Kaiba has the hiccups
Kaiba was in the middle of a meeting. The next employee to suggest they extend the meeting, got a Drop Kick to the head.

Suddenly one of his employees pulled out a card. "Yeah got in a new pack," he said. "Let me see it," Kaiba demanded. "Please don't take this Mr. Kaiba. It's my son's" he said.

Kaiba thought for a moment and agreed. "Fine," he said. "Just let me see it." The card was named Baby Dark Magician. There was a little purple curl on its head. It was also holding a rattle shaped like a staff. The card looked really rare. Kaiba could imagine Yugi's face when he saw it. "No," Yugi sobbed. "My Dark Magician." Kaiba began to laugh at the sad look he thought might be on Yugi's face when he saw the card. Kaiba laughed so hard he began to cry. Finally Kaiba finished laughing.

Unfortunately he had laughed so hard he had given himself a terrible case of the hiccups.

(Hic!) 'Oops' thought Kaiba.

"Mr. Kaiba what does a hick have to do with our products?" said an Employee.

"Nothing," said Kaiba. "our client is a...(Hic!)

"Mr. Kaiba I thought we didn't serve hicks," said another Employee.

"Nope. We Da...o (Hic!) said Kaiba.

"We serve hicks now?" said yet another Employee.

"Nope we don't. But now (Hic!)

"Okay, so do we pick a random hick?" said yet another Employee. It seemed a lot of people worked at his company.

"No, no, no, we pick a good ... (Hic!) Kaiba said.

"Ok Shenzu," said some important Guy.(less important than Kaiba but more important than anyone else at this table, (excluding Kaiba.)Ok, back to the story.)

"You heard the man. Go out and look for a decent looking Hick on the streets."

"Mr. Kaiba what are our deals for this Hick?" said the important guy. (Again.)

"We give our GOOD CLIENT Mr. (Hic!) whatever he wants!

"Yes, Mr. Kaiba," said the important guy for the umpteenth time.

"Thank you," said Kaiba. "The next person to suggest a meeting tomorrow will get a Drop Kick to the head and then be allowed to think about it before we have another."

Kaiba was pretty much zoned out for this part of the meeting. He thought Shenzu was going out in the streets to look for Mr. Takanoshi who had ordered some duel monsters stuff but then he couldn't be sure. Like I said he was zoned out for most of this meeting.

Then Kaiba walked home. As he walked he kept hiccupping and people thought he was the rudest person ever because it sounded like he was calling everybody a hick.

He was so bad that people were muttering under their breath about him. "Honestly," they'd say. "He thinks everybody's a hick."

When he got home he spoke to Mokuba.

"I'm going to work on my L... (Hic!)

Then he walked upstairs.

"Honestly," Mokuba said. "A hick! The things Seto buys with his money."

The next day Kaiba woke up and realized that his brother thought he was gay and that his company was selling products to a hick on the streets.

'What would people do without me?' he thought.

Inu Kaiba's Author's note: A hick means a home less person on the streets in this story. I know it means a person from a small town but I choose to change the meaning for this story. I am sorry if you found this offensive.

Edit: Omae o korosu means I will kill you. This story is so horrible... I was a bad author at 11.