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A/N: Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at a fanfic. Please hang with me, the only DBZ episodes I've actually seen are the ones Funimation have released in English. So, my story is based around that time too, I mean how could I know what Goten and Trunks act like when I've never seen they're personalities? Anyway, I hope you enjoy my piece of fanfiction art, please comment. I'd greatly appreciate if you don't flame, but I'll take constructive criticism anytime.

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Part I:

Freedom Granted

It was a lovely morning really. The sun was shinning, the birds were chirping, but that wasn't entirely a good thing for Gohan. Afterall, just because it was a beautiful site, it wasn't so fun to look at through his bedroom window. Actually, he wasn't supposed to be looking at all. He was supposed to be doing his homework. Mom really didn't seem to understand that Saturdays were NOT supposed to be workdays. Gohan knew it would be a waste of breath to argue the point with his mother though.

Gohan rocked his desk chair back down onto all four legs and looked at the stack of books before him. Really he hadn't gotten this much homework at all. What homework he had gotten, he had also finished at school. His mother believed in extra studying though.

He pulled the first book off the pile and dropped it onto his desk. He almost laughed. An eight year-old (well, almost eight) reading and learning about calculus, it was kind of funny. Gohan shook off his mirth and opened the book. Hmmm, concentrating was a difficult task. Amazing. He could read through his mother screaming at his father for some odd reason (usually lack of table manners), but the tweet tweeting of the birds outside was VERY distracting.

Well, if Gohan wanted to be a scholar, and he did, he would have to work around things like this. So, he forced himself to read. Unfortunately he suffered in-one-ear-and-out-the-other syndrome, only with his eyes and brain. Basically, he really didn't see a word. Man, but this was pointless. Out of habit he rocked onto the two hind legs of his chair again. Looking out the window only made this little problem worse, but Gohan couldn't help himself. It looked so nice outside. Gohan sighed.

Chi Chi stood silently in the open doorway of her son's bedroom. She had been pleased to see him reading so intently only a moment ago, the fact that he was now just staring out his bedroom window did not please her. After he had started playing with his father's friends, her little Gohan just had not been studying as hard as he should. Gohan had to catch up on all that time he lost being on Namek. Not the homework, he had that done, but the extra studying.

Chi Chi looked outside as well. It was a perfect day. She felt pang of guilt then. Such a beautiful day and she was keeping her little Gohan inside. Like she had done for the past three Saturdays. If Goku were around, he would have been nagging at her a while ago to let his son go out and play. Gohan needed to be kept at his studies, but just maybe he needed some free time as well. Chi Chi sighed.

Gohan, who hadn't realized his mother was in the room, just about fell to the ground desk chair and all. Heh, good thing he had gained enough speed on Namek that he could grab the desk before falling all the way to the floor. "Mom! What are you doing here?"

"Oh Gohan," Chi Chi replied, "I was thinking dear. Why don't you go outside for the day?"

Gohan's jaw hit the floor. He was sure it must have. His eyes widened. He stuttered as he said, "Wha, what?"

Chi Chi's eyes narrowed and she gave her son the infamous evil eye. "Don't push it Gohan. You heard me. Now get outside before I change my mind."

With the last, Chi Chi had softened her face and voice. She just couldn't manage the evil mother role when Gohan would look at her with such big eyes. With that last, Gohan's expression changed too. His eyes brightened and he did a very good imitation of his fathers patented smile. Gohan leapt out of his desk chair yelling, "WooHoo!!!"

Gohan then looked at his mother. The evil eye had returned. Gohan cast his eyes to the floor and said, "I mean, yes mom."

"I have a few rules I'm setting for this though Gohan." Chi Chi intoned, "One, you will not go near that Piccolo person or the rest of your fathers friends."

"But mooooommmmmmmmm…"

"NO buts young man! Those people are a bad influence on you. Number two, you WILL be home in time for supper. And number three, you will wait for me to pack you a lunch first, I can't have my son out in the woods scavenging."

Alright mom," Gohan agreed, "But don't you want me to come in for lunch?"

Chi Chi smiled and replied, " I am sending you out today. That means I don't want to see your face before supper. Now come on, I'll pack you a lunch and then your leaving."