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"Shit," Harry muttered as he dug out his wand and went sprinting after them. They were after the Slytherins, they finally noticed and Malfoy let out a terrified girly shriek. Snape did the same, they cowered before the dementors like frightened children.

Luckily, Harry could reach them before they got kissed and had the energy to do the spell.

As the creatures retreated, Harry panted for a moment before roaring, "What the hell! You don't know the damn spell? Snape, you want to be a DADA teacher and you don't know a simple Patronus spell? I know fifth years you can do it! You call yourself a teacher? Good Lord…"

He shoved his pocket in his wand and snorted, "You'd better learn it in case Voldemort owns a bunch of these buggers." Harry stumbled away and called out to no one particular, "By the way, your welcome!"

Chapter 19: All Is Revealed

The last DA meeting was great, Harry was proud of all his 'students' for their bravery and skills. He was coming back from the Room of Requirement and went down to the dungeons, where his Occlemency lessons awaited.

Down in Snape's classroom, Darcie sat waiting. She looked worse then what he last remembered and her smile looked strained, "Hello Harry. How are you doing today?" He shook her hand, "Pretty good. You?"

The Black daughter nodded glumly, "I've been better. I'm sorry for my reaction last time. Due to my own carelessness, I was so excited about the first lesson that I forgot to put my memories in the basin."

Harry was tempted to ask what they were but that would be crossing a line he didn't want to tread on.

They practiced some Blocking Spells and Harry had improved since then, after, they had some quiet meditation. He had noticed through the few hours he had with her that depression was hanging over her like puppet chords, making her move and say certain things.

"Darcie, are you ok?"

Her black hair hung in her face as she sighed, "No, I'm not feeling my best. My mood is shot." He looked at her dark form and was reminded of Sirius during his melancholy; Harry said out loud, "I'm sorry I didn't try to get to know you better. You could have told me a lot about my godfather." She didn't answer him but only tilted her head at the door, "I'll see you." She wanted him to leave her alone.

He got up dully and shut the door behind him, hearing her cry behind the door.

His heart twisted uncomfortably and Harry left the dungeons guilty.

He didn't want to remain shut inside the hollow halls of the castle so he wandered into the blustery cloudy afternoon day. Wind whipped harshly at the trees and the grass. Harry sauntered through the gardens, trying to keep his thoughts clear when he spotted a white blonde head sitting on a stone bench.

The son of Lucius Malfoy, scrunched up in a ball, green and silver scarf fluttering around his face. It was worse then Darcie's.

He was planning to just walk past but Harry stood by the bench, staring down on him. Draco didn't look at him, but continued staring at the bricks of the castle wall forlornly.

"Sorry to bother you."

Harry went a few feet before hearing a murmur, "You're lucky." He burrowed his brows as Draco Malfoy repeated louder, "You're lucky…you don't have parents."

His anger rose, "How so?"

Draco looked at the ground, "At least you don't have someone trying to force you to be someone he's not."

"You don't want to be a Deatheater?"

Gray eyes sparked with irate, "I didn't say that. I want to make my own decisions, like an adult would. But no, Father wants me to be a clone of him. He doesn't get it." Harry didn't know really what to tell him, he shoved his hands into his pockets, "Have a go at the world pushing you to do something, have a go being a hero. I want so bad to please everyone but I lose sight of who I am all the time."

Draco Malfoy looked up at him, uttering, "You are just like the rest of us, aren't you?"

Harry smirked, not really meaning to, "Finally, someone notices." The blonde almost did too but his empty expression came back, "This never happened, I'll deny everything." The raven haired boy said in agreement, "Read my mind, I don't think this day could get any weirder."

Draco stood up, getting very close to him, almost nose-to-nose before leaving with a chuckle.

Harry stared after him, blinking, "I stand corrected."

A rumble of faraway thunder brought him back to reality and he heard the sound of brooms flying in the Quiddich pitch. Dean, Seamus, and Ron were throwing Quaffles at each other as Hermione and Lavender sat in the stands; looking through a book. Harry went up to the girls, crouching down beside them, "What's going on?"

His best friend looked up to him with excited eyes, "Guess what Professor Binns talked about today?"

"It was something boring?"

Lavender giggled as Hermione shot her a Look, "No. Basilisks." He gaped, "You're joking. Why?" She took in a deep breath as to go into a long winded explanation when the three flying boys came down from the sky, red-cheeked with glee.

Seamus leaned over Lavender, "Weren't you watching Lavie?" She said sympathetically, "No, I'm sorry. I was distracted." He shook his head ignorantly, "Too bad you're a girl."

Hermione glanced at him, "Excuse me?" Seamus grinned arrogantly, "If you girls were more competitive, we'd be playing a rousing game. And if you could fly a broom." Her brown eyes darkened, "Oh, you think because we're girls, we can't play?" Harry shook his head, "Now you've done it Seamus." She grabbed his broom from his hands, bristling, "Come on Lavender, let's show these boys whose boss."

The other Gryffindor gal took Ron's from his limp hands and they kicked off, leaving the males in a dust storm.

"Oh wow, Hermione can fly!" Harry laughed.

Ron and the rest of them were just gawking. The two girls ducked each other and were having a blast showing off, Harry applauded them as they touched down. Hermione smiled at him, "Bet you didn't know I could do that."

"You sure got me shocked."

The red head pulled off his cloak and draped it arbitrarily over Dean's head, "Hold this for a second mate."

He strolled right on over and pulled his girlfriend into a snog which she seemed to enjoy. Seamus hooted noisily and Harry ignored the annoying feeling in his stomach that wouldn't just go away.

He didn't know how long it was when the rain began falling, the sky was nighttime dark and there was no one with him. The Potter boy walked out from under the stands, gazing up at the sky, letting the rain soak into his clothes and drip onto his eyes. The water stinging them but he didn't care.

