A/N: As I've decided there's need to be more stories involving Greg, I'm putting this up. It's just little vignettes I thought up after reading a few quotes I wrote down somewhere. Hope you enjoy.

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First Day

"I'd like you all to meet the new lab tech, Gregory Sanders." Spoke Gil Grissom to the crowd in the break room. They all looked at they young man, fresh from university, and wondered what he was like.
"Sanders?" Nick Stokes chuckled. "You related to the Colonel or something?" Then, under his breath, he added, "What a dumb name."
"Don't insult the name. It may be a dumb name, but its my dumb name."
Case files

"Catherine, you've got a D.B. down on 104th street." Grissom passed her the information.
"88 years old? I don't think this was a murder..."
"Well, whether it is or not, its your case."
"And a 23 year old wife?" Catherine made a face as Greg walked in.
"Live long and prosper, then die old and leave your gold-digging wife out of the will."
"How do you come up with this stuff?"

Nick, Sara and Warrick were lounging around in the break room, waiting for a case to be assigned. While all were utterly bored, Greg entered and headed over to the coffeemaker to find his freshly made, Blue Hawaiian coffee gone.
"I'd just like to assure everyone that, yes, life still isn't fair."
"Thanks for the memo, man. And the coffee."
Hand Puppet

"Hand puppets?" Nick looked at Warrick in disbelief. "He killed people because his hand puppets told him to?" Greg, who was wandering past, stopped.
"What?" Warrick just nodded.
"It's true."
"I'm not insane, and my hand puppet agrees with me." With that, he continued on his way.

"If I were to laugh uproariously right now, would it detract from the moment?" They all turned to look at Greg. "What? It is pretty ironic."
"Excuse me?"
"Well... some guy trains his whole to become such an awesome whale trainer, and then gets eaten by one. How many times do you hear a story like that?"
Love at First Sight

"What do you think about love at first sight, Sara?" There was a small pause as she thought of an answer.
"Not only is it shallow, but quite stupid. What about you, Greg?"
"This is gonna be good," muttered Warrick.
"Love at first sight is wonderful... unless you're blind. Then it's love at first sound, I suppose, unless you're deaf, too."
"Told ya."

"Greg, I need you to-"Grissom stopped as he saw Greg. "What is that on your head?"
"A sock." was the simple reply.
"Get that sock off your head." Greg turned to face Grissom and placed a hand on his hip.

"What is he singing?" asked Sara as her, Nick, Warrick, and Catherine stood outside the lab, watching Greg sit at his desk, singing.
"I have no idea, but it's freaking me out," Warrick replied.
"Is he dissecting a... bee?" They all tried to look closer at Greg's desk. "He seems to have stopped..."
"Happy little bee goes bzz, bzz, bz." The group glared at Catherine.
"Or not."
"He is one sick man."