Dark Castle

By: RayJay

A rendition of Beauty and the Beast, except milder (than my last version which was entitled 'Change') with limes and an Inu/Kag pairing. It's a slightly changed version but hey, there are hundreds of versions out there and each has the same theme running through it. Read and Review please! Enjoy!

(Plus, if you couldn't tell, I'm like a HUGE BandB fan! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! And I love the original folk story too)

. . .


The howling of wolves pierced the cold night air as a girl crouched over a bit to stifle the massive gust of wind that came unexpectedly from deeper in the woods. She pulled her kimono closer around herself and wiped away the moisture that had leaked from her eyes from having direct contact moments ago with such cool air. Her teeth chattered from fear and from the frigid weather but she pressed on.

The only way I'll get out of here is if I find my way, Kagome thought to herself, falling back a step when the wind suddenly changed coarse and started to blow at her left side. She nibbled her lower lip between her teeth but continued on cautiously, trying to ignore her hair that was flying wildly in all directions. Oh Kami-sama... How could I have gotten so lost? She berated herself mentally as the blackness of the forest stretched out more so around her as she made her way through the icy weather.

. . .

"What is it?" A rich voice asked when the master of the castle suddenly tensed as he stood in the doorway. The vassal stood next to his lord, the cold vibrant air beating against his frail human skin causing him to shiver a bit but the prince beside him seemed unaffected.

"Someone is here..." Came the curt and annoyed reply. At that, the young man was gone in a flash of silver into the woods.

. . .

Perhaps I need to back track, Kagome thought sensibly as she pulled up her hood for the third time, only to have it flip back in the rushing wind. I entered the forest, she started, thinking back to it. I was to turn left at a certain tree and- By the gods! That was it! The easiest of maneuvers and it had passed right over her head! Kagome felt anger well up in her small chest and clenched her shaking hands into frozen fists. Wonderful! I am now MILES lost in this scary forest and I have absolutely no idea where I am! I hope mother doesn't become worried... she finished, letting out a defeated sigh.

Looking about herself, eyes watering from the horrible breeze, she realized that there was nowhere left to go besides deeper into the forest, and eventually, SOMEHOW finding an exit. This was a very feasible plan... until she heard the rustling of leaves above her in the trees.

Kagome's gaze flicked upward towards the source of the noise, her raven locks carelessly streaming all about her shivering form as she carefully scanned the area. False alarm? The girl thought hopefully, wincing at the thick, bitter taste that had now settled in her mouth. Kami-sama! Am I that afraid?

A gasp escaped her lips quickly when she felt the warmth of a very large hand on her throat, pulling her backwards, gently at first. She wanted to relax into the heat that she had been pressed against but found herself falling slowly, ever so slowly... She nearly hit the ground, her world fading into blackness but someone caught her... Someone who was trying to take her away it seemed... She did not see person, nor did she feel any safer than she did moments ago... She did however hear her captor say one word before she became unconscious.


. . .

The smell of burning wood and of faint perfume clouded around Kagome, as she lay unmoving. Something soft and wet was caressing her forehead gently as a sweet voice brought her slowly out of her dark world. Her eyes flitted open and she squinted at first, her eyes dry and her vision blurry.

"She's awake," a girl who was probably only a year or two older than Kagome herself told someone else who was occupying the room. Kagome tried to sit up quickly to put herself to rights and find out where she was but felt instant pain in the back of her neck where the person had grabbed her outdoors. "Ah! Be careful!" the young woman scolded, laying Kagome back down onto the mat she was lying on.

"W-where am I?" Kagome asked, trying to keep her voice neutral but she was very afraid. She did not know where she was, she didn't know who was attending her and she didn't know what had happened to her before she had become unconscious. And who was the person that had grabbed her neck? She had a choice of words for them! Angry words!

"You are in the castle of Lord Inuyasha," came the calm reply. Kagome shifted her gaze slightly to get a better look at the girl who was dabbing her forehead gently with a wet cloth. She was very pretty. Her dark eyes were calm and serene and her long black hair was hanging in a loose ponytail down her back.

"Castle? Lord Inuyasha?" Kagome replied, feeling somewhat aghast. Inuyasha... Why does that name sound so familiar? She thought, trying to put the pieces together. She jumped suddenly when a deep sound of laughter erupted from across the room. She glanced over in alarm and stared at the young man who was sitting there in confusion.

"She truly looks frightened, Sango," He said in amusement as he got up from his chair and walked over slowly to be beside the young woman. He knelt down, his purple robes swinging a bit as he did so. He's... rather handsome, Kagome thought, taking in his sparkling violet eyes and tamed black hair that was tied back in a ponytail. At the present moment, he did not look very interesting than he had moments ago. His lips were now drawn in an impish smirk as she saw his hand wander closer to the woman named Sango's-

"Lady Sango he's going to touch your-"she started but gasped when the girl's arm flashed up and slapped the young man across the cheek without looking. Kagome swallowed and eyed the two as the young man massaged his sore, red cheek. What was going on here?

"Yes, I am all too aware of Miroku's wandering hands," Sango replied, winking at Kagome.

"Oh, I didn't touch you this time. Perhaps I should move on to a more willing participant," The young man named Miroku chuckled, his violet flicking over to where Kagome was half-lying, half-sitting up.

"Me?" Kagome squeaked, her eyes wide and now slightly angry. "Don't you touch me, Lord Miroku! I don't even know you properly!"

"Perhaps we can arrange that then," He answered but then was shoved back by a clearly NOT PLEASED Sango. She forced a smile upon her lovely face and closed her eyes, hoping to impress.

