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As the realization that their child was still missing, the small celebration between Dharma and Greg in the hall of the morgue was short lived. It was also the realization that that little girl who thankfully wasn't Zoe, was still someone else's child that shortened the shouts of relief. Besides, it didn't feel right to celebrate in such a dark place.

As Dharma and Greg walked back down the hallway, much in the same fashion they had walked up it, but with a slight weight lifted, Dharma found herself thinking along the same lines she had on the car to the morgue. That day HAD been perfect. Before their treasure was taken away.

It was such a stupid incident really. Such a tiny thing that should not have put such a debt in their lives. Before she knew it, Dharma was in the car, sitting in the passenger seat next to Greg.

"Greg, do you think things would be different if you had let her ride that circus elephant?"Dharma blurted out.

Greg tensed, and the second he did, she knew that she should never have voiced that question. They had been down this road before. It never got them anywhere. But she couldn't help herself. Untill he answered that question to her satisfaction, she couldn't help but voicing it. Of course, she knew untill Zoe was found, that question would never be answered to her satisfaction. Greg turned slightly toward her.

" Dharma..." he hesitated, he knew where this road led to as well, "Dharma, that elephant was dirty, that man was...untrustworthy-"Dharma cut him off.

"Untrustworthy! Greg! That was Elephant Earl! I know him! He'd never have hurt Zoe, and if she'd been with Earl on that elephant instead of..." Dharma stopped abruptly. They'd been here before too, and after going through the whole morgue fiasco she didn't think she could handle this argument. She mentally reprimanded herself for allowing herself to accuse Greg...again.

The car made an abrupt stop due to Greg slamming on the breaks. He put the car in park on the side of the road and turned to Dharma.

"Dharma! Don't you dare blame this on me. It was her first birthday. She would not have been safe on that elephant, I don't care if the man operating the ride was my own father! She could have fallen off and..." Greg trailed off not wanting to put his daughter and that word in the same sentence ever again.

"Died?" Dharma finished for him. "And I guess" Dharma continued, " That her getting kidnapped and going missing for over two weeks is a MUCH preferable option to the slight chance of falling of an elephant, when we would have been watching her the whole time she was on it!!"

"NO, but Dharma, the elephant was a foreseeable risk! I would never ever have placed my daughter in a position of danger! There was no way to know that what happened would have...I mean...we were both there! We Were both THERE!" Greg shouted, still not being able to get over the fact that they were both there, and somehow, she'd been taken. Somehow. However, Dharma had angered Greg and he was taking his anger out on her.

" In fact, if your friend Earl hadn't of shown up NONE of this would happen! If you were capable of just thinking about the consequences of your actions for five seconds, NONE of this would have happened! If you would just think like a normal mother and realize that an elephant is no place for a child-"

"OH, so now I'm not a 'normal' mother!!!! Well if we didn't disagree every five seconds-"

She stopped midsentence.

"Greg" Dharma started calmly, "This, it isn't helping Zoe."

"What?" Greg said.

"This, us, us...arguing, it isn't helping Zoe at all. This is why she's gone, Greg. This is why we can't find our little girl. We argue every ten seconds. If we could have just agreed on whether or not she should've rode the elephant, we never would've become so caught up in our argument. We never would have turned away from Zoe so that someone could take her. We need to stop this. We need to find her." And once Dharma had completed her statement, Greg put the car back into drive and they drove home with their goal clearly in front of them.

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