He stood in the pitch, probably looking like a mad man with his face towards the sky and arms outstretched slightly at his sides.

Harry would have moved away from the thunder and lightning crashing above him but the rain was just too cooling and his thoughts were in a blur. His world began swaying a little but he remained firmly planted in his place, something squashed in the mud; footsteps.

A hand gripped his shoulder and Harry flipped the person over, snatching the front of its robe. His sinister cloaked stalker.

He yelled over the thunder, "LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

A low voice whispered, "Never."

They began fighting, Harry punched the figure in the stomach and it retaliated with a quick swipe at his head. They pushed against each other, to try to throw each other off balance. Mud slopped onto their robes as legs kicked furiously. The person clutched at his necklace and Harry shoved it away, at the last moment his fingers hooked around a chain on its neck. The shorter form fell onto its bottom and in Harry's hand was the silver daisy necklace.

The moment of truth.

He used his weight to sit on the figure's waist, the person's legs underneath and his own pinning it down. Harry yanked off the hood and stared at his enemy. Hermione's plain brown eyes narrowed at him.

Thoroughly shaken, Harry backed a few steps as she stood up, mud slipping off the front of her robe, "H-Hermione…what the hell….?"

She gestured wildly, "Yes, it's me! You think you're so invincible Harry, you aren't! You left me no choice!"

Harry said in disbelief, "Who the hell are you? What have you done to Hermione?" She shrieked over the pounding rain and took off in the storm; Harry tried to follow her but got lost in the thunder. He angrily kicked the ground, gasping for his stolen breath, he was so drained.'What the fuck is going on?'


The Boy-Who-Lived saw a white light shining from behind him, turning around; he saw in the middle was Neville. The round faced boy squeaked, "Harry, you've got to save her!"

The raven haired boy shook his head dubious, "You're not here. I'm dreaming. All of this…a dream."

Neville said more urgently as the light grew brighter, Harry shield his eyes, "Only you can defeat Him. You have to unite with the instigator so the line of Fate can be fulfilled, it won't be an easy journey Harry, you have to listen to me!"

But Harry couldn't, he was spinning into obscurity…

He was somewhere but couldn't place a finger on it. There were no shapes around him, no mist, no darkness, no gray shadows.

Sitting on the ground, in a simple crossed-legged position, looking straight ahead. Steps appeared from nowhere and a figure came down from them, the setting became clearer.

He was on warm grass, the sun over his head, and the sky above him a crisp blue. The figure was standing in front of a meadow full of purple and blue wildflowers. It was a woman; she had porcelain white skin covered by a gleaming dress, that cascaded over her body like liquid. She had no hair atop her head, the pale skin shone visibly.

"Where am I?" he asked quietly.

A babyish smile played over lips, "Where do you think you are?"

"Hallucinating, that's for certain."

Her laugh came out like a soft snort, making her green eyes scrunched up uncharacteristically. Harry watched her as she reached a gaunt hand out and placed her fingers on his breast, sliding them up and pulling his Mother's necklace up out of his shirt. The woman smiled again, "I see you have received it. Good ole Headmaster."

He asked cautiously, "What's it?"

She started walking into the meadow, her robe flowing behind her like water.

Harry stood up, shouting, "Wait!" and followed her through the prickly flowers. When he touched the edge of her dress, his vision grew dark and the setting changed before his eyes.

They were standing in the Department of Mysteries, Harry was sure of it. Yes, the archway was here with that damnable veil fluttering like a strained heartbeat. The cold stone steps leading out of the room. He sat on them as the woman danced, twirling in front of the veil a moment before becoming serious, facing him.

Her bald head looked unnaturally small and deformed; he couldn't help but stare at the deformity.

"It is a sad thing when Cancer claims a person," she said with subtlety.

Harry was momentarily dazed by her rough deep voice, it flashed a twinge in his chest, something familiar. The woman ran a hand over her smooth head and spoke, "You are a unique creature, coming from many peculiar characteristics, destined for something very special."

He said without thinking, "I've heard this shit already, cut to the chase."

She wasn't put off, "You have a choice. Unlike others who have Fate predestined for them, there are two paths you may tread on and only you can choose yours."

"What do you mean two paths?"

The woman made an odd movement with her hand, eyes growing bigger, "The first is to stand down and let the Dark Lord rule, then he will be defeated by your hand once you are older. Once Voldemort's blood spills, you will no longer to the Boy-Who-Lived and this all will never have happen. You will be an ordinary man, with no magic in you. You will be happy, age gracefully, and die a Muggle death; most likely a brain aneurism."

Harry didn't speak.

She came closer, stooped in front of him, "There is the second. Where you will continue to be magic bound forever and stay as your destiny is now. There isn't much happiness to this journey but Fate would have you take this passage to prevent much darkness that will rise later."

"When will I know when to choose?" he murmured.

The woman began strolling back to the veil and peeked through the gape, grinning, "They're down there waiting for you Harry. Will you join the eternal decay? Or will there be light?"

He just stared at her as she stopped, and winked at him, "You will know what is right. After all, Time holds no restraints for you and I…and for the spirits."

She reached out to touched air, a flash of red appeared and Harry could have swore he saw someone there for a split second.

"Life does suck, but we have to deal. Or else we'd be walking basket cases," Harry repeated aloud.

The woman looked at him and declared smugly, "Now you're getting it! Glory, that's where we strive for." Everything was fading around him. She cried out, "Oh Harry, before you go; first came the wise that led us from the evil. Second was the gentle whom sheltered us. Third came to the brave who defended our honor. The last was the mirror of vice. Make sure you remember that when you're searching! Look for symbols in the center!"

Harry didn't answer back, he was laying in the warm grass again; losing consciousness.


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