The moment he was near his guardian and boyfriend he was pulled in a tight hug. He silently cried on Sev's shoulder while the man whispered nonsense to him, trying to calm him down. 20 minutes later, Harry fell asleep. Severus didn't have the heart to wake him up, carrying him to the car where Draco told him to put him in the back. The ride back to Hogwarts was silent, Draco running his fingers through Harry's hair, thinking of the day's events.

Chapter 34

When they arrived to Hogwarts, Sev carried Harry to his room and left him with Draco while he went to talk to the Headmaster.

A few hours later, Harry woke up a bit disorientated. He could feel someone's hands around him so he immediately tensed up.

"Shh…it's just me, Draco" the boy said, feeling Harry was starting to struggle.

"Hey. Sorry about that. I didn't know where I was." Harry answered, feeling foolish.

"It's ok. Why don't we have something to eat and then Sev said he wanted to talk to the both of us." Draco said.


… … …

Half an hour later, Severus came back. He smiled at the two teens who were sitting on the couch, Draco's arms around Harry's waist in a protective embrace.

"Feeling better Harry?"

"Yeah…sorry about the whole court thing. I don't know what came over me" Harry answered, not looking at Severus.

"It was a normal reaction. I wanted to talk to both of you. Harry we need to make a schedule for you to get your grades up. So I talked to the Headmaster and he agreed to allow you to sleep here from now on. You are still allowed to sleep in the room you share with Draco but I feel that it would be much better if someone was to supervise you."

"I guess…" Harry said though he felt like he was being punished for something that in a way he had no control over.

Severus, reading Harry's reactions very well, continued.

"Don't take this as a punishment. I am not mad at you. I just want to make sure that you get your grades up. Ok? And if you feel uncomfortable with anything that happens here I want you to tell me."

"Ok. Will I still have the sessions with John?" Harry asked.

"Yes, though I talked with him yesterday and he moved your sessions on Friday nights. And Dr. Watson called this morning before we went to court and she said she wanted to see you next week for a checkup."

Severus said. Harry had been seeing Dr. Watson every 3 weeks. After Dr. Watson had realized how thin Harry was she had made a lot of tests to him and in the end Harry had to take vitamins and some pills.

Unfortunately, because he had been malnourished and undernourished for most of his life his body wasn't as strong as it should be. His immune system was not what one would describe as well and he had trouble putting on weight because his body had had so little…but things were getting better.

"Again?" Harry groaned. He liked Dr. Watson but he hated being in the hospital with passion.

"Yes, Harry again" Severus said with a small smile.

…. … …

Then next morning the three of them and Remus were ready to listen to the verdict.

"Before I give my verdict is there anything that you wish to add Harry?"

"No, Your Honor" Harry added shyly.

"Mr. Dursley?"

"I jus want to say that I regret nothing! I did what I did because the boy was a freak! He should have died with his parents!" Vernon started yelling and continued until he was restrained by the guards.

By that point however Harry was shaking like mad and neither Draco nor Severus could do anything to calm him.

"Harry…I need you to listen to me" Severus tried. Seeing no reaction he tried to hug him but Harry began to struggle and scream. Everyone was watching the scene with interest and some had tears in their eyes.

In the end John sedated Harry and told Severus to take him back to Hogwarts.

Several hours later, while Harry was still asleep Remus called to tell them the verdict. Of course Vernon was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years of prison though he was able to get out on probation in 5.

… … …

"Harry are you ready?" Draco yelled from the living room.

It had been two weeks since the trial and things were slowly settling. The contest began in half an hour and both boys were very nervous. Harry was glad that at least he didn't have to worry about Riddle anymore. Severus had caught Riddle attacking Harry again right after the trial. This time not school governor could help him and the boy had transferred to another school.

"Yeah I'm ready. I hope everything goes ok…I am so nervous. What if I forget the piece? What if I make a foul of myself?" Harry started and was silenced by Draco with a kiss.

The two were slowly working on their relationship but it would be a very long time till they would do anything more than kissing. Harry couldn't handle much physical contact and Draco respected that. He continued his sessions with John and things were a bit better but John had told Draco after he had asked if Harry would ever be ok that he would probably always have some problems…things like this didn't go away.

… … …

Draco played the piano beautifully…he had chosen a piece by Rachmaninov in the end and it sounded fantastic. His parents who of course had come to the contest were more than proud. And Severus gave one of his rare smiles after the performance.

Hermione had also done very good and she would probably win even after Draco's performance.

Harry of course was extraordinary. People couldn't stop clapping after his piece. He had played a piece by Vivaldi and it had sounded more than fantastic. Everyone could see that he felt the music…that he lived for it.

The orchestra also did good having played a violin concert by Brahms but Durmstrang School had played better and the students knew it.

Two days after the contest ended the winners for every instrument were announced. Of course Hermione had won her scholarship and so had Harry. Draco was a nervous wreck. He knew that he had played the saxophone very well but he wasn't sure he could win. Ron knew that he would win…half of the participants had made little mistakes while paying the flute so he was quite confidant.

"Will you calm down? You're going to win!" Harry said, trying to get his boyfriend to settle down. He had been pacing for over half an hour.

"But what if I lose? I mean you already know you've won and you were expecting it anyway but what if…" Draco continued. It was a rare thing to see him lose his Malfoy calm in public.

"You'll be fine love. Let's go, they're about to announce the winners."

Of course Draco had also won the scholarship. His mother had tears in her eyes when she came to congratulate him and Harry. She was proud of her son and even more so of Harry for being able to accomplish this after everything that had happened.

… … …

"You guys had better write during this holiday! And you can call me…I mean…that's if umm…that's if you want to of course." Harry finished shyly.

"Of course we will" Hermione said, feeling a bit of sadness creeping in. She hated the way Harry would lose his self-confidence like that. They had been friends for years and yet he didn't expect them to call?

"And we'll see each other on the train to Guildhall" Ron continued.

"Bye guys…see you soon." both Draco and Harry said while the other two turned to leave with their families.

… … …

"Harry are you ready?" Severus asked. He was taking him and Draco to Malfoy Manor where they would spend the first week of holiday. After that he had planned on taking Harry on a small trip to the ocean since the boy had admitted that he had always dreamed to see it. After that they had no real plans…he just wanted to give Harry a nice holiday…his first real one.

"Yeah I am…" Harry said sadly.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm just going to miss this place I guess…"

"I know…but it's not that far from Guildhall and you can come visit me here anytime you want…you know that." Severus tried, hoping to cheer him up.

"I know. Well we should go…Draco's probably waiting for us downstairs."

The two went downstairs where they met a very cheerful Draco. He had been like this ever since finishing with the contest four weeks before. Harry had also been able to graduate with his schoolmates and his grades were once again very good. It had taken long sleepless nights to get there but it was worth it. His sessions with John were getting better and they had helped in his relationship with both Severus and Draco. He was opening more to the both of them and the nightmares were slowly going away. All in all Harry thought it had been a good year…and the next would certainly be much better.


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The songs at the contest were:

Rachmaninov – Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op.3 No.2

Vivaldi – Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in A Minor, Op3 No6

Brahms – Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.77 Adagio

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