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Title: The Lost Slayers

Series:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (after 'Chosen')/Stargate SG1 (after 'Heroes')

Summary:  Instead of One, there are thousands of Slayers throughout the world – but is it Buffy's destiny as the Chosen One over with, or is her destiny still incomplete?  And what if death is the price for this destiny?

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Below her, Willow Rosenburg could hear the battle raging on between the Potentials and the First's army.  She only hoped that Buffy was still alive, and that there were enough Potentials left for this to make a difference.  Willow held the Scythe in her hand and began to chant.

The power flowed through Willow, and in that moment she felt connected to every potential…no, Slayer, on Earth.  She felt the smile tug on her lips as she watched the oncoming pitch; the rush of adrenaline as the sudden power rushed through her body.     

But being only mortal, no matter how powerful, the witch couldn't remember every Slayer. 

So amongst the immediate need of survival, she forgot about some of the visions.

Like a new slayer being beaten by her father, too afraid to use her new power.  Or another lying shivering amongst the garbage in an alley – a knife clutched tightly in her hands, hoping that tonight she would be able to sleep.  And another girl watching wanna-be parents gather around the cute younger children, as she and the other older children gathered together – knowing that they would never leave the orphanage with a family.

Instead, the witch gathered with her friends at the edge of the crater that once was Sunnydale; the place where they had loved and lost, died and lived, and had both been their home and prison.  The only thoughts filling her mind were those of victory, relief, and sadness.

Buffy Summers, the former Chosen One, stood at the edge and looked out.  Behind, she heard someone ask, "What do you want to do now?"

A grin spread across her face.

What do I want to do now?

It had been a long time since she had been able to ask herself that question – and know that she had the opportunity to answer it.  In that moment, as a Slayer, Buffy's future seemed as wide and free as the crater in front of her.  The feeling of freedom dimmed slightly as she felt a pain grow in her abdomen.  Glancing down, blood soaked through the front of her shirt – the wound she had received while fighting the First began to bleed. 

The strength she had gained while holding the Scythe seemed to flow out with the blood, and Buffy slowly slid to the ground.  Dimly, she could hear voices calling her name, but they all faded as the darkness filled her mind.

Only a single voice remained.

A moment before the darkness took her the Slayer recognized the voice.

You think you know what is to come?  You have only just begun.


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