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Chapter Seven:

"He's coming, Miroku!" Sango called to the young man who was sitting on the cold, stone steps in front of the entrance to the castle; his eyes hazed and unfocused. Violet orbs lifted briefly to catch a glance at the harsh demon lord of the castle, expecting to see him alone and sullen... but it was not so.

"She... She is in his arms," Miroku muttered, beginning to stand. His eyes were rounded in disbelief as he attempted to rouse the sleeping fox child who was lying next to him. Shippo, however, was refusing to be bothered for he made no movement, save for the slight twitching motion in his small, pointed nose. Miroku shook his head as he stood all the way up and took his place by Sango, gazing at her intently for a few moments before his glance returned to the distance where Inuyasha was carrying back the wounded young woman.

Sango's eyes shifted towards the handsome man standing beside her for a few seconds before she gasped and turned her head the opposite way when he captured her eyes. An unruly red crawled up her cheeks as she cleared her throat, attempting to find something relevant and wise to say about Kagome and Inuyasha. She only found herself trapped in unending confusion with Miroku's well-behaved hands. He hasn't touched me in hours... Is he ill? She wondered, scratching her arm in slight discomfort.

"Kagome spoke with me," the stoic looking young man beside her stated, his attention focused on the hanyou carrying a woman in the distance. Sango swallowed and nodded briefly, pushing a stray strand of her ebony hair out of her eyes. "About how... how you feel about things..."

"Did she?" she asked, for lack of anything else to say, giving him the confidence though, to continue speaking. She licked her lips, finding that they had suddenly become very dry as he began talking again, his rich, deep voice entrancing her with its serious tone.

"Yes... And," he paused for a moment, whirling to snag her hand in his own and hold it to his chest, catching her completely off guard. "I realize that I have not been fair to you," he finished, his teasing eyes now serious and sincere. "I have been acting like a simple fool, Sango, and have been stepping all over your feelings and I will do it no more," he added strongly, raising her hand to his lips and brushed them across for a split second before he looked up at her and whispered, "You have my word."

His hot breath brushed across her chilled hand, warming it instantly. "Miroku..." Sango whispered, taken aback by his sudden sincerity and overall charismatic performance. She smiled softly at him for a moment, realizing that she didn't have anything to say in return. She did laugh quietly however as she drew her hand back.

"Are you two done yet?" A brisk voice demanded, making the two of them jump at the added presence. They whirled in unison to see Inuyasha, hunched slightly, holding Kagome to his body as if she were a sacred and beloved item. "You have to clean her up," he added, his voice now emotionless and hollow as he trudged into the castle, kicking the door out of the way.

The two humans exchanged puzzled glances before they shrugged and jogged into the castle, Sango scooping up Shippo before she returned inside.

Rich, soothing warmth beat on Kagome's cheeks as her eyes fluttered open and then closed, her shoulder containing the dull ache that had come from her wound earlier. She yawned and shifted slightly, searching for warmth underneath the blanket that had been draped over her and the hot, solidness of the object next to her. She felt the figure next to her grow still and tense and her eyes shot open to look into a red haori and black hakama.

"Watch where you're cuddling," came Inuyasha's voice as it vibrated out of his diaphragm and into Kagome's ear due to the extra close proximity to his body. The young woman gazed up at the face of the hanyou who was lying beside her and then decided that she would increase the distance between them so she wouldn't kindle his wrath accidentally.

"Sorry," she mumbled softly, a bit disappointed in truth. He's really warm, she thought in slight disappointment, blowing out a sigh as she scooted carefully away from him, leaving a lapse of six feet between them. Kagome watched Inuyasha carefully, wondering what he would do now that she had moved. Hopefully he would have been happier... He didn't tell me to watch where I was cuddling... He probably didn't want to be touched by me, she thought.

Kagome's confused and slightly saddened thoughts were washed away when a flicker of confusion washed over the hanyou's scarred face and flitted through his tawny eyes. The lord of the castle sat up, his intense gaze focused on her as he leaned back on his elbows, regarding her with a bit of discontent.

"What is it, Inuyasha-sama?" The young woman asked, propping herself up on her pillows while she minded her tender shoulder. "You seem... upset..." Kagome worried her lower lip between her teeth as she watched him stand up and kindle the fire, his movements stiff and anxious. "Inuyasha-sama- -"she started before the hanyou turned to look at her, the glow of the fire reflecting off of his amber orbs.

