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Chapter 20:

The bell rang and the students rushed as fast as possible away from the potions class, that is everyone except for Rhea who was sulkily sitting in her seat waiting for her lover's wrath. She watches patiently while he walks over to the door, locks, and puts a silencing charm on it. He turns and walks slowly toward her knowing the suspense would kill her. He had that I could kill you look on his face that meant your dead or I'm fucking with you, but you could never tell which. Don't you do it, oh he did he smirked, oh there go my knees Rhea thought.

All other thoughts fled her mind as he reached her desk, leaned forward and placed both arms on either side of said desk. His nearly black eyes searching hers relentlessly. She held his gaze uncertainly.

"Is it true?" he asked in a silky purr.

oh shit, what do I say

"He, he... uh... yes." Rhea replied with a grimace.

His eyes burned with something, what, she could not say, it was unnerving. He stood up as did she, she could not take just sitting there. Snape slowly advanced on her. She retreated until she was made aware of the wall behind her as her head collided with it. shit, oww in a moment he was upon her again. Both arms on either side of her, blocking escape. As Rhea looked back into his eyes she saw the familiar desire dear gods, stop playing with my emotions

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked calmly.

"I did not really think it was worth mentioning, I mean I only just found out myself." Rhea replied some what honestly.

"You're not too terribly upset are you?" she added as an afterthought.

"Only that I can't gloat in front of Potter." He said as he closed all space between them, bringing his lips down harshly upon hers.

Rhea moaned into the brutal kiss, she could hardly believe that she had finally found a man that wasn't all nice and gentle.

His arms came down as hers lifted to his head and he grasped her firm bottom and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him accordingly.

Before she could even comprehend his speed with belt buckles and thongs he had entered her in one swift hard stroke witch made her gasp and moan deeply into their passion filled kiss.