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That night, Van Helsing walked around the Valerious Manor cursing himself for letting Dracula take Sarah away. He promised the Cardinal back at the order that he would make sure nothing happened to her, and he broke that promise. He broke a million promises. Suddenly, he heard Anna crying in the living room by the fire. A blanket was around her, and she was sitting in a chair. He walked over to her and sat by her.

"I'm sorry I let her go. I'm gonna get her back." Van Helsing reassured

"How? Dracula's probably bitten her by now...It's my fault. I should never have let her hunt. I knew she was too young," Anna sobbed.

"I don't know how I'm gonna get her back, but I just know she's all right. I know she'll be safe. And I know that you'll see her again."

Anna sighed.

"You know, you're probably right. She wasn't always like she is now. She used to run around the house playing hide and seek with her uncle. And she never wanted to fight vampires," she said

"What made her change her mind?" asked Van Helsing.

"When my mother died. She was strangled by Aleera. And so Sarah vowed revenge. The day of her funeral, she packed away her toys, and this,"

Anna took out a necklace she had around her neck. It had a charm with a moon and a star hanging on it's edge.

"I gave this to her when she was just born. It was my mothers, she passed it on to me, and I passed it on to her. Before she became a hunter she never took it off. I'm afraid she's forgotten about it," she whispered

"But she'll never forget this: She knows she'll home soon," Van Helsing said as he put an arm around her.

"I'm never gonna be home soon," said Sarah as she paced back and forth around the room.

Dracula had put Sarah in the tallest tower, in the coldest room. The sun was setting, she's been up all night and all day, and the sounds of machinary echoed through the hallway. But she knew Dracula and Aleera were resting in their coffins. However they would awake soon. And she had no time. She started searching around the prison

for anything to pick the lock. But all she found was bones and such.

"Ugh! I can't find anything! This is so stupid!"

Sarah put her hands on her hips. The wind started to blow again, and she started rubbing her arms. She was still in her dress from last night, and she's been freezing cold since. Suddenly she noticed something. An electrical cord was hanging above her window outside that led to another tower. She searched through the bones and found a long one. She climbed out the window, put the bone over the cord, took a deep breath, and pushed herself from the prison as the sun set. She crashed through the window of the next tower and rolled on the ground. She slowly got up off the ground, and shook her head. While she did, the room started to grow dark and more colder. Sarah became more alert then. She grabbed a torch from off the wall and went down the hall, careful not to step on the glass with her bare feet. With slow and silent brething, she walked the dark corridors with caution. The wind blew again, and the torch went out. It was pitch black, and Sarah couldn't see a thing. But she saw a sliver of light up ahead and walked slowly. When she got there she could hear Dwergi shouting orders in Romanian through their muffled mouths and sparks flying everywhere. And voices.

Coming from the other side of the tower. And two yells. One that was sounded like a wail, and a pericing scream. Then she heard another yell almost mixed with the sound of human and werewolf. Sarah went wide-eyed. There was only one man who was diagnosed with werewolf venom, and that was Van Helsing. He was here! She didn't know how, but he was here! Forgetting about the drakness in the hallway, Sarah ran yelling his name.

"Van Helsing! Van Helsing! I'm right here!" she cried with happiness

"And so am I, dear child," said a spine-chilling voice

Sarah gasped and turned around to face Dracula with a candle in his hand showing his face. She stood up straight, showing her courage.

"You lost Dracula. Van Helsing found me. Now set me and Frankenstein free like you promised!" she said with a grin.

"True, I did promise young Valerious. But Gabriel has not found you yet. And I intend to see to it that he never does," Dracula said

Dracula took Sarah by the hand hard, and swiftly took her to the foyer where they were preparing Frankenstein to bring Dracula's children to life.

"Let him go!" shouted Sarah.

"I cannot let that happen."

"But I can. Van Helsing will find me like he promised me. And he'll turn you into a big pile of dust once he does, you big lousy bat breath monster!"

Dracula let out a shreik, and pushed Sarah to the wall making a scratch on the side of her head bleeding. He bound her hands with metal cuffs that hung above her head. Sarah looked at Dracula with hatred.

"Oh come on! I'm sure you were called worse names! You can't take that seriously," she complained.

"As your future father, I forbid you to say a word until you have become what I am!" Dracula yelled.

"What makes you think that you would be my father, and that I would be your daughter?"

"Because I will be."

Without another word, Dracula turned away leaving Sarah alone struggling with her bonds until her wrists started to bleed. Suddenly she heard footsteps running toward her. She kept going still no matter how much pain it brought.

