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:Warning: Mild Catherine and Sofia bashing. Only mild, but if you like those characters and will be offended by a teensy weensy joke at their expense, then don't read!

"Parental troubles?" questioned Greg as he sidled up to Catherine, who was currently watching Lindsay stalk off.

"I try to be a good mother, but, it's… I admit that I haven't exactly made the best parental choices, but…"

"I'm pretty sure that a turnip could have made better parental choices," he responded without thinking, earning himself a smack.

It had been a dull evening at the Las Vegas Crime Lab, leaving the occupants to putter about. Nick and Warrick were currently neck and neck in some video game, while Greg looked around, pencil tapping against an open notebook.

"Aha!" he cried, startling Nick into falling over and allowing Warrick to win. "Today's inspirational object!"

The two men looked at Greg, more than slightly confused.

"Why do farmers get to be the Grim Reaper with their long, knifey things?" Grissom and Sara paused before looking over at Greg. The three were currently standing in the middle of a forest with a dead body tied to a tree in the position of a scarecrow.

"A farmer?"

"Yeah," Greg nodded, picking up the long knife in question after photographing it. "I wanna be a Grim Reaper. You meet a lot of people that way."

With one eyebrow raised, Nick entered the fingerprint lab after seeing Jacqui and Archie trying to smother their laughter.

"What's going on?" Jacqui pointed across the hall towards the DNA lab where Greg was working. He didn't notice anything funny, and was about to ask them again when Greg got up. Taped to the back of his lab coat was a sign which proclaimed, "Glomp Me!"

Sara rolled her eyes at the pouting Greg who was positioned across the evidence table from her.


"You're evil."

"You say evil… I say morally challenged."

"You should start a club with Hodges."

"It's not my fault I tripped over Hodges foot and got my tie stuck in the Mass Spec." Warrick snorted.

"Still, they're all laughing at you." Greg finished glaring at Warrick to look at Sara.

"You sure they aren't laughing with me?"


Both the night and swing shift had managed to get free for an hour in order to have breakfast together.

"Too bad Sofia had to go drop her niece off at school."

"Yes," began Sara. "Too bad."

"Are you sure you're not mad, Greg?" questioned Nick, since it had in face been his foot Greg had tripped over, not Hodges.

"Well, you'll never know until you read my memoirs."

"You know," remarked Grissom. "Warrick, Nick, and Catherine don't really seem to like Sofia, do they?"

"Maybe because they met her?" Grissom and Sara looked at Greg in shock. "Did I say that?"

"I thought you liked Sofia." Greg shrugged.

Jacqui entered the break room to find Greg treating some prong like stab wounds in his arm.

"What happened?"

"I didn't pay attention." She sat down to help him clean the cuts.

"To somebody with a big fork?" He rolled his eyes.

"He's coming."

"The fork guy?" Jacqui questioned.

"No, Doc Robbins. He said he'd look at it."

"God, everyday here is the same," muttered Sara, shading her eyes from the sun.

"Bright, sunny, beautiful; However can we escape this torment?"

"Shut up, Greg. I thought you'd understand."

"Because I grew up in California?" Sara nodded. "I lived long enough in New York to realise that I hate snow."