lost your mind?" He noticed the lost expression on her face.

"I wish." she replied.

"Why? Are you hiding something?"

He was picturing a gothic Hermione and thought it would suit her. Then she said,

"Yes, actually, I am. Do you want to see it?"

"Why would I?"

"Oh I think you'd be surprised!"

"So, what are you going to show me?" he asked.

"The real me!" She said as she ran to her room

Why am I going to show him? "'Cause you like him!" said a voice in her head.

Maybe I should show everyone, that way I can be me.

With that last thought she removed the spell that hid all her piercing and ran to her closet. Once she put on her jewelry and did a make up spell to cover her eyes in black with subtle hints of blue.

Draco was sitting in the common room wondering what the real Hermione was when she burst in. He gaped at her.

{She looks better gothic than I imagined. Wait, the goody-goody bookworm is gothic?!?}

"So, you like?" she asked.

He notice her tongue ring as he walked over to her and put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her with a passion he was not aware he possessed. She was shocked but this is what she wanted, right? After a few moments they released each other. Draco spoke first,

"When did you become gothic?"

"Right after the Yule Ball." she replied.

"So tell me about the tongue ring."

"Oh, it's my favorite." she replied.

"I've been thinking about getting mine pierced," he continued.

"So, about the kissing, care to continue?"

With that Hermione grabbed his shirt and pulled him down into another passionate kiss. Draco's hands started to roam over her slender figure and under the back of her shirt. He realized she wasn't wearing a bra about the same time she had gotten her hands under his shirt.

{Oh my god, does she realize what she's doing to me? I wonder if she will go to my room, let's see.}

With that last thought he led her to his room and opened the door without breaking the kiss. Once inside, she pulled his black t-shirt up over his head and he pulled her Disturbed tank up over hers. He did not even notice her, now revealed, piercings, but rejoined his lips and tongue with hers. Her hands went down to relieve him of his pants, no sooner had they fallen to the floor, he was unzipping hers. They moved to his bed. He laid her down and noticed her nipple piercings. He asked,

"Do they hurt?"


He ran his tongue over them and felt her nipples harden with every flick of his tongue. As he continued, he removed her black thongs and she brought his head up to hers to kiss as she removed his black silk boxers. He moved her up on the bed and spread her legs as he continued to kiss her. She had her hands on his back pulling him closer and when he reached her opening she shivered. He was anxious to see how her body reacted when she came. He pushed into her and she winced in pain. He saw the pain in her eyes.

"Are you still a virgin?"

"Up until a few seconds ago." she replied.

So he went slowly, gently in until he could see massive pleasure in her eyes. He started to go harder and faster, creating a rhythm. She rocked her hips in sync with his as they kissed. He could feel her tightening around him, as she grew closer to her climax. She had never felt a feeling like this in her entire life. She felt as if she would die if it stopped. Then she felt and explosion in her body as she had her first orgasm. He felt her go into it and he came in side her as she did. He knew he had never had better sex in his life, he knew she wanted more. They continued to kiss passionately until both were exhausted. Draco lay next to her with his head on her chest so his tongue could still reach her nipple and play with it.

"Hermione, will you stay like this all year?" Draco asked.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Be the real you."


"So you can be comfortable, and so people won't freak when they see us together," he replied.

"You really want to be together, you and me?"

"Yes, Hermione, very much."

"Then I will!" and they stayed there cuddling like they had been together for years.