No words flowed from his mouth for a moment as he stood, rooted to his spot. He averted his eyes from her prone form in a lapse of time before he sighed, his posture sagging a bit. "You... You didn't have to move, y'know," he told her in an unsure whisper.

Kagome blinked at this, her dark brows elevating slightly in disbelief. She had been caught off of her guard by his uncharacteristically kind remark and found her jaw hanging in response to it. She snapped her mouth shut as she cleared her throat, finding the temperature in the room a bit warmer due to the blush that was spreading across her cheeks. "I... Didn't?" she answered him, doubt lingering in her soft voice.

Inuyasha looked up to meet the young woman's gaze, seeing her shocked and stunned visage by the light of the fire. She looked truly lovely, not that he would have admitted this out loud, of course...

Thinking an invective in his mind, he found that his mouth had gone dry but he willed it to become moist again, wanting to answer her timid query with confidence. To his own dismay, his salivary glands must have been occupied at the moment he wanted to say something to her. Instead of using words, he nodded his head, meeting her deep, beautiful chocolate eyes that reflected the firelight.

"Oh..." Kagome whispered, her voice sounding like sweet music to the hanyou's soft, fluffy ears that were twitching inconspicuously atop his head of flowing silver hair. "Well... I'd like to cuddle again, Inuyasha-sama," she added, a shy smile appearing on her full lips as she patted the floor next to her as a silent invitation to come to her side. The Lord of the castle gulped and felt his forehead and hands grow clammy from his nerves but he shoved his unease away. He would not let any more chances to get closer to this young woman slip through his fingers.

Inuyasha slid himself across the floor to where the pretty young woman was sitting and came within reach of her. When he had decreased the space between them, Kagome laid her head on his chest gently, minding her wounded shoulder. She let out a sigh and relaxed completely against his searing warmth and closed her eyes, her lashes casting shadows upon her rosy cheeks.

Kami-sama! She's up against me! The hanyou thought in excitement and horror. What if she didn't find him comfortable? What if her shoulder was in jeopardy of getting hurt? What if- -

Another sigh escaped from the angelic creature that was lying against his body, savoring his warmth. "Inuyasha-sama," she yawned, snuggling up to him a bit more. "I'd like to do this more often," she finished, her voice weary as her breathing became even and regular as if in sleep. Inuyasha gazed down at her and realized, that she was, in fact, asleep.

She's so soft... The Lord of the castle had been with many women before. He had touched them, made love to them, even hurt them a bit in animalistic actions; he had felt satiated but he had never ever felt this way before. He reveled in her touch and her acceptance, something that he had never received from the other women. He sighed in spite of himself and lifted his arm, pulling Kagome closer to his body, breathing in her sweet, soothing fragrance.

I'd like to do this more often also, Inuyasha thought, his claws sifting through her raven hair; the strands parting and feeling like silk to his touch.

A woman, middle aged and worried; stood atop a hill on the outskirts of her village, pulling the cloak she was wearing closer to her body. Dark eyes darted around the surrounding landscape that contained forest and lake, scouring for any sign that might clue her into the object of her anxiety.

Where is Kagome? She asked herself, a frown marring her features as noises of frustration passed her lips. She was supposed to have been here days ago!

Growling to herself, the woman descended from her perch on the hill and began to walk towards her village again, pondering what could have happened to her daughter during the time that had passed. It had been two weeks since the set date that Kagome had been told to begin the journey to come to the village and she clearly had been led astray from the route she was to have taken.

Kagome's mother approached an old fence whose paint was chipping away with the advance of time where there was a young man waiting for her. She looked up to see that it was Hojo, the son of the village leader. His navy eyes followed her expectantly as she walked through the opening of the gate, hardly paying him any mind save for the small 'Good Morning, Hojo-san' she sent him with stiff politeness.

"Higurashi-san, has there been any word about Kagome-san?" The handsome young man asked earnestly, some of his dark hair shading one of his pure, dark blue eyes. He felt a slight blush rise to his cheeks as he thought about the fair, young Kagome.

Her slender, petite little body...

Her lips the shape and color of tender rosebuds...

The voice that emitted from her throat that was as sweet and as slick as honey...

Her dark, fiery, passionate eyes...