"Somebody he--"

Before she could finish, a hand was clamped over her mouth. She let out a muffled scream in fright because he came so sudden.

"Shh," the owner of the hand said.

Sarah scilenced herself as the owner of the hand came face to face. It was Van Helsing!

"Van Helsing! I knew you'd find me! I just knew you would," Sarah said with happiness

Van Helsing hugged Sarah so tight, she could hardly breathe. Sarah didn't mind. She knew she was safe. Van Helsing let go and took out his tojo blades.

"Hold still," he said as he cut off the chains.

Once Sarah was free, Sarah hugged him back.

"Go find your mother," Van Helsing said.

"But I want to kill Dracula with you," Sarah complained.

"Go! Before I turn into a werewolf. It'll be too dangerous,"

Sarah hestitaed before she took off running, obeying Van Helsing. She had forgotten about how he had been bitten through all the fighting. She ran through the slippery halls, sliding on the cold hard ice until she came to an abrupt stop against a glass door. She fell to the ground backwards and it her head.

"Ouch!" she almost screamed.

"Sarah?" cried a voice.

Sarah looked up and saw her mother and Carl in front of a vial with a needle inside it. Sarah's mother raced across the room to the door as Sarah got up.

"You're all right! You're alive!" she shouted.

"Of course I'm alive. I'm a Valerious. I'm always alive. See the gash on my head? It's proof that I'm hurt, but not terribly hurt. Who locked you guys in here? Don't tell me Dracula took you guys too,"

"Well actually, Igor betrayed us after he said he'd lead us to an antidote for Van Helsing." Carl explained.

"Oh geez! Never trust an allie of Dracula's, Carl. That's so stupid!"

"How was I supposed to know?"

"All right fine! Where's the lever to this thing?"

"It's on the side of the wall. And hurry!" ordered Anna.

Sarah looked to her left and saw a lever pointing up. She pulled it down. Nothing happened.

"This is complete junk!" she shouted.

"Try again!" Anna ordered again.

Sarah looked at her mother and went wide-eyed. Aleera was hanging upside down behind them

"Mom! Look out!" she cried

Anna and Carl turned around and saw Aleera. She let out a shriek, and Anna and Carl backed away. She dropped down.

"Did I scare you?" she asked.

"N...No," Carl lied.

Sarah held her head in her forehead.

"Then maybe I need to try a little harder," Aleera said as she looked at Anna, then cackled.

Without warning, Anna pushed the vial that held the antidote. It was full of acid and some of it smashed on Aleera's face. She held her face with both hands screaming.

"Viscous material! What did I tell you!" cried Carl.

Sarah saw the needle full of reddish liquid roll on the ground against the wall. Carl picked it up with his robes as Anna threw acid against the door burning the window.

"Come on Carl hurry up!" Sarah shouted. "We've got to get the antidote to Van Helsing!"

Carl came out and he and Sarah started to run. When Anna started to came out she was backed away by Aleera, her face half burned and twice as ugly in Sarah's opinion.

"You can't go until I say you can go!" she said.

"Kepp running Sarah!" shouted Anna

"Come here! And I say you can go when you are dead!"

Aleera threw Anna across the room. Sarah hesitated before running with Carl. She knew her mother could take on Aleera anytime. Outside lightning struck and rain fell down hard.

"Oh my goodness," said Carl in awe

"Got that right," Sarah agreed.

Through the roaring of thunder and cold rain, Sarah thought she heard a small crackle of electricity. She raised and eyebrow and turned around. Igor was running toward them with an electric gun.

"Carl! Watch out!" she shouted

Carl turned around just in time to duck out of Igors way. Sarah was running around in circles trying to get away from Igor.

"You knock it off! Didn't your mother teach you any manners!?" she shouted.

Igor just kept on laughing like a maniac. Sarah stopped.

"All right that's it!"

Sarah knocked the electric gun from Igors hands and started kicking him on the side of his head. She punched him two times before kiicking him in the face, and knocking him off the cliff. Carl stood behind her.

"Thanks for that," he said

"Don't mention it. I'll be right back. I have to help Van Helsing," Sarah said

Before Carl could stop her Sarah ran all the way back inside. She stopped and took a good look around. The whole place was on fire, and so were the dwergi. They were running around and everything.

"Van Helsing! Where the heck are you? This is no time to be playing games!" she shouted.

Suddenly a cold hand was on her shoulder, it's nails almost digging in her shoulder. Sarah looked at the hand and looked up and saw Dracula, with a grin on his face.

"Oh crud no," she whispered.

Before she could say another word, Dracula wrapped an arm around her neck turning her around facing where he was facing.

"Let's go pay a little visit to your friend, my darling," he hissed.

