SEASON: Eight I suppose??

PAIRINGS: Sam/Jack…and Sam/Pete but DON'T WORRY

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SPOILERS: Anything up till the end of season 7 and possibly minor spoilers for s8 opener

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"Excuse me?" Jack asked, dumbfounded.

He had been sitting in his office quietly, for once actually doing his paperwork. His desk was clean for once, he had decided that considering he was now General in charge of the base he might as well act like one…even if it was boring. Anyway he was perfectly happy (well bored really) doing his paperwork when Sam waltzed into his office and announced….

"Pete asked me to marry him," Sam repeated.

"And?" Jack asked.

"And…" Sam looked at him as if he should know what she was implying.

"Well…what did you say?" Jack couldn't help himself.

"You could say I haven't exactly replied yet…" Sam said.

"Oh…" Jack said, looking at his desk again. "That's…good. I mean, I'm happy for you…I mean that is if you…are you?"

Sam looked at him long and hard, as if trying to read his mind.

Well he wasn't gonna let her read his mind…not that she could, to his knowledge. He looked back at his paperwork and continued pretending to read it. His mind wasn't really there though. She couldn't marry PETE…she deserved much better than him. Like…Jack?

Jack frowned…that sounded kind of arrogant. He looked back up at Sam. She quickly looked at the wall next to her.

"So anyway, I just wanted to tell you…maybe get an opinion…if you have one…sir," Sam said.

It's not like you have a chance anyway Jack, a voice in his head told him. She might as well be happy – you're her CO there's no way you'll ever get that chance to be with her. The world comes first, and while the world's coming first you might as well let her get married to someone she loves.

If she loves him…

"Do you love him?" Jack regretted the words the moment they'd left his mouth, he winced as he said them.

"I…" Sam paused and looked back at him. "Yes."

"Well it's your decision," Jack said. "Choose whatever you think will make you happy."

"Happy…" she repeated, sounding the exact opposite. "Right, I'm gonna go. Thanks for all the help, sir."

She turned around and left, bumping into Daniel on her way out. Without apologizing she stormed away angrily, Daniel looked extremely confused.

"She looks…" Daniel started.

"Peeved off?" Jack said.

"You could say that…" Daniel said. "So what happened? You tell her she can't work on every science project in the place?"

"I told her to get married," Jack replied, not looking up from his paper.

"You…proposed?" Daniel looked confused.

"No, Pete did," Jack replied, looking at him.

"Oh…oh…" Daniel said. "That's…good?"

"For her," Jack said coldly.

"Well then say something to her Jack," Daniel replied, sitting down.

"I can't," Jack replied. "Being General of this base I think I have to…follow at least a few of the rules…besides – she'd never break any rules."

"I dunno about that Jack," Daniel replied.

"She doesn't love him," Jack said blatantly.

"Do you?" Daniel asked.

Jack glared at him but didn't reply.

"Ok nevermind," Daniel said. "I'm gonna go…do something…"

"See ya around," Jack said.


"He is so THICK!" Sam almost growled. "Aah! I don't know what I'm supposed to do!"

"Maybe you should converse with O'Neill," Teal'c said.

"I…you…I didn't tell you who I was talking about," Sam said quieter, she stopped pacing the lengths of her office.

"It is quite obvious to myself and DanielJackson and probably most other employees of this base that you and O'Neill have feelings for each other," Teal'c replied.

"We…we do not," Sam said.

"I am not blind MajorCarter," Teal'c said, smiling slightly. "I believe you should talk about this properly with O'Neill."

"I can't," Sam sighed. "Thanks anyway Teal'c. He's such a jerk sometimes! I gave him his chance! But he didn't take it."

Teal'c remained silent, but raised an eyebrow.


"Hey Pete," Sam said, walking into her house to find her boyfriend sitting on the couch watching the TV.

She kissed him on the cheek and he smiled.

"Hey hun," he replied. "How was the day in the life of an SGC officer?"

"Horrible," she said, walking into the kitchen and putting her keys down.

The memories of Jack not seeming to care rose back within herself. Her feelings seemed to explode in her chest. She didn't need him – he didn't care anyway. She turned around to find Pete standing behind her.

"So…you come up with an answer yet?" Pete asked, grinning.

"Yes," Sam replied.

"And what is it?" Pete asked.

"I already answered that," with that she kissed him on the lips.


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