"Michael, can I come in?" Theressa asked when she knocked on the door. She was given no answer so she telekinetically unlocked the door and walked in. The lights were out and Michael was on the bed, asleep. Theressa went over to her son and laid on the bed beside him and watched him sleep. He reminded her of Chris the way he slept on one side and she took comfort in that sometimes. She placed her hand in his hair and rubbed it gently. He woke up then with a start and sat up in the bed and telekinetically turned the light on to see who was in the room with him.

"Mom?" He asked when the lights were all the way on.

"I'm sorry son. I didn't mean to wake you."

Michael smiled and threw himself onto his mother and gave her a hug. "I thought you might be happy to see me." She kissed him on the head and held him in her embrace.

"So, I heared that Andi and Mian asked you to come on their joyride but you didn't go. That was very mature of you. I'm proud of you, son."

"Mom, are you going to stay?"

There was a long silence before Theressa said trying not to let her son see her cry, "I love you Michael, very much and I always will no matter what happens." She kissed him on the head one more time hugged him and then left the room. When she closed Michael's door tears were falling down her face and her scar was a dark blue. At the same time Logan came walking down the hall and came over to Theressa when he saw her crying.

"T, what's wrong? Is Michael okay?"

"Michael's fine except fort he fact that he needs his mom. He asked me if I was coming back and I couldn't answer him. I know I need to but I can't. I'm scared I'll hurt someone physically again and while I'm running from that fear I'm hurting everyone I love to protect them from me."

"Why are you so scared?" Logan asked trying to look his daughter in the eye but she wouldn't let him.

"Because I'm afraid Fury is still alive. I mean I know he's not. I killed him and I watched him die but I did all that before when he impersonated Chris but it turned out to be his twin brother. I guess there's a piece of me that thinks he could still be alive but after I jabbed that knife in his head I don't see how. I'm just too scared to come back now! I can't.........I can't...."

Theressa put her head in her hands and started to cry even harder. Logan took his daughter in his arms and gently patted her head and back. "You'll come back when your ready. We both know that." Logan said but wasn't to confident. "I'll take care of the kids until you come back. I love you, no matter what happens."

Theressa pulled away from Logan and nodded her head. "Come on, I'll see you off."

Logan and Theressa first went to Xavier's office, so that Theressa could say goodbye and he too wanted to see her off. So the three of them went to the front of the mansion and when Theressa was gone Xavier said, "She'll be back, Logan, don't worry."

"How do you know? How do you know she won't want to stay away like I almost did?" Logan said as a tear fell down his cheek.

"Because her heart is here. She came back when she thought her kids where in the X-van didn't she? Like it or not Logan, she is very much like you. She's scared of hurting anyone after killing Chris. She scared that that wasn't Fury controlling her but it was her true feelings towards Chris. She knows that she's hurting everyone but she fells that you need to be protected. Once she has things sorted out, she will return."

Logan didn't completely believe that his daughter would come back but Xavier did and that was good enough for him.