Chapter 1: Bhanet

Rhapsody and Ashe were on their way to Ylorc. Rhapsody had longed to see her friends, and both of them wanted to visit Elysian again. They had taken their time and paced themselves. When they finally did reach Ylorc, it was dinner time. Grunthor greeted Rhapsody by swinging her around like he normally did, and Achmed was simply hugged by her. Ashe nodded to each of the Firbolg, but Grunthor was the only one to nod slightly back. Achmed glanced at Ashe, then turned around.

"Dinner is ready." Achmed said simply, leading the way to the Cauldron.

At the table, Achmed sat at the end with Grunthor on his right and Rhapsody on his left, Ashe, of course, sat next to Rhapsody. The food was so delicious, that not even Rhapsody really talked. When they were done eating, they all sat there, and Rhapsody decided that this was the time for conversation.

"What was that wonderful meal?"

Grunthor shrugged and Achmed said, "We were sent a bunch of cooking spices and herbs from Yarim."

"Oi think it was nice of 'em ta send us their own seasonin'. Now when we eat 'em, they won't be 'alf bad."

Ashe chuckled and Achmed looked a little amused. So Rhapsody just sighed to herself in her head and took a sip of her drink.

"What kind of spices were in this. I think I'll go find out." Rhapsody muttered to herself while excusing herself from the table leaving the three men together. Ashe and Achmed didn't even look at each other. Grunthor started to hum one of his marching songs and make sure his nails were in top condition. After what seemed to be forever, Rhapsody came back looking somewhat worried.

"What is it?" Ashe asked hurridly.

"Well, the main spice used was called Bhanet."

"And?" Achmed asked impatiently.

"Bhanet, when eaten, can give a person very bad nightmares. Or at least very weird ones, depending on the person."

"You should be used to having bad dreams." Achmed mocked.

"Yes, but the worst ones always came after I ate Bhanet. I'm not looking forward to tonight."

Ashe looked at Rhapsody and calmed down some. He was sure that his dragon part could help keep the truly bad dreams away. He was about to say this, but Achmed beat him to the punch.

"You'll live though, so no use worrying."

"But aren't you worried about having bad dreams?" Rhapsody asked, part jokingly.

"I don't dream." Achmed answered seriously. "And if I did, I guess it's too late to do anything about it."

"Oi have ta say that Oi wish the Duchess would come sleep with me. You always were a good teddy bear." Grunthor joked.

Rhapsody smiled, "Maybe another time. I want to go see Elysian. I hope it's not in too much of a bad state." Rhapsody hugged Achmed and Grunthor and left with Ashe.

"Oi knew the Duchess would spend more time there, but Oi wish for more time with her before she leaves."

"You could always just kill Ashe, getting him out of her life." Achmed suggested.

Grunthor thought about this, but shook his head, "Oi don't think she'll be too willing to spend time with me if Oi went and killed her 'usband."

Achmed shrugged, "Oh well. Night Grunthor. Sweet dreams."

"Same ta you." Grunthor said as he and Achmed both left in different directions.