--Chapter XV--

A/N: Okay, I can guarantee you this won't be a happy ending. So… I guess I have to borrow Lemony Snicket's note: Don't read this if you want to read a happy story. I'm really sorry but I planned for it to end this way. I promise, I'll write another fic about BB and Raven on a happier note. Here's the finale: Chapter XV.

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(Raven's POV)

"Beast Boy, don't do this…" I begged him. Though I knew that he couldn't do anything more about it, I was hoping that he could keep himself conscious at any rate.

"No…" He silenced me and said, "I'm glad… you're alive Raven. I would have risked my life to save you, you know… just like I did now." He sighed and peered at me. "They say that before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes…" he said quietly.

"No…" I said, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"I remember… that day at the park…" he whispered and smiled faintly. "It was the best day in my entire life."

"Mine too." I replied.

"…I'm trying to hold on, just for you… because I know… if I go… I'm going to hurt you." He whispered.

I gripped his hands harder. Tears silenced me.

"Just hang on, BB…" I whispered back.

"Hey listen, Rae…" he said once more. "I want to tell you… I… love you."

Those were the sweetest words that ever pierced my heart. And I could tell that when I gave him my reply, it was filled with the emotion I had been hiding all these years: "I love you too."

"Hey, there's the ambulance! Come on, Cy, help me carry BB!" Robin called.

I almost couldn't get up when Cyborg picked Beast Boy up and carried him to the waiting ambulance. I followed reluctantly, regretting deeply that I didn't meditate last night. It was all my fault that BB was even going to the hospital right now. I prayed to God sincerely that he would get through this incident and live his normal life again.

I opened my eyes again, back to the present. I was back at the graveyard, staring at Beast Boy's big tombstone. I gently picked up the flowers I had brought and put it back in place. The memories I had recalled were both happy and depressing to think about.

Those were the memories I recalled. I didn't want to remember that day when the nurse told us the bad news. It brought me so much hurt, until now.

'I'm so lost without you, Beast Boy… And until now, I still remember the times we've had together. The special days that meant so much to me… they helped me see the true side of myself. And it's all thanks to you, BB… I've never regretted loving you. Your memories are the most special ones to me… even when I was down, you made sure that I was back up again. And in the end you saved me… I don't deserve it. And now… I ask myself… do I even care?'

I exhaled. I could tell that the answer, of course, was yes. I knew I cared for Beast Boy and always have. Even when he annoyed me so much before… I did care. And especially now, that he was gone… I still care.

I can almost hear him whispering in my ear. I hear the song that played while we were dancing together…

And with one last look at his grave, I left, promising to come back again another day, though I knew that no amount of apologies could make me hear that he forgave me…

But deep inside I knew… with him in the next world, and I in the present world… our love for each other would never fade away…


A/N: So how's this last part? I hoped you liked it. Even though you might also send me to the graveyard since I kept BB and Rae away from each other… I'm sorry it ended this way! I'm gonna write another story, I think a one-shot, and make it a happy ending. So… this is where it ends… bye!