Sarah didn't have long to wait as Dracula dragged her with him. She saw Van Helsing coming around the corner all wet with rain and sweat from the heat of the flames.

"You're too late my friend!" shouted Dracula. "My children live!"

Van Helsing turned around and was shocked to see Sarah taken hostage once again after he told her to go away where she would be safe. Sarah struggled giving Van Helsing a clear message that she needed help.

"Then the only way to kill them, is to kill you," Van Helsing said.


Van Helsin smiled and took off his coat.

"So be it," he said.

Suddenly the clock chimed midnight. Van Helsing looked at them.

"One," he said in a menacing voice.

Van Helsing went down on his knees as he cried out in pain, tearing his shirt off, his muscles enlarging.

"No. This cannot be," Dracula said.

Dracula let Sarah go, and Sarah started to run and hide. She hid behind one of the machines as she watched Van Helsing turn into a black werewolf. Dracula started to laugh, but Sarah could tell that he reeked with fear.

"We do not find ourselves on opposites sides of the board Gabriel!" he said backing away. "We are part of the same grand game!"

Sarah watched as Van Helsing the Werewolf roared. Dracula changed into his ugly bat form and started to fly away. The two monsters fought each other all over the place, until the fell again, right in front of the machine Sarah was behind. Dracula changed back into his human form.

"You are being used Gabriel. But I escaped. So can you!" he cried.

Van Helsing let out an angry roar in response. Dracula quickly changed back to his bat form and fought with him again. Sarah kept watching with a blank face as Van Helsing threw Dracula up on the bridge above them. When Sarah saw Dracula get up, she gasped. There was blood all over him. She didn't understand. He had the power to heal. She looked at Van Helsing the Werewolf as he was sharpening his claws against the post. Of course. She understood. The only way to kill a vampire was a werewolf if one ever had the will. That was why there was an antidote. Van Helsing jumped on top of the bridge. Dracula kept backing away.

"Don't you understand? We could be... we could be friends. Partners. Brothers in arms!" said Dracula as his voice deepened when he changed back.

Van Helsing took Dracula by the throat and roared. But suddenly Van Helsing turned back into...well, Van Helsing. He stumbled back in shock as he realized what he was doing. As Sarah came out, he jumped off the bridge.

"Van Helsing!" Sarah whispered loudly as she hugged him.

Van helsing hugged her back in his sweaty arms.

"Did I mention that it was you who murdered me?" Dracula asked. He was still up in the bridge.

Sarah looked at Van Helsing with a questioning look. What was Dracula talking about now?

"It must be such a burden, such a curse, to be an angel,"

Sarah went wide-eyed at Van Helsing. How could this be? Suddenly she saw Dracula behind them. Van Helsing wrapped an arm around Sarah.

"What I want is life, Gabriel," he said. "The continuation of my kind.The return of my future daughter,"

Sarah shook her head furiously, and hugged Van Helsings arm as tight as she could.

"And perhaps the return of my ring,"

Sarah looked at a black ring with a dragon insignia on Van Helsings hand, and at Dracula's. There was one finger missing.

"Don't be afraid Gabriel. Don't be afraid. I shall give you back your life. Your memory,"

Van Helsing pushed Sarah aside.

"Some things are better left forgotten," he said, then doubled over in pain as he changed back.

Van Helsing lunged forward, and bit Dracula. Sarah watched in horror as Dracula turned into dust.

"Sarah!" cried a voice.

Sarah turned around and saw her mother.

"Mom..." she started to say.

"Has the final stroke struck yet?" Anna interuppted.

"No, but..."

"Stay here,"

"Mom, wait!"

Before Sarah could stop her mother, Anna ran out with the antidote in her hand. Suddenly the werewolf leapt on Anna and they landed on the couch.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" cried Sarah

Carl came running up with a silver stake. Sarah looked at him, and he looked back.

"I can't do it," he said.

"Carl, he was my friend too. I'll do it, if you won't," Sarah whispered.

Carl gave the stake to Sarah, and she walked quickly to the werewolf as it got up. Just as she was about to drive it through the werewolf, it turned around and roared at her. Sarah didn't scream. She just merely looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Van Helsing. It's me," she said.

The werewolf looked back ot her, and down at himself. The syringe that Anna held before was in him. The werewolf took out of his stomach and turned around and saw Anna lying on the couch. Lying still, eyes open wide, no moving. Sarah's heart felt as though it had been literally torn in two. Then Carl said the two most dreadful words she ever heard.

"She's dead," he said, his voice breaking.


The werewolfs face turned remorse as he took Anna in his arms. It howled at the moon as it turned back into Van Helsing, who was crying. It was all over

Two days later...

