She walks through the halls alone. Always alone.

She doesn't know what separates her from the others. What dooms her to this life of solitude. But I do.

She is something different than anyone you have ever seen. Something so different, and so beautiful.

You never tell her, of course. You never tell anyone. Most of them think you despise her. You can see where they might get that idea. You are a creature of logic and she is one of emotion. She believes in things with all her heart, even when almost no one else does. And she never lets anyone make her doubt her beliefs.

You admire that about her. You are always second guessing yourself. Checking yourself against books and making sure you are not the only one to think something.

To be alone would be your worst nightmare.

But she lives your nightmare every day and she seems fine.

And that fascinates you.

Perhaps that is why you find yourself with her on that empty staircase. You slide down beside her, folding your hands in your lap and looking down at them.

"Hello, Hermione," she says. Her voice is distant and dazed, as always.

"Hello, Luna," you mutter. You're not sure why, but you are blushing like mad.

"Shouldn't you be at dinner?" she asks you.

You shrug. "Shouldn't you?"

She nods.

"Then why aren't you?"

"I came here to think."


There is silence once more.

Then, you feel her looking at you.

"Hermione," she says softly. "Do you think I'm strange?"

The blush on your cheeks is even deeper now. You look over at her. At her wavy, dishwater blonde hair. Her protuberant, crystal blue eyes. The radishes hanging from her ears.

"I think – " you sputter. You look down at the stone floor.

"I think you're beautiful."

You look up at her to gauge her reaction. A smile is spreading over her face, lighting it in a way you rarely see these days. This time is a time of darkness and war, and to see someone so purely good looking happy makes you heart warm.

"I, er, better get down to the Hall," you say, feeling suddenly very shy. You get to your feet and are walking away when her voice stops you.


You pause and turn to face her, not sure what to expect.

"I think you're strange."

Your face cracks into a smile.

"Thank you, Luna."