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wk: Okay, so this is a new story I'm writing. A writer's block seems to have created this. Hm. Go figure. I thought it was an interesting idea to try out. But if it doesn't work out, I'm going to remove it. Okay, so here's the summary:

Inuyasha is a radio host, but no one knows who "Hanyou" is except Miroku, Sango, and a few select people in the building he works at. He tries to keep his identity a secret, because he doesn't want to have a responsibility-led life with reporters and having to attend different meetings and the sort. In short, he doesn't want a hassle. Kagome is also a businesswoman... kinda. She does all sorts of stuff for her company, but she's growing. The president, Myouga (Yes, the flea... Times have changed) favors her and is attached to her. She has great potential in his eyes, and is starting to show it in the company. Kagome and Inuyasha will meet in the club, and Inuyasha, who scoffs at the idea of love, finds himself infatuated with the girl. He reports on his own progress of his love on the radio, making whoever is listening enraptured to the romance unfolding. They still don't know who Inuyasha is, or who he's seeing, but the story is enough.

Umm... If you didn't understand that, and want a more succinct summary, here it is:

Inuyasha happens to be a controversial radio host. He talks about the latest things, and discusses everything he dislikes... which happens to be, everything. He is wildly popular, his radio show being listened to by nearly all the world's populations and causing many debates worldwide. He scorns love most of all, and even writes a bestseller book about how love is overrated, but then one day... He meets Kagome. There's another catch: no one knows what Inuyasha looks like. No one knows he's half-demon. Unknown to Kagome, their own relationship is broadcasted by Inuyasha. At first, he scorns his own passionate relationship with her. Then... =)

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Okay, so that's most of the story. I'm trying to figure out how I can put Naraku as the antagonist in this story, and I'll think of some way. Please read and offer constructive criticism in the reviews. Of course, you don't even have to review. Just EnJoY!

Chapter One

"Okay, this is 102.5. Welcome to the afternoon part of our show. Now it's--"

"Geez, you talk too much. Hanyou here. Wanna get to the calls right now, or later?"

"Well, since you're so patient, I suppose we could wait another--"

"Not on your life, asshole. Okay, caller number one. What kind of question will you ask to start off our daily discussions?"

"Well, Hanyou, I was wondering about your name. Doesn't Hanyou mean half-demon?" Inuyasha sighed and frowned.

"How very perceptive of you. What's your name?" Inuyasha asked, half-bored.


"Well, Stephen, yes, it does mean half-demon. I'm a human, but women like to call me a demon in bed. Therefore, it become half-demon and half-human," Inuyasha drawled. So he was lying. But he didn't want anyone to know his identity. Miroku raised an eyebrow at him from across the table.

"Oh, wow…"

"Wow is right, little Stephen." Inuyasha hung up on him, and picked up another call. "Okay, Stephen is gone, so here's caller number two."

"Well, Hanyou, I have a question. What do you think of Iraq's current status in kidnapping people and beheading them?" Inuyasha was silent for only a second.

"What do you think I think of it? Like some kind of (beep)ed up merry-go-round? They're demented, they don't like the United States, and they don't like other nationalities except their own in their country. The United States president isn't exactly handling everything all peachy, either. Sending armies there wasn't the best course of action. Now, there might have been a civil war, hadn't the U.S. intervened, but maybe that would have been better. The United States, for instance, was better unified and able to stand on their own two feet after their own civil war."

"But what about their threat about jihad? And the nuclear weapons?"

"So it's just one big violent circle. If we leave, they bomb us. If we stay, they bomb us. However, even at the risk of their nuclear weapons, don't you think we should be trying to convince the people over there that people are mostly good and not bad? The U.S. President should be trying to sway them from their animosities, not making them stronger. It only makes them more… determined to bomb and kill and behead all they want."

"I see the truth in your words, but--" Inuyasha hung up on him. So what if he was close-minded?

"Okay, he hung up. Next caller."

"This is Lina." Inuyasha rolled his eyes. God save him from women.

