Right Kind of Wrong
By: Chibi Shi-Chan

Summary: Complete Alternate Universe. 17 year old Uzumaki Naruto goes away to college to prove to everyone back at home that he isn't just another screw up. But when he gets there he learns that the best lessons never come from the classroom.

Pairings: Various, but it's a Sasuke and Naruto fic.

Warnings: Various warnings most likely since this is a multi-parter and I never trust my muses, but this is a yaoi fic. Expect anything, seriously, but if it's anything major I'll warning you in the chapter.

Spoilers: Nope, it's an AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. If I did, I wouldn't be a poor college student. I don't own the song either.

Notes: This is a new experiment for me. It's a songfic, but each chapter will be a piece of the song, be it verse, chorus, whatever. We'll see how well this goes since I've never tried this before and it essentially means I have a set number of chapters to work with (the end of the song should be the end of the fic, we'll see how it goes)

Also, yes, this is a repost. It's all in my new bio. Yep, all my fics got taken down and I had to start over. So, I have to start from the beginning. Please check on my new bio (it's under cutiechibi) to get the full story and the link to where my fics will be, uncut with no worries of being taken down. This fic is going to be the main fic I focus on since I don't have the motivation to continue anything else and repost it all over again, but don't worry, it will all come back... eventually...

Opening Beat:

Each song has an opening beat or opening words. There is always a beginning before anything can truly start, because it allows you to look at the main players of the game.

Let the opening violins begin as we introduce the main character of our tale: Uzumaki Naruto.

High school is where we open this story, but only for a short time, because college is right around the corner. If you looked for Naruto in high school, you would never find him at the football games, or in the school plays, or on the debate team or the student council. Naruto was the high school outcast. The spiky haired blond kid who always sat in the back, who always doodle characters in his notebook, who's baby blue eyes always longed for something more then hearing about the wars that happened way before his time.

He was the one who sat alone in lunch, who had stickers all over his book bag, the outcast who was only an outcast because people put him there. Naruto actually did want to make friends, but no one ever gave him a chance. They always called him weird because of the stickers and buttons on his book bag, because of the pictures he taped to his desk of anime characters, and especially because of the whiskers on his cheeks.

He had drawn them on himself with a thin permanent marker. It was after a character he read about in a book somewhere who had some kind of creature sealed inside of him, so Naruto drew the whiskers on his face to represent that. When one of his teachers asked why he just shrugged and responded, "Because everyone has something inside of them, they just don't know it yet." The entire class laughed at him and called him strange, but Naruto was so use to the names they called him that it slid right off of him.

That didn't mean he forgot their laughs.

He went to school dances, sometimes, but it was mostly to pull pranks on everyone who gave him a hard time. Every person who laughed at him always went to the school dances, so it was the perfect time to slip something in the punch to make everyone's teeth turn red. That not only made him an outcast, but it made him into the class clown. Clown? Was he really a clown? Was he really the class idiot?

If they saw his grades, they would think otherwise.

Naruto was a very bright young man if it was a subject he liked. If it was art he could draw his ass off, if it was English he could write about worlds full of fantasy that would make you think he actually lived during those times and was just telling you what he saw. Things like history bored him, but that didn't mean he didn't know about it. One of his teachers learned the hard way when he tried to make Naruto retake one of his tests.

The boy got the highest grade in the class.

Math somewhat interested him, trying to figure out the equations was a bit interesting, but still not as interesting as the fantasy novels he loved to read. He was the one who would sit in the back reading comic books, reading manga, reading novels that spoke of demons and brave heroes who could make thirty copies of themselves to fight battles. This, of course, made him weirder when everyone around him was dating or getting ready for college.

No one paid enough attention to him to know that he was getting ready for college too. And as for dating, there were people he looked at and thought about but it wasn't like they would want to go out with him. No one even wanted to be his friend, let alone his date. So he shrugged it off and moved on with his life.

Which involved him going to college. Only one person believed in him, and that was his English teacher, Iruka. Not even his own parents believed in him. With the sort of relationship he had with them, he had might as well been an orphan. They never talked; not really, eating together at the table was a joke. Naruto remembered mentioning college one time and they just laughed at him, just like everyone else at school did.

But, Iruka never laughed at him. In fact, Iruka was helping him get into a good college.

"What do you want to do, Naruto?" He had asked him one day in class. Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and Iruka actually laughed, but it wasn't a criticizing laugh. It was... warm... friendly... "That's good. You're undecided. That's very good." And after that, Naruto found someone to hang around when school was over. Someone to help him with college applications. Someone who enjoyed reading the same things he did, the English teacher was even able to name some of the characters he had drawn in his notebook, and gave him tips on shading that not even the art teacher knew about.

Then the day came when Naruto got the letter back from his school of choice. To his surprise, he got in, with a writing scholarship. Iruka had been right about sending in some of his short stories, it showed them that despite some low grades, Uzumaki Naruto had talent. Iruka told him to still take an art class or two along with the writing ones, drawing might become more then a hobby one day he had said. But Naruto still had to take the required classes of the math and sciences, and with those Iruka told him not to push himself too hard. He seemed to be going down the road of a creative body, and that did not require things like calculus or organic chemistry.

