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Summary: (Full) Aragorn is dying in Minas Tirith, and Legolas wants to make his last few days the best he has ever lived.

So, here we go guys, the first Chapter of Death and Glory by Lady Nierwen.

Chapter one: Ashes:

Legolas of the Woodland realm stood on the balcony of his chamber and regarded the land around him. He felt at home here amongst the trees, with the remainder of his people. It was peaceful here and left time for him to think of the things that mattered to him. To him it was home but it was not Mirkwood.

This realm now that Legolas dwelt in was the woodland land of Gondor, Ithilien. The king of Gondor, Aragorn, or Elesser as he was known to his people, was a true friend to Legolas and had been since their first meeting in Imladris countless years ago. Ithilien had been a gift and legolas was glad he lived there. It made him happy to be so close to his friend whom he knew as a brother.

Now he stood on his balcony. The breeze rippled his spun gold hair so it looked like a river flowing gently through the hills. His eyes that shone with all the wisdom and youth that he had maintained through his many years were the most beautiful sapphire colour that could never be recreated. His skin still had it's pure milky quality. He was beautiful.

He was lost though, deep in thought. His eyes glazed over as they would if he was asleep. He was thinking about the sea. Something he longed for. Of course he never told Aragorn this; he did not want the unpleasant duty of adding guilt to the king's burdens at the moment. Legolas sighed as he drew out from his reverie and leant more heavily against the balcony rails. What made his need even more urgent, was that his palace, again a gift from the king, was situated in southern Ithilien and had a perfect view of the sea.

Everyday, Legolas struggled with his emotions, trying to hide them had never been a problem for the elf so he did not have to try so hard. But the feeling was always there.

He walked slowly over to his seat on the balcony and lowered himself into it, taking time to enjoy the breeze that the small action of sitting down sent flying across his face. He closed his eyes and allowed the scent of flowers and trees to engulf him once more. A smile crept onto his lips as he thought of al, the adventures he and Aragorn had been on together, all the trials they had faced. It was a good feeling that their friendship was still strong now.

Legolas had begun to drift away when a knock upon his chamber door snapped him back. His sensitive elven hearing could pick up the soft and almost timid knock from the balcony, and, straightening his robe, he went to answer it.

"Come" he called from his chamber, whilst situating himself in front of the door.

The door opened slowly and a fair head peeped round the door. It was Malian, the orphaned elfling. Too timid to live alone, Legolas had given her a home in the palace. He had known her parents and was grieved at their deaths. However Malian had insisted that she work for the prince in gratitude. Legolas was grateful for her loyal service.

"Malian" he greeted warmly, careful not to make her even more nervous than she already was.

"My lord" she replied in the common tongue, nodding slightly.

"My lord, a messenger from Gondor to see you. He says he bears new of the king. Will you receive him now?"

"Of course" replied Legolas. Anxiety was quickly looming over him. If it was news of Aragorn, he was always anxious, but as always, he maintained his cool and collected mask, though this time it took almost all the effort he possessed. Something was wrong.

The messenger walked in. his strides were confident and he was dressed in official garb in the colours of Gondor, black and silver. He was obviously an important man.

The messenger bowed quickly before the prince, showing formal respect, before straightening.

"My lord. Lady Undomiel of Gondor bids you read this message." There was something about the messenger's grave tone, that confirmed his fears. The messenger bowed again and held a yellowish envelope with a wax seal.

"Hannon Le" he said to the messenger, lapsing into his own tongue. The messenger understood and stepped back.

The prince could no longer hide his trembling hands as he swiftly tore open the envelope and read the letter enclosed. It was written in Arwen's hand, and the smudged ink looked as if it had been wept over, but the message, no matter how short it was, chilled legolas to the bone.

Dearest Legolas,

Aragorn is dying. I think he waits for you. He is well in the way that he is able to move from his bed and walk with aid. He laughs still but it is hollow. His eyes dull with each passing day and I fear that everyday could be his last. I cannot bear this sorrow alone anymore. If you are able, please come to Gondor and make him happy again so that he may leave us peacefully.

With all my love my dearest friend.


As he read each line. He grew more and more afraid. He knew he must get there. He could not let Aragorn die without a chance to say goodbye. He cursed fate for bringing them together then ripping them apart so quickly. Too quickly for legolas.

His face an expressionless mask, he turned to the messenger of Gondor.

"Thank you" he said hoarsely, barely holding back the tears that threatened to overflow.

The messenger turned and left through the door without a backward glance. Malian turned to leave also but Legolas bade her wait.

"Prepare my horse. I ride to Gondor. To the king." He told her quickly, and Malian, sensing the prince's great need to be by the king's side rushed off to do so.

Legolas turned away from the door as it closed and read the letter through again.

"Hold on Estel" he whispered to himself before leaving through the door in a rush.

In his haste, he had dropped the letter in the fire, not knowing what else to do with it, and now it burned rapidly leaving ashes in its place.


Undomiel – Evenstar

Hannon Le – Thank you

Imladris- Rivendell

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