Ok, If you are reading my profile, you can see I've written like 1 maybe two actual serious stories. And I think this one might be another. I AM a Dharma and Greg fan, but not so much where I would actually go and read fanfic, however, I realized that only one other fic existed, and it was slash. Let me make myself clear: I have nothing against homosexuals, hell, im in theatre and most of my best friends are gay. And I have nothing wrong with homosexuality in literature, and for those who enjoy slash, whatever, im not judging. BUT, I do have a problem, in defense of the creator of these characters I guess, when ppl write characters clearly intended to be of one specific sexuality as another. Now, true, this most often happens with straight characters being written as gay, HOWEVER, I hate will and grace fics (at least I don't read them) where will is portrayed as straight, because he's totally gay and that's how he was meant to be. However, this is all fanfic, so I guess none of my intro stuff really matters, im just explaining why I wrote this fic, and why it seems so uninspired. It was to write a dharma greg fic for the hell of it!!!!!!!!! Oh and disclaimer: I SOOOOOOOO don't own these characters!!!!!!!!

Summary: after a terrible accident that threatens dharma and gregs marriage, dharma attempts to convince greg of fate.

The day had been perfect, Dharma reflected. All was going well. Her and Greg had gone out with their new daughter, Zoe, for a picnic to celebrate her first birthday. Zoe had been a miracle child. About two years ago, Dharma and Greg had decided they wanted to have a child, only to find out that they couldn't. However, much to Greg's "amusement", Dharma had insisted on seeking spirtual rituals as opposed to medical procedures.

To Greg's amazement, the rituals worked.

So, Zoe's birthday was an extra special occasion. They had gone to the park, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Not to hot, not to cold, just right. The food was delicious, and they had enjoyed so much fun just being silly together. The day was the perfect family day!

How it changed so quickly, Dharma would never understand.

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