Almost a year after Jak's battle with Metal-Kor did Haven City start living in its Golden Age. The Metal-Heads were all but extinct, the last bits of corruption left by Praxis had been expelled, and Jak was finally living in peace.

Jak and Keria were living at the palace with Ashelin and Torn. Ashelin was the governor of the city and held executive power firmly in her hands. Torn was the captain of the Krimson Guard and had been using them in offensive strikes against the remaining Metal-Head locations. But Jak and Keria had a more complicated time ahead of them. Everyone knew that The Kid was the true heir to the city's throne and, although Ashelin and Torn tried to keep it under wraps, since Jak was The Kid's older form people had started to demand that Jak rule. Jak didn't want the throne and wouldn't take it. He refused to wield any form of power but did finally take the position of king. He was merely a figure-head but he could be used by Ashelin to force into policy things she wanted done. With Jak beside her she could do anything.

Ashelin's first priority was to get the city's supply of eco back up. Praxis had been giving all the reserve eco stores to the Metal-Heads and the city's stockpiles were gone. That being said I'll start the story where it started, at the Drill Platform.

Steve and Hank had the most boring jobs in the city. There job was to monitor the huge drills at the drill platform. Nothing interesting ever happened. But one day the dusty warning light began to flash and the same dull low hum of the drill became a loud screech. "Ah Mar," said Hank. "What the hell happened?" he asked Steve. Steve was looking at a monitor which showed the drill in its eternal churning. Apparently the drill had struck something harder than the rock they were extracting eco from. "Damnit," exclaimed Steve. "The fuckin' drills' stuck on something." "You kidding?" asked Hank. "That drill'll cut through anything." "Well it ain't cutting through this." said Steve pointing to the screen. The smaller drills had cut away the debris around the object and it appeared to be some sort of container. "We'd better check this out," said Steve. "This could be some serious shit." Hank sighed but followed him.

They took a lift that ran down next to the drill and was to be used for situations like this. The two men stepped out and withdrew their laser cutting tools. The "lid" of the container was very large and very thick. It was painstaking work but eventually they got the lid to give way slightly. Inside they saw a dark liquid. It was... "Eco?" said Steve. "Is that eco?" "Yeah," said Hank. "It has to be."

The two took several pictures of this and sent them to Ashelin. Usually the only reports they gave to the palace were the quarterly quotas but now something very interesting had come. They had just found an unlimited supply of eco; the city would never need to mine again. They were going to be heroes. Or were they?