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Saturday's Happenings VII: Rescued

Oravis, a tall man with slicked back black hair and a beak of a nose looked truly threatening while pointing a gun. His black sleeved arm was entirely steady as he aimed, drawing a bead on first Piguro's heart, then smiling evily and pointing it at his shoulder. "No quick death for you run-away. You will catch a bullet to each limb and be left to sit for a week before I release you from this world. The boy will get the same for being an acomplis of yours."

For his part, Gohan did his best to keep his eyes from going wide. Sure, the logical part of his brain fully understood that a bullet couldn't harm him. He was half saiyan. His heart on the other hand, lept into his throaght at the thought of being shot. A natural instinct to anyone raised on Earth. He looked at Piguro. The young man sat perfectly still and glaring death at Oravis and his cronies. "You leave the kid out of this. He doesn't have anything to do with you and I only grabbed him because I nearly ran him over. I've never met the kid before." Piguro growled.

Gohan was stunned at this comment. Then it occurred to him that Piguro was only saying that to save Gohan's hide. This man truly was hero material if he ever wanted to be one. "I do not care if you picked the boy up to be your love slave. He was with you and you are attempting to protect him. Therefor the brat dies as well."

"But he is not part of this!"

"Enough, run-away. It is time for your sentence to be passed."

Another toothy grin touched the drug runners sinister lips. Tightning his grip on the gun wich had yet to waver from its target, the grin spread on Oravis's mouth. And yet it never touched his eyes. He blinked slowly, dropped the grin, and pulled the trigger.


The sound erupted through the room followed shortly by a crash of thunder. Fire tore through Piguro's shoulder and a pained scream erupted from his lips. Rage boiled in Gohan's soal and the boy erupted form his seat. In one move he had lept from the bolted chair and into the air. His bonds being broken he yanked the gag from his face. Stunned faces starred at the boy floating in the center of the room.

Gohan struggled, with all of his will power to quell the torrent of anger running through him. It could not be done, they had intentialnaly hurt his friend. They intended to torture him. These thougt were the last Gohan had before the all consuming rage spun all conscience thoughts out of reach. The boy screamed as power engulfed his body. With the one thought he could reach, he had the sense to set his aim up for the outburst. The explosion more like it that rocketed form the boys hands and body. A beam of pure ki sent skyword in his fury.

Though the most part of his enraged power was flung through the roof of the prison, the explosion from around his body blew the three captors straight into the wall. The power of it tore the bonds from Piguro and nearly threw him from his seat. Gohan turned his face from the now visible sky taoward the souces of his irritation. The rain now pouring in hrough the gigantic hole in the ceiling,where the ware-house had once stood, did nothing to cool his temper.

The three evil men were still awake even after their introduction to the wall. Oravis's face quivered in a fear driven rage of his own "Get that boy! Stand up and get that boy you idiots!"

Kable and Gonturran both stood and crouched to a football tackle stance. Neither were sure just what they could do to this maricle floating child, but what ever he did to them would be better than what Oravis would do to them. Both took off at the same time charging Gohan. The boy smiled and caught the fist of each manwhen they were thrown at him and preceed to toss them both away. With a speed fueled by rage he came up from beneath each falling man and nailed them both solidly in the jaws before they ever touched the ground. As a finishing touch, Gohan swiftly brought up both of his feet beneath each mans chin and sent them spiralling out of the hole in the cielling.

Turning back to the mob boss, Gohan found that the man had retreived his revolver and now stood aiming it at the boy. With a grim look Oravis fired off the last five rounds in his gun in rapid succsesion. Gohan caught each bullet with reletive ease in the palm of his right hand. Oravis's eyes widened as Gohan poened his hand to reveal his feet and dropped the bullets to the ground. Gohan smiled grimly and fased out of sight only to faze in behind the beak nosed man and punch him solidly in his back.

Piguro had stood up by this point and was cradling his shoulder. He watched the kid catch the bullets and dump them on the ground. Then he just dissapeared. Suddenly Oravis came stubling forward. He came to a halt before Piguro, his eyes were glazed and unresponsive but the man still stood. With a grim grin of his own, Piguro pulled back his fist and preceeded to nail the man right in his outstanding nose, sending him sprawling on the floor and out for the count.

Gohan stood stari at the fallen man. Blood dripped by his feet, but that didn't belong to Oravis. Full awarness had returned to the boy and he remebered his friend. Rushing over to his pale companion, Gohan once again showed one of his father's traits by stating the obvious, "Piguro! Your hurt…"


Piccolo and Krillin had both spotted and felt the amazing burst of energy in the middle of the city. The ki signiture on that was written all over with Gohan. Both had rushed to the site and found a husk of a building, its insides had ben blown to pieces. Two people stood in the basement and one on the floor. The two men looked at each other before floating down to the basement level.

"Mr. Piccolo! Krillin! Please, Piguro is hurt. Can you do something?"

Krillin smiled and pulled a belt pouch from his outfit. Pulling out a small green bean he stated, "Senzu bean, never leave home with out one." He then walked over to the young man with the bloddy shoulder and encouraged him to eat it. Piguro did as he was told, although reluctantly and was healed instantly.

Sirens could be heard coming to the scene and the four people, whom decided they would rather not talk to the plolice, took flight toward the Son home, Piguro being carried by Gohan. The two youngest filled their elders in on the goings on of the day and the three Z warriors explained to Piguro the reasons behind Gohan's amazing powers. Piccolo did not accompany them all the way to the Son home, saying something about needing to continue training. When the other three arrived though, they were greeted warmly by Chi Chi who exclaimed that they were all soaked to the bone and likely starving to death.

Krillin managed to slip away the next day, but Chi Chi insisted on keeping Piguro for the next week. This before he convinced Chi Chi he would stay on the straight and narrow in the city and when Gohan came to visit, he would not misslead the boy. Gohan was not allowed out on a Saturday for the next month and as punishment for wandering so far he was made to wash the laundry for two months, including his poor muddy yellow student uniform. All in all, things turned out well, considering that Saturday's happenings.

Well, there you have it. Probably the longest part in my story and my very first (if short) fight sceene. Tell me what you think. And if you think I should write more. Untill the next story, Adios!

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