"Oh don't mind him. He's as lecherous as they come," she told Kagome in what seemed to be a comforting tone but Kagome sighed to spite herself. She was far too baffled to do anything at the present moment.

Suddenly, Sango's visage turned into one of pure shock and horror. "Miroku! We have lived alone so long without others here that we have completely forgotten our manners!" she cried, looking over to the young man who was now sitting casually. His own eyes widened and he nodded in agreement. "I am Sango," the young woman told Kagome, bowing her head.

"I am Miroku," came the second response from the young man who was now stationed at Sango's side again, bowing his head as well. So formal! Kagome thought to herself, realizing how very rude she was being.

"I am Higurashi Kagome," Kagome introduced herself, bowing her head to the best of her ability but her neck was throbbing. As soon as they had been properly introduced, her hand went up to massage the strained muscles in her upper spine. "Sango-sama, do you know why my neck is hurting me so much? In the forest, I remember being grabbed there... but... I suppose I was too numb to feel anything until everything went black..."

"Our master rendered you unconscious," Miroku informed her, his voice in good spirits. Kagome's eyebrows fixated together at those words, hoping he would elaborate on such a blatant statement. "From what I heard through all of his frustration, and guilt, perhaps, he found you wandering around on his lands, freezing. He had called out your name but you did not reply so he went to nudge you on your neck to grasp your attention... But, being the strong brute that he is-"Sango rammed Miroku in the ribs for the comment. "Oi, Sango! You know it is the truth!" He defended himself quickly, massaging his now aching side.

"Yes I know it is the truth but that doesn't mean you have to say it aloud like that!" Sango snapped at him, crossing her arms firmly over her chest. "It is quite rude, I hope you know," she added, looking away from him.

Kagome watched them, feeling a smile perk at her lips from their behavior. Sango-sama was playing hard to get, she observed as Miroku-sama fought for her attention. How romantic... Kagome mused to herself but was brought out of her thoughts when Miroku started to talk again.

"As I was saying, he grabbed you by the neck, but too strongly, and rendered you into the unconscious state that you were in when he brought you here," Miroku finished, running a hand over his hair briskly, sighing.

Kagome nodded, now understanding the stiffness in her neck but was wondering about the mysterious 'Prince Inuyasha'. What does he look like and why does it seem like I've heard of him before? "Sango-sama-"she started to say but realized that the young woman who had been attending her only minutes before was now arguing with the perverted young man sitting next to her on the floor.

"If you don't shut up you'll bring him down here!" Sango barked, catching Miroku's hand as he came to touch her, holding it in front of her. Kagome watched with wide chocolate eyes as a small smile tugged at her lips. She may not have known exactly where she was or felt the most comfortable about how she had gotten to the mysterious castle, but at the present moment, she was having a glimpse at the best entertainment she'd ever seen.

"He's not going to come down!" Miroku shot back in response, bobbing his thick eyebrows at the young woman who he was now currently nearly on top of. Kagome sighed and giggled a bit, stretching her arms out in front of her, her eyes roaming around the room until she saw an open crack in the door. She nearly gasped when a pair of amber eyes met her own.

Chocolate locked with amber for a few brief moments before the door closed completely, leaving Kagome bewildered and curious. Those eyes... They were beautiful, she thought, kicking her legs over the side of the mat she was lying on and got up. Miroku and Sango were so lost in irritating each other that they did not notice the young woman leave the room and poke around the hallways.

. . .

Long corridors, dark and cold, it seemed stretched around about her as she carefully and cautiously explored, minding her neck for it was still ailing her. She raised a hand to touch it tentatively, rubbing gently to aid her sore muscles.

"Lady Kagome!" she heard Sango's voice cry from behind her and saw her slender form rush towards her from the mouth of the long hallway she had wandered into. Panting slightly, Sango grabbed Kagome's arm gently, leading her out of the corridor and back into the light. "It would be in your best interests to stay in the light areas of this castle unless you have Miroku or myself escorting you," the young woman whispered, pointing to all of the well-lit areas around the castle. "Your room is upstairs," she added, starting up the staircase to lead Kagome to her chambers.

What? "Wait just a minute," Kagome said, stopping dead at the foot of the long, winding staircase. Sango looked down to her from the balcony, her brows knit in confusion. "What do you mean my room? I am not planning on staying here," she finished, crossing her arms.

"Well..." Sango fumbled, her eyes suddenly drifting to a spot behind Kagome briefly. The young woman noticed this and whirled around to nearly smack into a hard, warm chest.

"I do believe you are staying..." a gruff, tenor voice ordered her, nearly knocking her off of her feet in shock.

Author's Corner:

Yes, I know. Big complaints because my last Beauty and the Beast story was very well liked and I even had a sequel for it but hey. I'm trying something new.

Differences from the last BandB story I tried:

Change: Sess/Kag, Mir/San
Dark Castle (this current story): Inu/Kag, Mir/San

Change: Rated R (for lemons, violence and strong innuendo)
Dark Castle: Rated PG-13 (for limes, language and mild innuendo

Change: Kagome's grandpa was taken prisoner and she had to trade her freedom
Dark Castle: Kagome is in the wrong place at the wrong time

Change: Sesshomaru had dreams of Kagome coming to him even though he didn't know who she was in his dreams. He basically had foresight and raised hopes.
Dark Castle: Inuyasha has no real foresight at all.

There are other differences also but those are the major ones and I promise! This is going to be really different and original compared to the other BandB stories so I hope you like it a lot! Plus, if you're into Zelda then read 'Love The Gift to those that find it!'. It didn't start out as a type of BandB plot but... it's slowly turning into that!