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Chapter 1: Werewolf Trap and the death of a loved one

Sarah Anne Valerious, daughter of Anna Valerious and Princess of the gypsies, laid down low in the bushes waiting for her Uncle Velkan to give her team the signal to trap a murderous monster: A werewolf. Anna, her mother, put a hand on Sarah's shoulder for comfort. Sarah was brave, but a little bit scared. Not for long. Her ears trailed off to a low growl. He was here.

Sarah's family has been fighting of another kind monster, but hasn't succeeded. This monster was named Count Valdislaus Dragulia. But she and her villagers call him Dracula. Dracula also had three brides, named Marishka, Verona, and Aleera. They each have different personalities. Marishka was sort of the strong one, Verona was the brave one, and Aleera, well, let's say Aleera should pay a little visit to an asylum. For four hundred years, the Valerious family has been hunting vampires. All have failed but three of the latest descendants: Velkan, Anna, and Sarah, the youngest one.

"Come on. Dracula unleashed you for a reason" Sarah whispered menacingly.

Sarah held her breath silently and thus, the werewolf leapt out of the bushes and charged at her Uncle Velkan. Velkan ripped his hands of the ropes tied to the pole, and jumped on top to climb up a tree.

"Now!" he cried.

That was Sarah's cue. She gripped the lever and pushed. But wait! The lever was stuck!

"Uncle! It's stuck!" she screamed

"Hurry Sarah!" Velkan yelled back.

Sarah tried with all her might as her mother went out to help. Then she noticed something. There was a rope attached to the lever. Sarah sighed through the yells and roars.

"If I live through this, the first thing I'm gonna do is hurt the idiot who placed the lever," she threatened as she pulled out her gun.

Sarah shot the rope, and the lever was pushed down. An iron cage flew out of the ground and the werewolf was trapped inside.

"Yes!" Sarah whispered to herself. "Who rules?"

Sarah took her gun, rolled out of the bushes, and started shooting with the rest of the men. The werewolf slammed against the bars, making it swing back and forth. It swung so hard, that it knocked Velkan's gun from his hands. Sarah was the first to notice it fall, but didn't see where it landed, for it was hidden in the leaves.

"Find my gun!" cried Velkan

Sarah spotted a man who readied hi rifle and aimed at the cage. Sarah pushed it down.

"No! Find my uncle's gun. It has the only silver bullets!" she urged.

Sarah turned back, and saw her mother racing to the middle of the clearing.

"Mom! Are you crazy?" she yelled.

"I found it!" Anna yelled back.

Suddenly, the ropes to the cage snapped, and BAM! The cage came smashing down, blocking the gun. Anna turned back.

"RUN!" she screamed.

Sarah, knowing that she needed to obey for once in her life, scrambled away from the clearing and ran into the forest. Countless times, she almost slipped with the leaves but she never lost her balance. From a nearby distance, she heard a shot fire. She skidded to a stop, and landed on the ground finally slipping.

"Ouch! My butt," she groaned.

Sarah got up and ran to the direction where she heard the shot. She stopped as she saw her mother looking down at the river. Slowly calming down, she walked to her mother. Anna looked at Sarah with tears in her eyes.

"Velkan," she whispered.

Sarah hung her head down low. Her uncle died saving her mother. And now, they were the only two left in the world.

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