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Half & Half

Prologue: Labor of Love

"What's wrong with her? Why isn't she crying?" –Mary Jane, 'Spider-Man' (the comics)

Boston, Massachusetts


I'm going to kill him.

Elise Davies vowed those words within her mind, and almost said it aloud, but another scream erupted from her mouth. The contractions were hitting hard—and extremely often—and this one was the most painful yet. But what could she expect? She was in labor with twin girls in the back seat of her mother's station wagon. It was going to hurt. After what seemed like forever, the contraction stopped abruptly.

"How long until we get to the hospital?" Elise questioned between pants.

"About five minutes," came her mother's answer from the front seat, in a muffled, panicked tone. "Hold on, honey."

Elise was scared, too. This was her second birth, as her other daughter, Meredith, was home in New York with her father. The man whom she was going to kill after this was all over.

Oh God, why did she have to visit her mother this weekend?

She had decided to visit her mom, Brooke, to cheer her up a bit, despite her husband's warnings. She was eight months pregnant, and sure enough, being the stubborn young woman Elise was, went anyway. And now she was in labor. And—"Arraagh!" Elise yelled. "I am going to kill Richard!"

"Mrs. Davies, you're fully dilated, so all I need you to do is push."

Elise nodded; sweat dripping from her forehead as she held an iron grip to her mother's hand. "Push! Okay, one more…" the doctor urged, and a slight wave of pain came over her, then the sounds of screams filling the air. "You've got a beautiful little girl." He said, and although in was dressed in scrubs and had half of his face masked, Elise could still see a smile across his face. "Got any name ideas?" he asked, cutting the cord and gently handing the infant to a nurse to get her cleaned up.

"Tru…" Elise whispered. "Her name is Tru."

A few minutes later, she found herself pushing out her now third daughter, hurting all the while. She could feel the blood flow from between her legs. Something isn't right…

She gave a final push, and Elise could see Tru's twin. But still, there was something odd, something out of place.


"Why isn't she crying?" Elise interrogated, tears suddenly welling up in her eyes. "Why isn't she crying?"

My little Faith, what's wrong?

Chapter One: Confusion

"Hallie, I mean Annie. I mean Hallie. I mean… whoa." –Marvis Jr., 'The Parent Trap'

New York


Ever since Faith had been called, life had been different. Like she was stuck in an action movie 24/7. Not a fun let's-save-the-world-from-aliens action movie; more like the ones where everyone got their asses kicked to the moon and back. She was the Slayer. Sort of.

Her first watcher, Ana (I don't know the real name of Faith's old watcher, so I'm improvising) had explained the whole deal to her, and her watcher's rantings and explanations of the underworld, the one filled with scary monsters from under the bed, only worse. The idea of vampires and demons was received with lots of skepticism from Faith. When Ana had spoken of the dreams of girls, Faith didn't understand. She never had any strange dreams, other than the occasional nightmare, and didn't know what the hell Ana was talking about.

That was, until Kakistos came and killed Ana.

Faith had come to terms with the fact that she didn't have the 'Slayer dreams', but still had yet to understand why she never received them. And here she was, in a little town in New York with her newly purchased motorcycle as her only companion. Faith didn't plan on staying long, a few weeks at best, but the vampire activity was pretty high for a non-hellmouth vicinity. Hence, she had a job.

Currently strolling around on the streets in the midday sun, she had an expression of fatigue plaguing her attractive face. She had finally gotten used to her prey's nocturnal schedule, and the daytime usually didn't suit her.

"Hey Tru! Tru!"

A young guy approached her, catching up speed, then began to walk alongside Faith. "Hey, I was talking to you, sis. You seem kinda out of it today."

"I'm not your sis… so, go away."

"Hey, I'm not that embarrassing to be around." He shot back.

"Just—go away."

"Fine, Tru."

"The name's Faith, kid." She corrected as he walked off. "Wow, the people in this town are messed up."

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