She was, without doubt, the most beautiful girl in the village, and though Hojo had kept to himself about the manner of courting her, he was determined to make her his bride. He wanted to keep her lovely youth and innocence to himself and wished to have her bear his children.

The young man was brought out of his desirous and thoughts of passion when Lady Higurashi started to speak to him. "No, I am afraid not, Hojo-san. I am very sorry," the middle aged woman bowed. Hojo returned the honored gesture but made sure to bow just a bit lower than the mother of Kagome, just to show how dedicated he was. Kagome's mother stood upright again, looking up into the face of youth standing before her and answered politely, "If she returns then I will inform you."

"That would be very much appreciated. Good day, Higurashi-san," Hojo replied, bowing slightly again before he saw himself out the gate and down the dirt path of their village. He kicked a nearby stone. What was taking her so long?

The young man swallowed and ran a hand through his hair. Yes, it was true that he had not seen the girl- now young woman, for many years but he was sure that she had grown even more beautiful that she had been at their last meeting. Such a supple, sweet body, he thought, thinking of her maturing curves and the small round of her backside. He gasped, his face flushed as he continued to walk on.

It seems that I have become more of a man in my thinking than I would like... Hojo thought, swallowing deeply as he made his way back to his hut.

Sango worried her lip between her teeth as she scratched mercilessly at her shoulders and lower back to stop the savage itch that threatened to consume her body. "AH!" she cried out, her scratching not effective at all. Inuyasha's brought fleas again! She thought angrily, leaping to her feet. She stomped over to her wardrobe where she drew a fresh kimono out started to travel down the stairs, irritated and itchy.

"There is nothing a good bath can't cure," she mumbled, pushing a disheveled lock of dark hair out of her eyes as she marched to the bathhouse, brushing the door open. She carelessly dropped her clean kimono and the one that she was wearing before she realized that there was someone else who had been occupying the hot spring.

"Sango?" she heard a rich, but flabbergasted voice stutter from behind her. She gasped in horror, turning slightly to see Miroku, hidden through the foam and the steam caused by the steaming water. Her hands rose to all of the sensitive and private areas on her body as she tried to flee into hiding but the young man began to wade out her way.

"I... I'm so s-sorry!" she stuttered, her tongue-tied and her face purple from terror and embarrassment. She swallowed, letting her hair down from its mussed ponytail to help and hide her creamy flesh from the young man's probing gaze but it was too late.

"You can't run away now," Miroku called to her as she tried to leave. "I haven't slapped you and called you a lecher yet," he finished, a tint of humor in his voice. Sango smothered a soft, ironic laugh and turned to look at him and was surprised to find him not staring at her exposed, feminine body. The young man cleared his throat, his eyes still not on her. "While you're here, why don't you just come in? I cannot see anything. I don't even see myself in this murky water," he finished, reaching out her in general direction.

Sango debated this in her mind. At the current moment, 2 and 2 were coming together to make 55! Miroku is not staring at me... And he is respecting my body? She gulped, knowing that she would be delving into uncharted waters if she joined him... Her heart thundered in her chest and the noise beating through her ears as a sheet of sweat broke out on her forehead, caused by her indecision.

In all the years that they had been together, Miroku had never showed her such respect and lifted himself up with dignity. He's... He's really trying to respect my feelings and give me my space... He's... appreciating me! The young woman realized, making a decision. If delving into unknown waters meant loving and being with a loyal Miroku, then Sango was willing to take that chance.

Reaching out tentatively, her mind made up, Sango reached out and took his firm, warm hand and was helped into the spring where she hissed at the boiling temperature of the liquid. Miroku chuckled and dove under, coming up again, whipping his hair about his face. The young woman bit her lip and felt a surge of lust rise in her chest as she observed the water droplets sliding down his lean body and back into the spring. Her cheeks flushed from embarrassment at her gaze that had been strewn, from the heat of the water and from something else that she could not define. She moved closer to the young man, waiting for him to seize her body or to try something else.

Miroku gulped against the awakening feelings in his loins as the far away distance of a naked Sango was being decreased as she waded towards him, her eyes slightly hazy. He could just barely make out the ample curves of her chests in the shadow of the water but realized that the two folds of fat were not such important things. His violet eyes drifted up her slender neck to her attractive face. Two luminous, almond-shaped dark eyes pined him with a desire that he had never seen before. Her stubborn lips were parted slightly as she became short of breath.

