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Summary: When Jack 'commandeers' a new ship on sea he gains something more than only a ship.

Title comes from an etching by Goya with the same title

As always, wonderfully beta'd by Anamaria Sparrow

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Chapter 1 

"Everybody stay calm, we're taking over this ship!" Jack grinned happily, while letting the captain of the just captured ship look down the barrel of his gun. The captain fumed, but realized just as well that he couldn't do a thing against it.

"Mr. Gibbs, ye know what te do!"

"Aye, Capt'n," Gibbs also grinned cheerfully. Taking over this ship had been one of the easiest jobs they had ever done during their lives as pirates. It almost looked as if the crew of this ship wanted to be captured.

"Alright,mateys. We'll give ye the choice. Ye can join yer capt'n and sail with yer ship to the nearest port or ye can join our capt'n and become a proper freedom chaser. Choice is all yers, but make up yer mind quickly cause we 'aven't got all day!"

To Gibbs big surprise every singly member of this crew made clear that they wanted to join the crew of the Black Pearl, something that had never happened before. Normally maybe one or two decided to try their luck at 'freedom chasing' and that was it. Never before an entire crew.

"Aye, cap? Can I talk to ye for a sec?" Jack exchanged a look with his good friend Joshamee Gibbs and nodded to Anamaria, who took care of the defeated captain.

"What's wrong, Josh? Got problems with the crew?"

"Sort of, lad. They all want to join us."

"They all??? Bloody hell! What kind of captain is that then, that he scares away 'is entire crew…" Deep in thought Jack allowed his fingers follow the lines of his small beard. "Well… then we take over this ship entirely. I can't use them all on me ship and I can't force them onto land either, can I?"

Gibbs didn't look convinced. "There's something not right about this, cap…"

"Aye… but we can't stay 'ere fer too long to find out wha's wrong, can we? Don't want to run into tha' bloody Royal Navy."

Jack turned and started to yell orders. "Marty, Jacob, Roland, Edward, Ishmael and Juan, ye are going te stay on this ship and sail behind me Pearl. Gibbs, ye are going to be their captain and choose yerself a first-mate, aye?" Without waiting for a response from the called men he turned to his new addition of his crew. "Ye and ye, and ye red-head… and tha' black haired fellow over there and tha' little one, ye are gonna stay on this ship and sail under his command," Jack pointed at Gibbs, "the others are going to move to me ship and listen to me orders, savvy?" Again he doesn't wait for a response. "You, Captain," he walked to the defeated captain, "Sorry, mate, bu' I can't bring ye back to te dry land with yer ship… take one of these," Jack pointed at one of the save boats, "and go in tha' direction," he points north. "There ye will find in about two hours land were they can help ye find yer pride back, aye?"

He looked around and still saw all the men staring at him. "Ye scoundrels! Get te work!"

"Jack?" Anamaria carefully approached him.

"Captain, luv, Captain. Especially now in front of these new fine gentlemen."

Ana rolled her eyes. "Aye, Captain. We have another problem." She pointed a corner on the main deck. Sitting there on the ground was a very skinny girl. Her skin was white and so were her clothes. She has long, thin, brown hair that danced in the wind and she was staring with big hollow eyes to the world around her. Especially Cotton's bird is followed with great interest.

"Wa's wrong with her?" Jack muttered.

"Don't know, Jack. She didn't say a word, when asked."

Jack sank to his knees next to the girl and tried to attract her attention, but it was no use. Suddenly her way too skinny arms flew in the air as if she wanted to grasp something that was dangling above her. However, nothing could be seen there.

"Aye, mate!" Jack yelled to the defeated captain. "Come here."

The captain ignored Jack, but that was not the smartest move he made that day. Quicker than thought possible Jack pointed his pistol at the captain and shot, leaving a perfect small bullet hole just in front of the captain's feet.

"The next one is in yer knee, mate," Jack kindly informed the paled men. "Now come here."

Slowly the captain walked back and looked with a snarl on his face down on the skinny girl and Jack, who was still kneeling next to her.

"Who is this?" Jack demanded.

First the captain murmured something, but after he had received a dark look from Jack he spoke more clearly. "A passenger, Sparrow!" he spat. "And all yours now! She's insane, bloody insane! So that would fit right into your street, don't you think!" The captain's voice had become louder as he continued. "You would make quite the couple with her, Sparrow. You've always seemed to like the very young, I've heard, you maniac. You ---"

Then the captain found himself pushed with his back against the railing, a pistol pointed at his head and two flaming eyes inches from his face.

"What did ye just say, mate?" Jack asked calmly, although his eyes told a whole different story.

The captain swallowed hard, before he spoke again. "Nothing, Sparrow," he managed to say arrogantly.

"Good mate. Now disappear from me eyes before I do something I will regret!" With that he pushed the captain away from him as if it's something disgusting and turned back to the girl on the ground. "Bring her to me ship."

"But, but Jack?" Ana said.

"Bring her to me ship, Ana! I'm not going te tell ye again. And it's still captain, as if ye would know after I told ye so many times!" Ana knew far better than to argue with her captain on this moment, when he was clearly in a bad mood. When Jack turned around and saw the whole crowd that had gathered around him, only the dark look in his eyes was enough to make them all move in a hurry.


A couple of hours later it became dark already and everything was settled. Gibbs was captain of the new ship, the Veritas and sailed behind the Pearl. The new crews were settled down as well and Jack was standing on the helm, staring over the dark ocean. Anamaria had just made her round on the ship, being the watch for that night.

"Jack?" she whispered softly, not sure if she was allowed to disturb his thoughts at the moment.

"Aye, luv," Jack answered with a small sigh. "Wha's on yer heart?"

"Tha- that girl? Were did ye put here?"

"In me cabin, luv." Jack turned around to face Ana. "Couldn't let 'er sleep with me crew, aye? And I couldn't ask ye to let her sleep in yer cabin, since it's already to small for yer liking," Jack stopped Ana from interrupting with a wave from his hands. "So I let 'er sleep in me bed. I 'ave a large cabin… as you could 'ave known." he added as an after thought. "And I can sleep on the ground. 'ave slept on worse places than tha'."

"But she…?"

"What, luv?"

"Will the men not talk?"

Jack grinned sadly. "They always do, luv. Ye should know tha' better than anyone else."

"I do."

"Good, luv. I'm off te bed, if ye don't mind." He flashed his grin and left for his cabin, leaving Anamaria standing on the helm, gazing at the ocean in front of her.

She didn't think she liked that girl at all.