Chibi to English Dictionary.  In Order of Appearance

Fiws - First

Dis - This

Goo' - Good

Owajaz - Oranges

Tank yoo berry mush - Thank you very much

Nummy - Yummy

Missew Sodew Man - Mister Soldier Man

… now dat I no have to nag yoor lasy fwed - Now that I don't have to nag your lazy friend.

No sacking ooff - No slacking off

Widdle - Little

Whewe sood I pud dis? - Where should I put this?

Hewwo, pewdy giwl.  Some fowers fow yoo.  Can I hep wit yoor bag? - Hello, pretty/perdy girl.  Some flowers for you.  Can I help with your bag?

Siw - Sir

Dat - That

Der - There

Idah - Idea

Pandies - Panties

Siwwy boy, dey awe oly underpans - Silly boy, they are only underpants

… wook as wong… - look as long

starting to get the idea?

Fum - From

Hanle - Handle

Oonid - Unit

Twoo - Threw/through

Woodn't - Wouldn't

Gess- Guess

Toush - Touch

God id - Got it

Pig - Pick

K and CK = G
T and TH= D