Then, she slid her arms around his neck, brushing her soft, unclothed body against him, earning a groan from the young man who was fighting his instincts to touch her and take advantage of her. Slowly, Sango slid her lips across Miroku's before drawing back to look into his confused purple eyes.

"Sango? I don't understand... I thought-"He began but was cut off when the young woman nipped at his neck teasingly. "I thought you didn't want to do this," he moaned as she raked her fingers through his thick, damp hair.

Sango sighed, placing two hands on each side of Miroku's strong face, taking a deep breath before she began to explain herself. "Miroku... I love you. You know this. And... You say you love me too," she started before trailing off in indecision once more. She peered more closely into the young man's face, finding violet eyes fixed strictly on her, waiting for her to continue.

"And?" Miroku questioned her, his voice curious as he continued to keep his eyes elevated and on her face. What else was she going to say? The handsome young man was waiting for an insult, damnation, or a condescending smile that she would flash him, as she would tear away from his aroused male body.

"And," Sango whispered, letting out a contented sigh. A soft, pleasing smile graced her lips. "I believe you," she added, meeting his lips in a deep, passionate kiss as the intensity of their desires increased.

The large eyes of a small kitsune child blinked open as he rolled about on the large bed that was Kagome's. He sighed and sat up, scratching his head, wondering why it was so quiet about the large castle. Have I been left alone? He thought to himself, panic weaving its way through his small chest and entwining about his little rib cage as he leapt from the bed and descended the stairs.

There was a quiet, peaceful breathing coming from the study and two familiar scents were intertwined with each other. Shippo approached the double doors to the library and peered through the crack between them, observing Kagome and Inuyasha cuddling in front of a dying fire. Even though he is scary... I think that Kagome-kasan and Inuyasha-sama should be friends, the youkai boy thought, unaware of the growing relationship between the pair.

Instinct jabbed at his insides. He wanted to enter the study. He felt as though he would be ruining and interrupting something, therefore deciding that he would occupy himself in other ways. Sighing a bit in boredom and loneliness, the kitsune romped about the castle, vanishing down the dark hallways for lack of anything else to do.

"Sango..." Miroku cooed into the exhausted young woman's ear as they lay together on the floor outside the hot spring. He nipped at her earlobe gently and kissed a trail of chaste kisses down her soft, lovely throat as she roused a bit, her hands sliding along the planes of his back.

"That was wonderful," Sango told him sincerely, her body a bit sore from their earlier, passionate activities. She had succumbed and given Miroku her body... and he had given her his in return.

The young man's violet eyes clouded briefly for a moment as he gazed down at the beautiful woman beneath his body and could not help but claim her lips in a meaningful kiss. He groaned and pulled away from her sweet mouth, his hand passing through her mussed ebony hair. "I love you," he told her, his face holding no lie.

Sango sighed and brought his head down, meeting his mouth in the middle, her lips possessing his entire being. He was sincere... And she was reveling in it. She also, found herself making love to him again the very same evening, not wanting to break the peaceful atmosphere of their emotions.

"Kagome," Inuyasha whispered, nudging her gently. The young woman in his arms shifted a bit, a yawn escaping her mouth. The hanyou did a half-smile when he heard her jaw crack from the force of her yawn and pulled away from her slightly to look down into her fair face.

"Yes, Inuyasha-sama?" Kagome asked him, looking into his scarred face expectantly. He merely kept a small smile upon his face and the young woman in his embrace returned it, her cheeks growing warm.

"I... um... I want to show you something," He told her, standing before he offered her a hand to help her to her feet. Kagome accepted this invitation and stood, gripping his hand warmly, not wanting to release it for some strange reason. The hanyou led her out of the corridor, some feeling peace of mind as he focused on her breathing and the shuffling of her petite feet across the carpeted floor.

Kagome kept silent as she observed the different parts of the castle in mute awe. She had been warned by Sango-chan the night that she had been brought to this place never to travel down the hallways alone for fear that the Lord of the castle would be angered. But... here he was, holding her hand gently, leading her down the corridors that were sacred and private to him...

Inuyasha came to a halt in front of a mahogany door and his amber gaze became focused on Kagome as he pulled her to his side a bit more. "Do you want to see my chamber?" he asked her softly, his voice a bit nervous.

