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Chapter 1:

Kagome goes to Saryashiki Junior High

Kagome Higurashi looked out of the window of her house and sighed. It was storming like crazy outside and it showed no signs of stopping. The house was still and quiet except for the gentle pit-pat-pit-pat sound of the rain hitting the windows and the occasional, but loud thunder. The lightning flashed as she got up out of bed to get herself some water. She took a quick glance at the clock out of her sleepy eyes. 2:00 in the morning. She couldn't sleep, and she knew exactly why.

She had gotten into a very heated argument with Inu-Yasha earlier that night about why he was always putting that Shikon Jewel above her, and her head was hurting from all that yelling. Just the thought of Inu-Yasha alone made her want to bash his head open. She looked over at the small jar of jewel shards that sat on her nightstand. The jewel was almost complete. Only four shards were missing: the two in Koga's legs, the one in Kohaku's back and one that Naraku managed to get his hands on. The jewel's pink aura lit up her room when she came back. She grabbed the jar and threw it against the wall in a rage of fury.

Damn jewel shards, she thought as she got back into bed.

As far as she was concerned, Inu-Yasha and his jewel shards could burn in hell. He had that promise with Kikyo anyway.

The storm got a little calmer. Kagome's head hurt so badly she couldn't speak nor do anything. Just think. Think about Inu-Yasha and why he betrayed her. Sure, he had demons and other enemies to fight and that rare Shikon Jewel to protect from evil, but that didn't mean he had to go off and pretend she wasn't there. And he treated her so bad! Hell, what was the use of going back there anymore? It was just going to mean more problems with Inu-Yasha. She finally swore an oath never to fall in love again, no matter who may feel the same way for her. Soon enough, she fell asleep.

"Kagome! Hurry and get up! I have some great news." she heard a voice say about three or four hours later. It was her mom. Kagome slowly got out of bed, still with the headache from last night. After getting herself ready for the day and eating breakfast, her mom stood up at the table as if she was about to make a very important announcement. And she did.

"Well, I guess I should tell you why I called you all here. I have some
wonderful news."

"I wonder what that could be?" said Kagome, half to herself, and half to her mom, although she really wasn't interested.

"Well," said her mom, straightening her blouse, "I got a new job
downtown, and since that's about an hour from here, we'll have to move further downtown, and Kagome, we'll have to transfer you to another school."

Just GREAT! thought Kagome. After all, her head hurt, she was tired, and the last thing she needed was to be transferred to another school. That meant she had to make new friends, find her way through a possibly GIANT school with maze-like hallways and not to mention the bullies! Saryashiki Junior High was known for mean bullies.
Kagome looked at her watch. 6:30. This day couldn't get any worse for her.

Her mom handed her a folded up slip of paper. "It's directions to the train station. You have to be there by 7:00 each morning. I already have the transfer papers filled out, so all you have to do is go! I think you should get going. After all, you don't want to be late for your first day at Saryashiki Junior High, do you?" her mom chuckled. "Oh, and by the way, we just got your new uniform! Isn't it cute?" Before Kagome could protest, a blue school uniform was handed to her. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go change!" said her mom.

Minutes later…

She stared blankly at the mirror wearing her new uniform. It was somewhat similar to her old one. It was still a sailor-type uniform, but instead of green and red it was blue and yellow, and the blue pleated skirt that went with it was reached down to her knees and was extremely long compared to her short green one. Besides that, everything else was about the same.

She sighed in disgust. These people seriously have bad taste, she thought to herself as she headed out the door. ("Have a nice day, honey!" Her mom said, grinning.) As she did, she unfolded the slip of paper. She could barely make out a message through the very scratchy handwriting:

Go up the street until you get to West 4th Avenue & Main Street. The bullet train station is to your left.

This was gonna be a long walk.

Meanwhile in downtown Tokyo, Keiko Yukimura was just getting up.

"Oh no! I'm gonna be late!" She quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed. It took her about five minutes to get ready for school and walk out the door. Okay, more like run out of the door. It was 6:35. As she passed by the arcade, she suddenly stopped. She thought she heard a voice. Thinking it was just her imagination, she continued walking. Then she heard it again.

"Damn it! I set this game's record for sucking!"

That was no surprise. Yusuke was skipping school...again. It seemed his favorite place was the arcade. Keiko sighed and stormed into the arcade.
Here we go again, she thought.

Kagome, on the other hand, was in a rush. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, which wasn't very fast because she was still sleepy. She was running and running until something stopped her. She stumbled back, and then she heard some glass shatter and a voice say,
"Hey, watch where you're going!" Kagome looked up. She saw three tall, mean-looking boys of about 18 or 19.
All three of them were dressed in blue jeans, white t-shirts, white sneakers and black leather jackets. One had wavy blond hair and blue eyes, one had long black hair with brown eyes; he looked very much like Yusuke, except he had longer hair and had it pulled back in a ponytail. He also looked like a younger version of Shizuru's short-term lover Sakyo. Finally, the third one had curly red hair and green eyes. All three of them had bottles of beer in their hands, except the black-haired one.

