Accidentally in Love

By ForbidenMaggiks

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 Pillow Talk

"What do you suppose will become of our Princess, Setsuna?" the young Senshi of death asked innocently, her purple orbs focused on the pool of water before them which revealed all events that would effect their princess. "Do you suspect this might reawaken the negative energy dormant on Earth?"

The older senshi considered the Hotaru's word as she tried to get her to hold still so she could finish braiding her short coal colored hair. For some time they sat in compatible silence amongst a sea of fluffy giant cream colored pillows that where scattered on the floor near the Door of Time, their guarding post before Setsuna's melodious voice answered.

"Beryl, powered by the Negaforce had left the Earth over five hundred years ago to attack the Moon Kingdom. She had failed and was destroyed but do to her actions the Silver Alliance had deemed that humans where to easily corrupted by greed and power to continue to be in the Alliance and were hence left alone."

"You failed to answer my question." Hotaru stated with a hint of annoyance yet Setsuna continued as if never interrupted. 

"Soon talk of there ever being life on other planets was considered folklore or the ranting of a crazy fool. Only a select few retain the true secrets of the past; some even still meet with these people of legend. But it is on the eve of the young Earth Prince's 20th day of birth that he himself will first hear of this as a serious matter and not a bedtime story. Maybe some good can come of this, only time will tell."

"But you're the guardian of time. How can you not know?" Hotaru half-heartedly wailed letting her childish behavior get the best of know. Setsuna just smiled before lying back on the cushions pretending to be asleep.

"SETSUNA! Are you listening? Stop faking…I'm telling Michiru."