"Why, of course I would, Inuyasha-sama," she replied cheerfully, smiling in acquiescence to his question. The hanyou let out a low, amused chuckle; something that was a rarity Kagome hardly ever had the pleasure of witnessing since she had arrived at this cursed place. An amber gaze pined her, intense but kind fire behind his glowing, spiritual orbs.

"Inuyasha," he told her, his voice slightly kind and lively. Kagome blinked and observed him in confusion. She ###### her head to the side, staring at him in bewilderment as she waited for him to explain himself. "You don't have to use the formality, y'know," he added bashfully, his voice growing very quiet. "You can just say my name, Kagome."

Kagome's face came to life and the gentle dubbing sound of her heart began to pound at an increased pace in her ears. She swallowed in an attempt to calm herself and mask the shock at his kind and friendly words but she just couldn't. Inuyasha smirked at her, his large fingers gently probing over her small, soft, delicate ones.

"Um... T-thank you," she stuttered, her chocolate eyes meeting his amber ones. "I appreciate it Inuyasha," she finished, the –sama suffix absent from the Lord of the castle's last name and Kagome believe it felt better to say it that way.

"Come on," he encouraged slightly, his voice a bit more energetic as he turned the knob that held a safe haven to his chamber and opened it. Kagome was overwhelmed with the pitch-blackness of the room and felt herself being led right into the thick of it. She had never liked the dark and she experienced a shred of panic when the warm hand that had been leading her through the eerie chamber disappeared.

"I-Inuyasha?" she called, hearing the shuffling of papers and the sliding of his feet across the carpeted floor. He was still in the room, she was sure of this much, and after a few moments, her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the chamber. She saw his figure moving around and her eyes were greeted with the light from a few candles.

The young woman looked about herself in the large, spacious room that belonged to the hanyou Lord and was amazed by what she could see. Pictures, long and elaborate were hanging on the wall. Some paintings were left in their regal magnificent glory, but there were some that had been slashed through the middle. She approached one particular painting of a tall man who bore a similarity to Inuyasha... but there was just something so different about him. There were large claw marks through the middle of the painting, which were not helping the matter either but Kagome came closer, her brow scrunching as she tried to piece the image together. Just who was that individual?

"Inuyasha?" The young woman asked, peering even closer at the work of art for a better view. "Who is this?"

Inuyasha's mouth turned down with a vicious snarl but he bit it back before it could spill from his lips. "That, is my bastard half-brother, Sesshomaru," he spat harshly, whirling so he would not have to stare into the painted face of one of his betrayers. Kagome heard the tension and anger in his voice and decided to keep her peace about any questions that she might have wanted to ask and continued to glance at the picture. Sesshomaru... His half-brother... It made sense. She remembered what Miroku had told her in the study and remembered who he was. They were so alike... yet... so different.

Sesshomaru had eyes of gold that looked as cold as stone. Though Inuyasha's amber eyes had looked cold from time to time, they had also been very mellow at times as well. Elegant magenta stripes adorned the Lord Sesshomaru's cheeks while Inuyasha's had none. Kagome pushed a strand of raven hair behind her ear as she turned to see the hanyou pacing the length of the room, muttering frustrated invectives.

"I'm sorry I asked about him," Kagome apologized, bowing to him slightly. The hanyou's freakishly irritated pacing ceased for a moment, as he looked her over. "It must bring up painful memories," she added, her eyes going upward to see him turned the other direction again.

"They are not so painful... They're just angering," replied Inuyasha, his voice stony and husky as he let out a dragging sigh. "The memories just make me remember what a monster I am and why they cursed me," he bit out, closing his eyes to try and calm his raging emotions.

Kagome chewed on her bottom lip thoughtfully, seeing his stress and anxiety, and reached forward, grabbing his arm. "Let's not talk about it anymore. Um... Let's go out and play in the snow!" She suggested, trying to pull him towards the exit to the chamber.

"Play in the snow? But-"He trailed off, his voice unsure and nervous as he shifted uncomfortably in her grip. "What about your shoulder?"

"It will be ok, as long as we don't rough house," Kagome told him surely and started to drag him along without him protesting. Inuyasha sighed and smiled to himself inwardly. At least she's trying to better my mood, he thought as he helped Kagome into her cloak and other warm clothing.

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