Artemis1860: Goodbyes aren't always goodbyes story is the first of a second series. My friend Ace is working on the second instalment and I'm helping her out. I have the plot and everything for the third or fourth story but I can't start working on it until Ace finishes her story. Then she will put it up on either her acount (when she gets one) or I will put it on mine but it would be her story.

In the mean time here is the sequal to Joyride.

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A few weeks after their mom left and their father's death, Andi, Mian and Mikie were in the game room with Knole, Nethogent, Cannonball, Magma and Wolsbane. Knole, Nethogent Cannonball and Magama were playing a game of foosball and Cannonball and Nethogent were losing. Andi, Mian and Wolsbane sat on the window seat talking and Mikie was flipping threw the TV channels.

"What did you make on your final, Mian?" Magma asked as she passed the ball to Knole and scored a goal. "Goal!" Knole cried as he high fived Magma and let Cannonball kick off.

"I don't know."

"Goal!" Nethogent and Cannonball said together.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Wolsbane said

"Yeah, Wolverine is the teacher and your grampa. That should count for something." Magma said.

"It should but it doesn't." Andi informed her friends.

"Goal and that would be game point!" Magma said as she walked over to the window seat and sat next to Andi

"Hey, Mikie," Cannonball said. "You want to play?"


"Why not Mikie? You can be on my team?" Knole said."

"I said I don't want to play and I've told all of you not to call me Mikie!!" Michael grabbed a pillow and threw it at Cannonball but Knole caught it in mid-flight.

"What's his problem?" Cannonball asked.

"He's still hurt from when mom left." Andi informed her friend

"We all were and still are." Mian told her sister.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a long time but finally Wolsbane broke it.

"You know what would be fun?" She said.

"What?" Knole asked

"What if we took the X-van for a spin?"

"Do you relize how much trouble we would get into?" Mian asked.

"Yeah, Scott would kill us." Nethogent said agreeing with Mian.

"You know what he did to Wolverine when he took the jet for a joyride?" Andi asked and when no one answered she said, "He shot him with his optic blasts and several times. Mom had to pry Uncle Scott off of Logan because his skin was burnt and Scott wasn't giving him a chance to heal. If mom hadn't stoped him Logan would have died."

"Can you imagen what Scott would do to us if we got caught?" Mian said

"that's the key word Mian." Magma said.

"What is?"

"If." Cannonball said. "If we get caught."

"Yeah, that's what Logan said." Mian said not convinced that this was a good idea.

"Who says were going to get caught?" Knole said.

"Come on this would be so much fun." Andi said trying to convince her sister to go along with the plan.

"We wouldn't have to get caught by Scott to get into a lot of trouble." Mian said. "Logan can do a lot worse to us than Scott ever could and what if mom found out?"

"Mian, What are the chances of mom finding out? Plus it would be fun. You Michael and I haven't had much fun since she left and Dad died. We all need to get out." Andi said gently.

There was a long silence but Andi broke it finally.

"Well, we will met outside my room at midnight wit or with out you, Mian."