Soru: Sad little one shot I came up with to entertain myself, my fanfic ever was a mamimi fanfic so lets see if I can do any better than the first one....which sucked...Dear Gods I hope I do better than the first one...I don't own FLCL No flames please, and sorry for all the grammatical and spelling errors my spell check is dead sob


:Playground school bell rings again

Rainclouds come to play again

Has no one told you she's not breathing


I'm your mind giving you someone to talk to


I can hear the bells from noata's school. The sound like the one's Mamimi used to hear, a long time ago when she was a kid like noata and not sitting under a bride... I'm sad Takun, I'm very sad.

I took a wet cigarette out from the bottom of my bag and...

The lighter's not working.

Ever since Tasku left My lighter hasn't been working very well. I guess that's just my luck. So I just stick the cigarette in my mouth, make mamimi think she's smoking.

It's starting to rain, It's been raining a lot ever since Noata stopped visiting me. I came back, after Haro-san left. I left for a while, thinking maybe it did change, but Mamimi was wrong, it didn't it's still the same. except before I thought I was alone but that wasn't true, now I'm alone, now even Takkun doesn't come to play any more, I have no one to talk to, Takkun, my cat died. I have no one to talk to to, or see just mamimi. Mamimi is all I have left.

I'm sad takkun.

Very sad.

Now Mamimi just talks to me all day, she says hello, and chases the mean away.

but I'm still sad.

:If I smile and don't believe

Soon I know I'll wake from this dream:

But i still smile, I play dumb and pretend Tasku really did love me, and he really was mamimi's boyfriend. And maybe if I pretend it will be true and I'll wake up and see It was just one big dream, because life is a dream right Mamimi?

This is a bad dream I wanna wake up!

I'm cold, The rain is getting my jacket wet and I haven't slept in a really long time

I'm sad Takkun

Very sad....

Mamimi wake up!

wake up mamimi...

:Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken


I'm the lie living for you so you can hide

Don't cry:

The last time I ever saw Takkun he offered to show me a place where Mamimi wouldn't have to live under a bridge cold and lonely. But I said:

"Takkun I have to wait for your brother to come home remember?"

I know he loves me Mamimi...

I know he's coming back for me....

Mamimi keeps lying for me. Every one keeps telling me he doesn't love me, but I know he does right Mamimi? Don't let them fix me Mamimi!

Lie for me Mamimi..

I'm sad takkun

Very Sad.

:Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping


I'm still here, all that's left of yesterday:

He'll come back right Mamimi?


he loves me right?



This is all a dream right Mamimi?

Mamimi why aren't you aren't you there?

No I am Mamimi, no one is here, I am just Mamimi...



He doesn't love me.

It's not a dream, I'm not going to wake up.

I'm still here.

I blink.

I cry.

Nothing is left.

Good Bye Mamimi.

Good Bye me.