As Sarah got ready for her mothers funeral, she heard voices outside her room. She had been quiet ever since her mothers death, and stayed in her room mostly. There were dirty dishes with half eaten sandwiches on her dresser and her bed was unmade, for she mostly stayed in bed sobbing on her pillow.

"I'm going to take care of her," she heard Van Helsing's voice.

"Van Helsing, I'm sorry, but the order has said that she has to stay with her people. She is the last member of her family, and that automatically makes her the caretaker of Trannsylvannia," she heard Carl's voice.

"But I promised I would take care of her,"

Sarah hung her head as she came out the door. Carl and Van Helsing were right outside. She didn't say a word to them as she went outside to tack up Moonlight.

Later, Sarah was standing beside her mothers burning resting place. After putting a rose by it, she turned her way to go home.

"Sarah," said Van Helsing as he came up.

Sarah turned around to face him. He bent down on two knees to face her.

"Your mother would've wanted you to have this," he said as he dug in his pocket.

Sarah gasped as he took out her necklace with the moon and star pendent. She had been looking everywhere for it. But, for the first time in two days, she smiled at him.

"You can keep it. I want you to remember me by," she said.

"You've been looking for this a long time. Take it. And I will always remember you by. I got you something," he said.

Van Helsing took out a small little doll with a china face out of his big pocket.

"She came all the way from France just to be with you. I got it special. Her name is Anna,"

Sarah smiled and hugged him.

"We'll write to each other whenever possible. I'll write first, and then you write back. And hug Anna everyday for me. So that whenever you're alone, and when you hug her, you'll really be hugging me and your mother,"

"I'll miss you,"

"I'll come visit you during holidays. Don't worry,"

After Sarah gave one last hug to Van Helsing and Carl, she saddled up her horse and rode away. As she thought, she had a feeling that something big was going to happen to her. Maybe, just maybe, her life would have a happier ending, very soon.

(A/N: Okay, for those of you who have faith in me that Anna will be alive in the sequal, here's the trailer!)

Scene: We see the back of a young woman in her nightgown, bare feet, and light brown hair flowing, running through a sun-filled forest with autumn leaves falling down like snow. The young woman stops, turns around, and we see the face of Princess Sarah Anne Valerious. The scene fades and another one pops up. We see sarah waking, sitting up staight from her bed as she hears a scream/ Scene fades again/ Scene fades in to 5 teenagers, one of them Sarah, riding through the forest/Everyone in the village standing around a young woman lying dead.

Narrator: It all ended with a death of a loved one

Scene: Anna Valerious's face shows on the screen showing that she is scared and that she is trapped in Castle Frankenstein/Sarah yelling at a boy her age

Sarah: She's never coming back! And I'm never going to see her again!

Scene: In a dark house, Sarah turns around her eyes growing wide

Narrator: But it will all start again...

Scene: Sarah holding hands with Maria as they run through the halls of Valerious Manor

Maria: What's happening?!?!

Scene: A smile shows on the screen fangs growing on each side

Narrator: With an old enemy.

Scene: Sarah yelling at something in the dark house from earlier

Sarah: It was you all along!

Scene: Dracula and his 3 brides walking over to a cell. Inside is Van Helsing, Carl, and Anna

Dracula: I will find her.

Scene: Sarah kissing the boys she was yelling at earlier/Sarah wielding her sword swinging it at a boy with a pale face and a black cape

Dracula: (VO) And the last of the Valerious will die!

Scene: Sarah looking back at the audience with a smile on her face

Sarah: Not if I can help it

(Music: "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence sounds in the background)

Scene: Sarah kicking the pale-faced boy in the face/Steel, the boy Sarah was kissing, wrestling a werewolf

Narrator: Coming soon to

Scene: Van Helsing running through the streets of Rome

Van Helsing: Sarah!

Scene: Dracula smiling in Castle Frankenstein

Dracula: Valerious

Scene: Sarah drawing her sword in the rain, her face full of determination

Narrator: Sarah Valerious...

Scene: Sarah somersaulting in the air out of Aleera's way

Narrator: ...Will deliver the greatest adventure...

Scene: Sarah hugging her mother in the forest/Anna kissing Van Helsing

Narrator: ...of a lifetime

Scene: Sarah leading Michael, Steel, Maria, Carl, Van Helsing, and Anna walking side by side with her in the middle/ "The Youngest One" logo shows on the screen

Narrator: "The Youngest One:...

("Dracula's Revenge" appearsunder the logo, the blade of a sword under it)

Narrator:..."Dracula's Revenge"