Two things I have to cover before I can give you the teaser for "The Last of the Metal-Heads.

First off I would like to thank everyone who read and especially reviewed my story. (You know who you are.) And another thing that seems to confuse you. I'm not going to tell you which buttone Jak pushed. It's supposed to be something that you decide for yourself. I'm sorry for anyone who waiting for a revealtion but I promise that I'm not going to leave you hanging here. So here's the trailer for "The Last of he Metal-Heads."!

It was a dark cold and wet night in Haven City. Everyone was either at home in bed or curled up by a fire in their homes. But one man wasn't. A single figure was walking silentley down the streets of South Town, his destenation was the Stadium. His name was Rail.

He wore a black leather jacket, and a black tee-shirt under it. He had short black spike hair, black jeans and black boots. He had an aura about him that told people to back off and not to get in his way. He knew it and used it whenever he wanted to.

It was only last night when Jak destroyed the Metal-Head leader, the Metal-Head army collapsed when their leaders death was apparent and Rail had had to spend the last day cleaning up all the crap that the Metal-Heads had caused. He wanted peace and he knew there was one place he could get it. He was going to Keria's. He smiled as he remembered the first time he met her.


Rail, Erol and several KG were patrolling the Slums when three things fell out of the sky.

"What was that!" yelled Rail, looking up.

"Something's going on," said Rail. "You go check out the one that landed in South Town, I'll check the one in the Slums and Bolt you get he one in the Ag sector.

Rail grabbed four men and jogged off. After about 15 minutes of searching he found her. The figure of a young women, no older than 16. She was the most beautiful woman that Rail had seen. One of the guards raised his gun and trained the laser sight on her. Rail turned to him and pushed his barrel down.

"Stay back." he said. He walked over and picked up the girl's head. He pressed her neck to check for a pulse. She stireed and opened her eyes and stared into Rail's eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

"J..J..Jak?" she mumbeled.

"My name's Rail," he said quitely. "Who are you?"

She fainted again. Rail exaimed her body and saw a necklace around her neck. He lifted it up and looked at the finely carved piece of wood. 'Keria' it said. Rail's thoughts were interupted by his comm unit.
"I got a young boy here and Bolt's got an old geezer. They're both kicking and were taking them to prison. What about you." It was Erol. Rail knew this 'Keria' was alive and he knew what Erol would do to her in prison.

"Mines dead," he lied. "I'm calling the meat wagon."

"10-4" said Erol and clicked off.

Rail got on his comm and called the "meat wagon". When the coroner arrived he walked over to Keria's body and took one look before saying,
"She's alive." He looked at Rail and found himself staring down the barrel of Rail's gun.

"You're going to pronounce her dead and cart away a KG armor suit to pose as her body, do I make myself perfectly clear?"

"Uh.... y-y-yes sir.." he ran off and flew away in his car.

Rail turned to his men and placed the laser of his gun on each of there forheads. "No one besides the five of us will EVER know about this incident. Do I make myself PERFECTLY CLEAR!"

Three of them answered in perfect unison "Yes, sir!" but one, a new recruit said. "But sir, falisfying a death is against regulation..." Rail whirled on him, and point his gun right at his neck.


"Yes sir. Sorry, sir."

"Alright," said Rail. "A.K., you're in charge. I want ground patrols until noon, OK? Good."

Rail picked up Keria's limp body and put her in the passenger side of his Hellcat cruiser. He flew to his house and took her inside and layed her down on the bed and stayed by her side until she awoke.


Rail was passing in front of the palace. He stopped and looked up at the monolith. He remembered several times in the palace, some good, some better, and some bad. He was an expert lier and had no problem telling Praxis that the young woman had been killed and was now being given an autopsy as they speak. He gritted his teeth in hatred howeer when he remembered how Erol reacted when he found that he had been lied to.

Rail had found her a legitamate job as a race mechanic but unfortuanately she was assigned to be Erol's mechanic. That's when Erol found the necklace she still wore. Erol was mad, very mad.


Erol grabbed Rail by the scruff of his shirt and slammed him into the wall of his gargage.

"You miserable, insubordinate, lying piece of shit!" screamed Erol. "You told me she was dead! You were just keeping her around as your play thing!"

'Big mistake' thought Rail. Rail reared back his arm and decked Erol in the jaw. "Wanna say that again?"

Erol pulled out his gun and pistol whipped Rail across the face. Rail clutched his mouth and took a step back. Erol put his gun to Rail's head. "She's mine now, understand?" he said coldly. "You stay away from her or next time I'll pull the trigger."

Erol turned nd stalked away. Rail spat the blood out of his mouth and went his seperate way.


Rail hadn't seen Keria since that day. He had seen all of her races and had shadowed her during her tour of the palace and made sure to keep a heavy KG presence in the Stadium sector to protect her during the Metal-Head assault. Now though Erol was dead, he had died when he tried to hit Jak with his Zoomer after Jak beat him in the Class One race.Erol was no great loss to the world. Everyone else in the Stadium screamed in fear, or even cried. Rail just smile grimly and left.

He had had enough of this crap though, now he was sick and tired of everything. Seeing the lights of the Stadium in the distance he started walking again. The road was still long and cold but he kept going until he reached the steps. The last time he was here he remembered seeing a bloodbath. Jak had just won the race and the KG were hot on his trail. Praxis was stupid, Erol had been stupid, the entire city was stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid it made him want to scream sometimes. He took a few deep breaths and walked up to her door. He knocked three times. It was opened by Jak.