"Yes, Lina?"

"There's this boy… and I think I'm in love with him. But he's basically a pimp! He sleeps around a lot, and I've heard he always cheats on his girlfriends, but… he can be so nice and sweet to me that--"

"Okay," Inuyasha interrupted her, becoming nauseated. "Looks like you're the somewhat stupid one in this one-sided relationship."

"Now wait a minute. I--"

"No. You are. There's no 'somewhat' about it. It's because girls always fall for guys like him that they are given the 'bad boy' reputations. And what do girls want? Bad boys. It's not love. It's a hopeless infatuation that you need to get over. If you really loved a guy like that, you would have some of that aspect in yourself, I think. So, are you a slut who cheats on her man all the time?"

"No! But--" Inuyasha hung up on her. Females were hopeless. He gave a rueful laugh on the mike.

"Well, that was completely pointless. Girls, if you need a man to warm your bed, then that's when you go for men such as the one that Lina described. A one-nighter. But, if you're looking for love… Ah, well, is there such a thing as love? I think there's obsession and self-deprecating infatuations. Maybe it's because I've never experienced such a strong feeling for a woman before. I don't expect to, either. Now, enough of that shit, who's the next caller?"

"This is Peter."

"Okay Peter. Shoot your question."

"Well, Hanyou, here's a question. Why are you an asshole?"

Inuyasha chuckled. "Because I'm so good at it. Okay, next caller."

"This is Leslie..."

And that's how the day droned on. Inuyasha continued to answer questions, and get people pissed off. At five, he got up to leave, his messenger bag on his shoulder. Miroku took over for an hour now, before he went home as well. Sango, the technician for their show, stayed as long as Miroku did, and left with him.

Inuyasha got a bottle of water from the machine outside, downing it immediately. He sighed, going out of the back of the building, making sure that people didn't see him. Miroku, his lifetime best friend, had brought him to this place just to see what it was like to be a radio host. Inuyasha's working here was actually a fluke. He was in the same room as Miroku, and while callers called and asked their questions, he had supplied sarcastic and demeaning comments. One had heard and challenged Inuyasha to talk the whole show. He did, and the result was a secret job here. With a hefty income, he might add.

Now, he would go home, relax, and sleep. Maybe go to a club… Should he? He was really tired. His human half was asleep, but his demon half was roaring with might and activity. Sighing, he decided he would go to a club, if only to exhaust himself. He got into his car, making extra sure no one else saw. He drove away, going to his apartment to get ready. If he was going to go clubbing tonight, then that meant he wouldn't get in until the wee hours of the morning. He decided to call Miroku and Sango as well, to come and join him for some fun. Maybe he would take a nap for an hour, just to rejuvenate himself a bit. He smiled at the thought of a lovely little shuteye.

"Mother, honestly! I don't need to get a man," Kagome said, sighing as she sat back in her chair, on the phone. "No, I don't, mother. I'm perfectly fine without a dominating man in my life. No, I don't think I'm too independent. I don't care if you want grandchildren! Ask Souta to father some children then. Yes, mother, I was just joking. I don't think he's doing anything like that yet. Okay, goodbye mother. I'll talk to you later." She was an office worker in a cell phone company. Mostly she did menial, dull tasks. Sometimes she answered phones in a cubicle of a worker who didn't show. Other times, she just signed papers with the approval of the president of the company. She was, in fact, pretty low in ranks, but was slowly rising to a good status. The president, Myouga, favored her. He was a small, little old flea demon. Kagome thought of him as her second grandfather. Her real, biological grandfather was a little crazy in the head.

"Kagome, I would love it if you had coffee with me," Kouga said. Kouga worked with her, and she had caught his eye as he saw the president talking informally and casually with Kagome. He had learned of Kagome's growing status in the company, and had tried to get her in his bed since. She rolled her eyes at him.

"Kouga, I'm really not interested." Kagome strolled off, not giving him a second glance over her shoulder.