"Well looky what we got here!" said the red-haired one. His voice was squeaky and annoying. "I've never seen her around here before."
Before Kagome could move, the black-haired boy stepped forward, grabbed by the neck, and threw her to the ground.
"You dirty bitch!" he said. His voice bore so much resemblance to Inu-Yasha's that it was pitiful. "Look what ya made me do!" He grabbed her by the neck once again, pulled her up, and pointed to the ground.
Kagome then discovered what that shattering sound was.
She saw a broken beer bottle along with a large brown puddle.
Well someone's aggressive! she thought.
The black-haired one then looked at his friends.
"What do ya think I should do about this, boys?"
The blond one was in the middle of lighting a cigarette when he looked up and said, "I think you should teach her a lesson." His voice was very deep and sounded remarkably like Hiei's.
"Yeah," said the red-haired one. "She made you spill your beer. She
deserves some punishment." He smirked. "Let me go! I DEMAND you to let me go! I won't..." said Kagome, kicking and screaming.
"Shut up, bitch," said the black-haired boy, throwing her to the ground once again. "I'll teach you to spill my beer!"
"HEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPP!" screamed Kagome.

Meanwhile Kazuma Kuwabara was on his way to the arcade when he heard the scream. He ran towards the sound. He ran about three blocks when he saw Kagome and three boys. The black-haired boy had her by the neck in one hand and was repeatedly punching her in the face with the other. He wasn't about to stand there and do nothing. Hitting girls was against his honor code. Kuwabara didn't know Kagome, but he sure as hell wasn't going to stand there and let her get beat to a pulp. He ran towards them and yelled,


The black-haired boy looked up. "Who the hell are you!" he said. "I'm Kazuma Kuwabara, and I won't let you lay another finger on her!" The blond boy was outraged. He dropped Kagome and ran towards Kuwabara. "I don't care who you are! Stay the fuck out of my business!" He jumped up and as he landed he nailed him with a bone-crunching punch in the nose, knocking him down. Kuwabara quickly got up. Blood was streaming down his face but he didn't care. He looked at Kagome. "Stand back," he said in a comforting tone of voice. "I wouldn't want you to get hurt."
Kagome nodded and hid behind a nearby bush.
He then faced his opponent.
The blond smirked.
"Ready to get your ass whooped?" said the black-haired one.
"You WISH!" said Kuwabara, charging toward him. He nailed him with a combo of punches and kicks and then one good, hard punch in the face which knocked him out, and by the looks of it, he wasn't going to wake up from that one anytime soon!

Kuwabara turned and faced the other two.
"Who else wants some!" he said.

They fled like scared dogs.

He wiped the blood from his face and looked at Kagome. "Are you okay?"

Kagome stepped from behind the bush. "Uumm...I guess so... I-I-I-I..." she replied, and then she looked up. Suddenly, her headache disappeared. What-- or who--she saw left her stuttering. She saw a young boy of about 14 or 15. He had orange hair styled in a very outdated, Elvis-looking hairstyle. He had brown eyes and was dressed in a blue school uniform. Kagome just stood there staring at him.

"Hey, are you all right? You're startin' to creep me out just starin' at me like that." said Kuwabara, noticing that Kagome was staring at him for a very long time.

"U-umm...yeah," Kagome replied, snapping out of it. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. By the way, my name's Kazuma Kuwabara," said Kuwabara.

"Hello, Kuwabara-kun," said Kagome. "My name's K-Kagome…Kagome Higurashi."

"Nice to meet you, Higurashi-san." he replied in a friendly tone. "You know, I've never seen you around these parts before. Are you a transfer student or something?"

Kagome nodded. "Yeah, I'm supposed to be going to this school called Saryashiki Junior High and..."

"I go to that school! Hey, why don't you let me walk you to your bus stop?"

Kagome nodded once again.
"Here," he said. "Let me help you up." Kagome tried to stand on her own, but she couldn't. Her back hurt. When the black-haired boy threw her on the ground, she landed on one of the shards of
glass from the beer bottle, and it was stuck in her back.

" You're too weak to walk on your own. And you're bleeding! Please let me help you."

He picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to school.
Kagome looked at her watch. "7:00! Oh, no! We're late!" "Not necessarily," said Kuwabara. "I can run fast. We'll get to school in no time."
And he sped off, carrying her in his arms.



Keiko's yell could be heard throughout the whole city block.

Just great! thought Yusuke. Does she ever leave me alone!

"Oh, no you don't!" said Keiko, spotting him. "You're not skipping school again! Your mom had to do a lot of convincing to the school district just so they wouldn't fail you this year!"

A nearby kid jeered, "Ha ha ha! I always knew Urameshi was a wuss! Look, his mom walks him to school now!" He was tall and had curly blond hair and very bad acne. Everyone in the arcade cracked up. Keiko frowned while Yusuke's face turned beet red.

"Why, you shit-face motherfucker! I'll fuck you up…!" He would made good on his wish if Keiko didn't grab him by the ear and drag him out of the arcade.

"Damn it, Keiko-chan! What'd ya do that for! I was this close to winning..."

"We have school, Yusuke-san! I know you don't want to go, but..."

"But what!" said a very ticked off Yusuke.

Keiko's voice softened. "Can you at least do it...for me?"

Yusuke hated it when this happened. Keiko was his best friend and he didn't like letting her down or seeing her sad. But lately she was always nagging him, which really ticked him off.

"Auughh...DAMN IT! Fine, I'll go ...just for today." He finally said, not because he didn't want to disappoint her, just to get her to shut up.

"But first, I got some unfinished business to take care of." With that, he rolled up his sleeves and stormed back into the arcade.


Everyone else in the arcade stopped laughing immediately. However, the blond boy was still guffawing like a hillbilly and hardly heard him. "…And I bet she cleans the shit off his diapers, too! Hawhawhaw—AUGH!"

Needless to say, Yusuke beat the living hell out of that guy.

Keiko just sighed and grinned. "Oh, Yusuke, you're such a thug…"

After minutes of senseless beating, the two finally headed off to school.