So now, Naruto was ready. He was about to go off on his own, which terrified him. Even if his parents laughed, the students laughed, and all the teachers except Iruka laughed they were still the faces he grew up with and recognized. Now, he'd be on his own, starting all over again. But, he had a plan in starting over. He'd show them, he'd show all the familiar laughing faces that he wasn't a joke. He could never forget the laughs, the pointing fingers and the weird comments. He had no problem with new faces of college laughing at him, but if the old faces of home still laughed even if he had come this far...

... he wouldn't let it happen.

Iruka had given him contact information, just in case if he needed him for anything. So it wasn't goodbye for the two of them, Naruto had a feeling that they would never say goodbye. In fact, Naruto didn't say goodbye to anyone back at home, because he would come back and prove them wrong.

"Um... excuse me?" Naruto looked around the huge crowd of students. There were so many of them. "Excuse me?" Naruto looked like the typical freshmen, completely lost while holding a paper map of the campus in his hands. Finally, someone seemed to hear him.

"Yes, can I help... AH!"

"ACK!" Naruto stared at the girl in front of him. It couldn't be... "Sakura?"

"Naruto?" Sakura had still looked the same. One of the main girls who use to laugh at him and call him weird. She was also one of the girls Naruto looked at, despite the fact that she always made jokes about him.

He would never forget what happened to her dress at that one dance thanks to him.

"What are you doing here? This is college, you know."

"I know what it is." He pointed to the suitcases he had behind him, consisting of nothing but clothes, books, comics, posters, and various anime dvds and cds. Then he pointed to the car his parents were sitting in, the rest of his things like his stereo, computer, and PS2 sitting in the trunk. "I go to this school."

"You do?" She looked absolutely surprised. Naruto just sighed a bit, he was hoping the jokes would've stopped after learning that fact but... "I wonder how long it will take for you to go back home."

"I'm not going back home. Look... can you tell me where this place is?" He pointed to a building on the map. Sakura looked down at it, then her eyebrow twitched.

"Do you... live there?"

"I'm supposed to, why?"

"I live there too. It's a co-ed dorm." She looked absolutely pale, but she turned and began to walk away, leading the way to the place where Naruto would be staying. Naruto gave a quick wave to his parents to let them know he'd be back, grabbed the things he had brought out of the car, and followed after Sakura.

The building, to say the least, was huge. At least it was in Naruto's eyes. It looked the size of their old high school. How the hell was he supposed to find his way around this place? He wondered where Sakura lived in this maze... like she would tell him. This would most likely be the only time he would see her, then she'd make it a point to avoid him.

"What is your room number?"

"Oh... um..." Naruto tried to grab it from his pocket, struggling since he was still holding all of the suitcases. Sakura just rolled her eyes and snatched the piece of paper out of Naruto's pocket, what an idiot. "Thanks." Sakura just nodded and started to walk again, to where Naruto's room was. He wondered how she knew her way around the building already, but that would start conversation and he knew she didn't want to talk to him. So he just kept quiet, looking around at all the people who passed them.

No one seemed to be giving him weird looks for the stickers on his backpack, or the whiskers, but they were all probably rushing to move in just like he was. That meant they were too busy to care, but when they had time he was sure the ridicule would begin.

Soon Sakura stopped at one of the doors, glancing over at Naruto again. "You got the keys?"

"Um..." Naruto thought for a minute, then sweatdropped a bit. "... I left them in the car."

"Oi..." He was still the same idiot he was in high school, the summer hadn't changed anything. "You better hope your roommate is home." Sakura knocked on the door, and the both of them waited to see if anyone would answer.

Just when they were about to give up, the door was pulled open.

Naruto's eyes widened a bit when they stared into dark orbs that he swore had a tint of red in them. Unruly strands of black hair, dressed in all black. Black tank top that showed what looked like black flames up the arm, it had to be the most interesting tattoo Naruto had ever seen. Black jeans that were a bit faded, but there were what looked to be chains looped around two of the belt loops.

My god, he was gorgeous.

"Can I help you?" He sounded bored, but at the same time that voice...

"Oh, yes hi I'm Sakura." Sakura sounded like she was completely in love. "And this is my friend, Naruto. He's your new roommate."

And the drums and guitar accompanied the violins. The words of the song were about to begin.


Author's comments: Sakura seems a bit mean, but I remember episode three she seemed to not like Naruto at all. The whiskers thing, I couldn't get rid of Naruto's whiskers I actually like them and Sasuke's "tattoo" is of course from that move he does (I can't remember it). Naruto liking to write and draw, I don't know I couldn't think of anything else he'd like to do in a college sense. And yes, I gave him parents, they just don't really care about him so like it said, he might as well be an orphan. And him liking fantasy books and comics and manga and stuff, it just seemed like something Naruto would like.

Hope you all enjoyed this first part. The song starts in the next part.