"Playing hard to get, I see," Kouga muttered, a smirk on his lips. Something was stinging the back of his neck, and he slapped at it. He snarled at whatever was in his hand. His teeth disappeared however, as he lowered his head in submission to the president. Flattened, Myouga puffed himself out, huffing.

"No respect," Myouga muttered from Kouga's hand.

"My apologies," Kouga murmured. Myouga was looking at him over his long, hooked nose.

"Kouga, I see you're trying to court Kagome." Myouga inspected his own fingers while casually waiting for an answer.

"Yes, sir. I think I'm falling in love with her," Kouga said solemnly. Myouga's eyebrow was raised, and he started to scoff.

"Boy, you don't know what love is yet. Until you do, keep your grubby wolfy paws off of Kagome." Kouga grit his teeth, but kept his eyes lowered and his head down. I'll get her either way, you fool. No love or love, I'll get what she has. I deserve it, anyway.

Kagome walked out of the building, a black leather messenger bag similar to Inuyasha's over her shoulder. Unaware of the dispute going on about her between the president of the company with her fellow co-worker, she went to her car. It was a light silver. She was attached to the color, and she had fallen in love with the car. It wasn't too fast, but it wasn't slow. It was, essentially, a car.

Kagome slid into the seat, placing her bag in the passenger seat. She was done with work for the day, and she wanted to unwind and relax. She was planning on going home and just calling Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka. They would have a good idea to help her relax. Either that, or a really, really, really bad idea that would end up stressing her to no ends. Oh well. It was a win-lose situation. It could go either way.

She drove home, thinking to call them and possibly have a night of fun. She hadn't been able to relax since… Well, she couldn't remember the last time she relaxed and had fun, but since Myouga had given her the rest of the day off, she figured instead of sitting around at home and eating ice cream, she would call her friends, and get drunk. Crazy, impossibly, drunk. Enough to give her a splitting, throwing up hangover the next day. Okay, maybe not throwing up. That went a little too far, she thought.

Oh, well, whatever helped her forget that her life was meaningless and she was going to dive off a cliff if it didn't get interesting. If she could forget that, she figured she met her goal for her lifetime.

She arrived at her small, two-bedroom house in her suburban neighborhood. She was going to place an ad in the newspaper for a roommate, since she didn't know if she could pay the bills for the electricity and stuff anymore. She just had to make sure first that Kouga didn't look at the paper. He would, of course, jump at the chance to sleep across the room from her. She rolled her eyes mentally. He was, unavoidably, starting to get irritating to handle.

She walked into her house, picking up the cordless phone. She dialed Eri, who three-wayed Ayumi, who four-wayed Yuka. She groaned as they started to think up solutions to her "need to get drunk" problem.

"We'll be over now!" Kagome thought they might have broken some speeding laws to get to her house in less than five minutes. Eager beavers, they were. They shoved past her into her house, arguing and glaring at each other. When they sat down on the couch, Kagome wearily sat down on the floor.

"Well, we definitely have to go to a bar, but a good bar. Let's go to a club, so you can dance and drink at the same time, and meet a cute guy! It's been forever since you went on a date! Let's do it!" It didn't matter what she thought. She didn't know why she called them. She should have just gone alone.

"But I don't want a cute--"

"Nonsense, Kagome. All work and no play makes 'Gome a dull girl." Yuka pulled her to her feet then dragged her to her room, following Ayumi and Eri. They shoved her into a snug black sheath and a three-quarter sleeved shirt with flowing sleeves. They attached dangling earrings into her ears and put up her hair so that it was put up messily, but looked sexy. Few strands came down, and then they applied the lip-gloss.

"Kagome, you poor soul. What would you do without us?" Ayumi asked airily, shoving Kagome outside and into Eri's car.

"Probably a whole lot more," Kagome grumbled. They all piled in, Eri driving.

"Which club?" Ayumi asked from the front seat.

"Oh, I have a choice?" Kagome asked sarcastically. She sighed. She was being really bitchy. Maybe she was going to have her period soon.

"Let's go to the club we went to two weeks ago… You know… what was it called… Oh yeah, it was called 'Crystal'!" Yuka suggested. Kagome sighed. Then again, bitchiness could usually be justified.

"I want to go to 'Star'" Kagome said. The other girls overrode her as they all shook their heads fiercely.

"Girl, you need to get drunk," Eri said, glancing in the rearview mirror at Kagome. Kagome scowled.

"I don't see the difference of the places, as long as I have a sip of alcohol. You know that's all it really takes to get me wasted!" Kagome said. Ayumi rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, but how many cute guys are there? Except for the bartender… he was kinda cute!" Kagome wrinkled her nose.

"The bartender? You mean Taka?" She shook her head. "He's cute, but I think he's a bit too dumb." Ayumi looked back at her, looking stricken. Kagome held up appeasing hands, muttering apologies nervously. Ayumi looked happy again as she looked to the front once more.

They arrived at Crystal, and Kagome felt the beat of the music coursing up her feet all the way to her brain. They walked in, Ayumi finding a small table for them. They all sat down, except for Kagome. They didn't allow her to sit down; telling her to dance until the drinks arrived. She nearly hissed at them in a bad temper until she relented. She moved a little to the beat, walking to the middle of the dance floor, her hands automatically going up as she started to move her body.

A guy was automatically there, holding onto her waist as he moved himself against her. She moved sensually, not even really noticing that he was there. It was a black-haired guy, and he smiled at her when she looked at his face.

"What's your name?" he asked. She looked wary as she gave him the once-over. His dancing looked as if he was trying to make his body flow to the music, but he was jerky, like he'd never danced before and was only copying her movements. He was smiling like an innocent schoolboy, but she watched enough movies to be on guard.

"Kyra," she said suddenly. It was a fake name, but she wasn't about to risk her life to this weirdo.

"My name's Hojo," he shouted over the music. She nodded.

"Nice to meet you," she yelled back. Suddenly, Ayumi was at her elbow.

"I hate to interrupt, but your drink is at your table," Ayumi shouted. Kagome nodded and Ayumi pulled her away, leaving Hojo to dance jerkily by himself. Kagome looked at him over her shoulder, thinking, Nice but no cigar. Definitely no cigar.

Kagome went back to the small table, sitting down. "So who was that cutie?" Ayumi asked as soon as her butt hit the seat. Kagome rolled her eyes.


"Aw, come on Kagome. You could have at least given him a chance." Kagome sighed. Why was she being so surly? Ever since her talk with her mother, she had been in a bad mood. The run-in with Kouga didn't help either. Usually, she was able to avoid him. Today, she just wasn't thinking straight. Maybe a drink will help me. I guess I can give it a try… She downed the drink, tipping the glass back and gulping it down. The other girls hooted, laughing as Kagome got up again.

"Oh, shoot, I should never have done that," Kagome whined as her head spun. Ayumi, Eri and Yuka all gave each other looks. They wouldn't take their eyes off of her for one second.

"Hon, maybe you should sit down and drink some milk to help slow down the alcohol," Ayumi suggested. Kagome waved her hand, going back to the dance floor. They all watched as she gave herself to the music, and men started to pour in her direction. A drunk girl with a nice body and a pretty face-- It wasn't the best combination in a club.

Kagome laughed at something a guy whispered in her ear, not because it was funny, but because it tickled. She moved away from him, bumping into another guy. He instantly grabbed her around the waist, making her move with him. She frowned, not liking him. She shoved away from him, and continued to dance. Drunkenness seemed to remove a lot of her inhibitions as she moved with abandon, smiling up at the ceiling. Wow, I'm having the time of my life! None of the guys seemed to notice her slurring speech and her sluggish movements. None-- except for one.

wk: Okay, so that's the end of chapter one of my second Inuyasha story. I know I portrayed Kagome really out of character, but she'll be back to her cheery little self soon. She's just depressed that she doesn't have her perfect man. Don't worry Kags! He'll show up. (Wink) Okay, so I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my story. Thanks!